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Chapter 14

2 weeks prior to the Big Move—

D. C. Police Department --- Lt Grant’s POV:

Lt Grant was sitting in his boss’s office, waiting for this meeting to start. He wanted to know when he would get the green light to go ahead with the sting and arrest all involved in the Spencer case.

His boss had been stalling for some reason and he wanted to know why. He was going to be pissed if they took the case away from him.

What really got him about the case was how Miss Spencer was expecting not to be caught or prosecuted, mind you on a very serious charge; murder for hire.

He wasn’t sure how much time she would get, but she would serve time.

And they were also going to get the point man. He just hoped that the man would roll over on his boss. Grant wanted to take them all down.

Agent Sam Cullen/ aka Mr. Putin's POV:

Sam was sitting in the office of the Deputy Director of the FBI, waiting to be brought up to speed on why they hadn’t arrested Mrs. Corinthos.

Sam had his suspicions that it had to do with all the ways this sting could possibly go wrong. They didn’t want to piss off Mr. Corinthos, as they would need him to agree to the deal.

A deal that Sam finally understood the ramifications of. This case was a heck of a lot bigger than they first had predicted. The higher ups were willing to make a deal with the devil to bring down one of the biggest gun running operations on the east coast to an end. As well as using Corinthos to possibly bring down some of the biggest drug runners.

1 hour later-- Lt. Grant’s POV:

“Grant”, said his boss. “We need to go to the conference room on the third floor, for a meeting”.

“Boss, just tell me if I have a green light, so that I can get back to work”; Grant said getting mad at the stalling taking place.

“I can’t tell you that yet Grant”, his boss told him.

“Let’s go to this meeting, then I’ll know more”.

“Fine, let’s go”; Grant said.

Cullen’s POV:

“Sam, I know that you want to close this case very badly; we want that too”.

“But some new info has come to our attention, and we need to address that”.

“We need to get to the meeting on the 3rd floor”.

Third Floor Conference Room---

From POV of both Lt. Grant and Sam Cullen:

“Everyone please sit, and I’ll explain why we’re all here”; said the FBI director.

“Are you taking the case away from me”, Lt Grant asked angrily?

“No, Lt. Grant, you are not having your case taken over by the FBI”, the director said.

“Are the feds off the Corinthos case”, Sam asked just as angry?

“No, Sam”. “The feds still have the case:, the director stated.

“The reason we are all here is that we have just had some ne w info come in concerning both of your cases”, the director stated looking at both men.

“What new info”, both Grant and Cullen asked at the same time?

“That one of the suspects in your case Lt. Grant, is related to the suspect in your case Cullen”; the director calmly said.

“How are they related”, Cullen asked the director?

“They’re cousins”, the director informed the room.

“That is why these cases have been delayed”. “The powers that be have made the decision that these cases will be combined, which I know makes no sense to you Lt. Grant”. “The arrests will be done jointly”. “Don’t worry, you will be get equal credit for the case”.

“The FBI and the DCPD will work together to close both cases, use whatever resources you both have to close this case”. “I am now giving a green light to both of you, so go ‘em boys”, the director said.

So, Sam and Joey left to plan out the sting detail by detail.

Chapter 15

Elizabeth finally knew it was time to Alan and Monica that, she and the boys were leaving. So she went to see Alan.

@ GH a few hours later:

“What can I do for you Elizabeth”? Alan asked when she walked into his office.

“I am here to have that discussion I mentioned to you a while back”, Liz stated.

How could Alan forget, she’d come in that with purpose in every step; just like today. Alan had feeling about what she wanted to discuss.

“Alan can you page Monica”? “She needs to hear this as well”, Liz said.

So Alan paged his wife, and had her come to his office. A few minutes later, Monica walked into his office and sat down.

“Alan, Monica”; Liz said.

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve taken a job that was offered to me, the job is in Seattle”. “The boys and I will be leaving in two weeks”.

“You, Monica and Edward can come and visit as much as you like”, Liz said hoping they would not be angry with her for what she was doing.

“Are you going because of Jason”, Alan asked?

“I made the decision to protect my children, especially Cam”. “Every time he sees Jason, his heart gets broken”. “I can’t put him through any longer, Liz stated almost in tears”.

“And Jake is starting to ask why his daddy doesn’t love him anymore”. “So I’m doing this so that maybe all three of my children can start to heal”.

