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 The Beginning

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PostSubject: The Beginning   Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:05 am

The Beginning




Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan was born Jason Quartermaine.  He became Jason Morgan when his brother drove the car they were in, into a tree while drunk when he was 17.


After waking up I the hospital with no memory of Jason Q, and being pressured by Edward to come back to the fold; Jason fled.


He went to work for Sonny Corinthos, who accepted him for who he was.  He was also able to become friends again with Karen Brenda and Robin.


Through those friends he was able to rebuilt relationships with Lila, Monica, Alan and AJ.


He also met a bubbly 17 year old named Elizabeth, or as he liked to call her “Ellie”, whose older sister Sarah tried to be the center of their little group; and generally be a pain in Robin’s arse!


He thought Elizabeth was okay.  He is now 21 years old.


Elizabeth Webber  

Elizabeth Webber is the daughter of Jeff and Carolyn Webber, or is she?  Elizabeth has always asked that herself.   Jeff and Carolyn could never be bothered with her.  She was sent to live with Steve and Audrey when she was 10, after Jeff and Carolyn said they could no longer handle her.


Elizabeth does not have many friends, but has been befriended by Robin Scorpio.  Elizabeth is very talented; she loves to paint, loves anything chocolate and makes killer brownies.


Dylan Reese-Trent

Her story will become clear as I go.  She has connections to Matthew Briggs and Taylor Sheridan.

Sonny Corinthos

Sonny is the mob boss in Port Charles.  He doesn’t deal in drugs or the skin trade.  He is friends with Luke Spencer.  Jason Morgan works for him.  He is also involved with Bobbie Spencer’s daughter Carly.


Carly Benson

Is the illegitimate daughter of Bobbie Spencer.  She came to town to destroy her real mother, but never was able to go through with it.  She was never involved with Jason or AJ.  Baby Michael is not AJ’s nor is he Sonny’s.  She tried to become involved with Jason but he would not have anything to do with her.  She also tried to get at AJ, but Jesse ran her off.


Audrey Hardy

Audrey is the head nurse at General Hospital.  She is also the grandmother of Sarah and Elizabeth Webber.  She is also friends with Monica and Lila Quartermaine.  Audrey’s husband Steve died 5 months before Jason’s accident.  He loved life.


Alan & Monica Quartermaine  are Jason’s parents.  They have made peace with who he is now, and try very hard to not judge.  Alan is COS at GH and Monica is head of the cardiology unit.


Edward & Lila Q     

Edward and Lila are Jason’s grandparents.  After the accident, Edward has not been able to accept Jason for who he is now.  Edward has no contact with Jason.


Lila sees her grandson once a week, when possible.  She loves him for who he is.  And Lila would love to play matchmaker with her grandson.


Emily Q


Luke & Laura Spencer  

Lucky Spencer (tiny role and reference only)  The Spencer story is that Luke raped Laura at the Campus Disco.  Laura was later kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine.


Luke was able to rescue Laura.  They came home, remarried and Laura became pregnant with Lucky.  After Lulu was born, Laura begged Luke to go and bring Nik home to her; so he did.


Nik was raised in the Spencer home with Lucky and Lulu.  But in 1993 the world crumbled; 7 months before Jason’s accident, Helena Cassadine faked Lucky’s death and kidnapped him.


He was returned to the Spencers in 1995, but something was different.


Mac Scorpio


Georgie Jones (minor role)

Maxie Jones (minor role) Mac Scorpio is Robert Scorpio’s brother.  He is the current police commissioner of Port Charles.  He raised Robert and Anna’s daughter Robin.


He is also raising Frisco and Felicia’s daughters Maxie and Georgie, which is a result of Frisco and Felicia’s presumed deaths.


Mac is also dating Alexis Davis.  They are happy.  Maxie is 11 years old and Georgie is 6.  Maxie did receive BJ’s heart.


Alexis Davis is Nik Cassadine’s aunt.  She came to town with Stefan when they heard about Lulu being sick.  She has a good relationship with Nik.  She is Sonny’s attorney or record.  She is deeply in love with Mac.  She is looking for her daughter that she was forced to give away at birth.


Courtney Matthews  is Mike Corbin’s daughter and Sonny’s sister.  She appeared in town a year after Jason’s accident.


At first she wanted nothing to do with Sonny, unit she met Jason.  She has since tried to get close to Sonny and get Jason in her bed.


Sam McCall

Ric Lansing
Lorenzo Alcazar  

Helena Cassadine
Victor Cassadine
Nik Cassadine

Matthew Briggs


Robin Scorpio  is the daughter of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane.  She has lived with her uncle since their deaths.  She is HIV positive.  She is going to medical school in Syracuse, NY.  She is friends with Jason and Elizabeth.



Jerry Jacks


Bobbie Spencer  is Carly’s mother.  She was married to Tony Jones until she found out he was having an affair with a doctor from Mercy.  She gave him and ultimatum: end the affair or leave.  Tony chose to leave.  She has a son named Lucas.


Karen Wexler  is the daughter of DA Scott Baldwin.  As a teen Karen became addicted to drugs and started turning tricks to pay for her habit.


Sonny helped her kick her habit, got into a drug program and help her pay off any debts.  She got a second chance.  She is just starting her residency at General Hospital.  She is also engaged to Frank Scanlon, who is an EMT at GH.


Frank Scanlon

He is a EMT at GH and is engaged to Karen.

Brenda Barrett  is a famous local.  She models for Lila’s cousin Chloe Morgan.  She is friends with Jason, Karen and Robin.  She is dating Landon Reese, works as a US Marshal.


Landon Reese  

AJ Q (disabled and in wheelchair)  is Jason’s older brother.  He is a recovering alcoholic.  As a result of “the accident”, he is confined to a wheelchair.  The accident caused paralysis from the waist down.


He and Jason had it out; and were able to make peace and start over with each other.  AJ is married to Jesse, who is a physical therapist at GH.


Jesse McChrystal

Johnny O’Brien

Francis Corelli
Cody Paul

Taylor Sheridan

is a man of many talents.  He is a form ambassador to England, Italy, Spain and Australia.  He now owns his own business and is doing quite well.


He moved to Port Charles for a few reasons, which are yet to be made public.  He has a love of art and chocolate.


Sarah Webber (tiny role and reference only) Sarah Webber is Elizabeth’s older sister.  Sarah has never like Elizabeth and has always caused trouble for her.


She showed up in Port Charles on the pretext of an internship but is really there to make Liz’s life miserable.


Carolyn Webber (tiny role and reference only)  is Jeff Webber’s wife.  She is also Sarah and Elizabeth’s mother.  She has never gotten along with Elizabeth.  She Never wanted HER!  She has kept Jeff on a very tight leash.  But what Carolyn doesn’t know is that she is her own worst enemy.


MacClay “Mack” Hutton  is a young woman who came to Port Charles looking for her birth parents.  She is a teacher.  She has a love of art and any type of chocolate.


Detective Chris Maguire

He is a detective with the PCPD.  He is involved with Robin Scorpio.  They have been able to deal with her HIV status as well as her friendship with Jason.  His family hails from Washington DC.


Det. Marcus Taggart

Det. Jagger Cates

Rafe McCandlis

Savannah Richardson
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The Beginning
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