“We understand completely Liz, you do what you need to do for your children”. “We’ll come and visit as much as possible”, Monica said.

“I plan on telling the others, not including Carly, Lulu, Sarah or Jason”. “I called everyone this morning and asked them to all meet me at Luke’s at 7pm”, Liz told them.

“Come, Grams may need you”, Liz asked of them both.

6:50pm @ Luke’s:

Everyone had gathered at Luke’s. They were all talking out what Liz might want to speak to all of them about. The only ones who knew, weren’t talking. Even Edward was rather quiet.

The only ones not present at this gathering were Carly, Lulu, Sarah, Jason and Cam. Liz had already told the boys. She wasn’t going to put Cam through another meeting, which could turn heated.

Jason wasn’t called to come because as far as Liz knew, he had made his decision. She wouldn’t beg. She still loved him, and if he came to her, she would be willing to try again. But there would be a heck of a lot of groveling on his part.

And he would have to earn the boys’ trust back. Liz knew that would be easy for him.

Carly, Lulu and Sarah weren’t present; because Liz couldn’t trust them as far as she could throw them; for very obvious reasons.

She had a feeling Carly was up to something, and that Lulu and Sarah had gotten in on the act. She just had to hope that when they put whatever it was into action, that she and the boys would already be gone.

7 pm @ Luke’s:

“Everyone, I called you here because I have an announcement to make”; Liz said to the motley group. “First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you; I really appreciate all that you have done to help Cam”.

“And thank you for the support you have shown to the four of us”, Liz said.

“My announcement is this: I was offered a job in Seattle, and I took the offer”. “The boys and I will be leaving in two weeks”. “You’re all more than welcome to come and visit as much as you like”, Liz told them.

They were all quiet for a few minutes, then Audrey, who took the lead as spokesman for the group said; “Elizabeth dear, none of us will stand in your way”.

Liz then thanks them all, and left to return to her children.

Chapter 16

“Nick, Miss Lila; we are running out of time”. “Mom and the boys are leaving for Seattle in two weeks”. “I know that she won’t change her mind”, Kenzie said frantically.

“Kenzie, I will not admit defeat just yet”. “I may have a few tricks left up my sleeve, I won’t give up”; Lila told Kenzie and Nick.

And Nick knew without doubt, that Lila wouldn’t give up. That’s one of the things he liked about the classy lady.

So Lila thought about what could still be done. She knew Kenzie was right, Liz wouldn’t change her mind. So Lila would just have to come up with another part to her plan.

Lila figured her last shot was to go to Jason, one last time; to plead her case. She hadn’t told Nick or Kenzie about the hope she’d seen in Jason’s eyes when he’d asked if he could change his future.

So, Lila told Nick and Kenzie she was going to see Jason, and asked them to come up with some ideas on how to help Cam.

Jason’s Penthouse:

Jason was sitting on the sofa thinking about his life. Would any of the scenarios his grandmother had shown him, really come true? He was beginning to wonder.

Just then Lila appeared.

“Jason, I’m not here to scare you”; Lila told him.

“I know grandmother, I really do”; Jason stated.

“I’m just really trying to understand everything that you and your helpers showed me”. “I would like to tell you that I’m sure they won’t happen, but I can’t”; Jason said feeling truly scared.

“Jason, all I can say is, if you truly want to change what could happen; then you need to figure out how best to do that”. “But going after the enemies you saw, may not change it; as what happens could be from someone completely different”, Lila said.

“But don’t wait too long before you do whatever you decide to do”, Lila said and then vanished.

As Lila was returing to Heaven, she knew that Jason would do the right thing. She just had to hope that he wouldn’t be too late.

Meanwhile in another part of Heaven:

Nick and Kenzie had been coming up with ways to help Cam start to forgive Jason, as well as start to trust him again.

“So, what have you two come up with”; Lila asked when she‘d returned?

“I think that I need to go and see Cam”, Kenzie said.

“Maybe knowing that I’ve been watching, and that I don’t feel that everything is completely dad’s fault might help”, Kenzie said feeling hopeful.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do”; Lila said determined.

“Nick, you and I are going to visit a few key people while Kenzie; you go and see Cam”. “We’ll meet back here when we’re done”; Lila said as she and Nick floated away.

Nick stopped Lila when they were out of sight, as well as out of ear-shot and asked: “just who are we going to see Miss Lila”?

Lila looked at him with a deviously devilish grin and said; “we are going to recruit help for punishing Carly, Sarah and Lulu”. “I have a plan, that entails them getting what has been coming to them; it’s just going to happen sooner than expected”. “I have been planning to punish them for a long, long time for how they have treated people, especially Elizabeth”; Lila told him.

Who are we going to see first? Nick asked.

“We are going to see Zander”. “He knew Sarah, and never liked how she treated Liz:, Lila said.

From various locales beyond the Pearly Gates:

Zander was doing his daily chore of garbage detail when he saw Miss Lila and another angel approach.

“Miss Lila, it’s so good to see you. “Thank you for putting in a good word for me”, Zander said.

“Zander dear, I don’t blame you for what happened”. “You had been influenced by outside forces”, Lila said smiling.

“We’re her to ask for your help with my plan to punish Sarah”. “Would you like to help”? Lila asked him.

He thought about it, then asked: “Would Liz be hurt”?

“No, she is taking the boys to Seattle”. “And Sarah is plotting with Carly and Lulu”. “But Liz will be gone before we put my plan into action, so are you in”; Lila asked?

“Yes, I’m in”. “What do you need me to do, and what kind of trouble are you going to get into for what you’re planning”; Zander asked ready to help punish Sarah: but not at Lila’s expense?

I will let you know when I’m ready, and don’t worry about the trouble I’ll be in; Lila said then she and Nick went to see the next person on her list.

Heaven PD:

Lila walked up to the desk and asked to see Detective Jagger Cates. She knew she would now be in big trouble when this was over, but it would be worth it.

As they were being led to the detective’s office Nick said, “You do know that you are in every bigger trouble than you were before”?

“Yes, Nick”. “I know that he would overlook our going to Jason, as well as our helping Cam”. “He won’t overlook what I am planning”. “I will take my punishment when this is over”, Lila said calmly.

Detective Cates’ Office:

“What can I help you with Miss Lila”, Jagger asked?

“Are you willing to help punish Sarah Webber”, Lila asked?

“What’s she done now, Jagger asked”? He knew that the woman could never stay out trouble.

“She’s in on two plots involving Elizabeth Webber”. “One is to get rid of her son, Jake”. “The other plot involves killing Liz”, Lila stated.

“You mean to tell me that Sarah would have her own sister killed”? “Liz is one of the major people that Steve Hardy talks about all the time”, he said.

“I’m in Miss Lila”, Jagger said without hesitation. “What do you need me to do”?

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready”, Lila stated; then she and Nick floated away.

Front Entrance to Hell:

Lila floated right up to gate, and asked the gatekeeper to speak to Ares.

A little while later Ares comes to the gate.

“What are you doing here Mrs. Q”? “Your name is not on my prisoner list”, he stated.

“I’m here to ask for permission to see three of your inmates: Stavros Cassadine, Logan Hayes and Tony Jones”. “Will I be permitted to speak to them, Lila asked”?

Ares thought about that question long and hard. He knew that Mrs. Q was going to be in BIG TROUBLE for whatever she was up to.

She would be their guest, so he said; “of course you can speak to them”. “So you want to speak to them all at once”?

“No, Ares”. “I want to speak to them separately”, Lila said.

So Lila spoke to each man, explaining punishing Carly and Lulu. When asked if they wanted in, they all said yes. So Lila told them that she would be in contact with their assignments when the time came.

For their final visitor, they would be going to the Heavenly Daycare. Its director was Lily Corinthos. She would be the final nail in Carly’s coffin, so to speak.

So, Lila went to speak to Lily about helping. Lila knew that even though Lily had never met Jason, whenever Lily would come to her cloud for a visit; they would always watch Jason’s antics.

After Lila finished explaining to Lily what she had in mind, Lily told Lila that she would help.

They left Lily and the children, and went to see how Kenzie had faired with Cam.

Cam’s Room:

“Cam”, Kenzie said. “I’m not here to scare you”. “I came to talk to you”, she said.

“Y..Y..Y.. You’re an angel”, Cam exclaimed. He was quite shocked to see an angel in his room.

“Yes, I’m an angel, but not just any angel”. “My name is McKenzie, but most of the others call Kenzie”; she explained.

“I know who you are now, mom told me about you; you’re our older sister”, he said.

“Yes, I am”. “And that’s why I’m here”. “I wanted you know that you have angels watching over you and your brothers”. “You have Great Grandpa Steve, Great Grandma Lila, my friend Nick, and friend of mom’s; whose name is Zander, and me”. “We all love you and watch out for you”.

“Cam, I wanted you to know a few things, so you might understand dad a little better”. “Did you know that dad really wasn’t my dad, but he took responsibility for me, to protect me and mom”.

“We now know more about what, we believe took place to make dad avoid you three boys and mom”, Kenzie said.

“What”, Cam asked?

“We think that Carly had him brain-washed, almost like Lucky Spencer was”. “But we think that she did it to make sure that he wouldn’t leave her”, Kenzie told Cam.

“We wanted you to know that there are others working towards you getting our family back, so please don’t give up”; Kenzie pleaded.

“Even if it happens Kenzie, I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust him”, Cam said sadly. “I really do still love him, but I just don’t know if I can”.

“I know Cam, but are you willing to try, if he does choose and you boys”; Kenzie asked.

“I’m willing to try, and that’s all I can give you”, Cam said.

Kenzie stayed awhile longer just talking with Cam, then she told him she loved them all; and then she disappeared.

Back Inside the Pearly Gates:

As Kenzie arrived at Lila’s cloud, she was certain; more now than before, that all would be put as it should be.

A While Later:

“So how’d it go”, Nick asked Kenzie as she got back?

“It went better that I hoped”, Kenzie stated.

“How so”, Lila inquired?

“Cam told me he is willing to try trusting dad”, Kenzie said.

Chapter 17

Two weeks Later—night before the big move:

Elizabeth’s house:

The movers had arrived on schedule, and had loaded all of their belongings, save for what they were taking in the van with them.

Elizabeth and the boys would leave early the next morning, with Jeff, Steven and Audrey accompanying them to Seattle.

Port Charles Airport:

As Sam, Joey and the other agents walked of the bureau jet; Sam said:

“I think we need to get local law enforcement onboard, just to dot all our Is and cross all our Ts”. “It’s just a precaution so they don’t bungle our case, by stepping the muck that is our case”.

“I fully agree Sam”, Joey said; knowing that local law enforcement could make a mess of their case if given the opportunity.

So they left the others at the airport, and went to the PCPD.


“Can we see Commissioner Scorpio”, Sam asked showing the officer his ID?

“Mac, there are some feds here to see you”; Detective Falconeri told Mac.

“Bring them back Dante, and I want you to stay as well”; Mac said, wondering what the feds wanted in PC.

Commissioner Scorpio’s Office:

“Commissioner, I’m Agent Sam Cullen and this is Lt. Joey Grant”.

“Good to meet you”, Mac said still wondering what they wanted.

“The reason we’re here is that we are about to start a major arrest operation”. “Two citizens here will be arrested on federal charges”, Sam said. “We wanted you to know what would be happening, as well as us possibly using you jail”.

“Of course Agent Cullen, anything to help”; Mac stated.

“Are you going to be arresting Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan”, Mac asked?

“No, they’re not the ones we’re after”. “What we’re about to tell you goes no further than this room”: “We’re here to arrest Lulu Spencer and Carly Corinthos”, Cullen told Mac and Dante.

“What is Lulu being charged with”, Mac asked?

“Conspiracy to commit murder; as well as murder for hire”. “Mrs. Corinthos will be charged with the same”, Cullen stated.

“Another reason we came to see you first, is that we have men on Carly, Lulu and Sarah Webber; and we need to met with Elizabeth Webber and her immediate family”, Lt Grant said.

“Why do you have men on Sarah Webber, is she involved in this”, Mac asked?

“We know that she’s had calls from both Carly and Lulu; but we can’t prove that she knows exactly what either of them is actually planning”, Cullen stated.

“I’ll call Liz, Jeff, Steven, and Audrey; where would be best to meet”, Dante asked?

“It would need to be somewhere private”, Cullen said.

“We don’t want a lot of people to know about this until after we make the arrests, as well as getting Elizabeth Webber and her family out of state, where she’ll be safe”, Lt. Grant said.

“Cullen you may want to call and see if this meeting can be held at the Quartermaine Mansion, and if you’re wondering why; Jake Spencer is their grandson”, Mac stated.

Cullen and Grant had been wondering if the rumors they had heard were true, and Mac had just confirmed it.

“You’d better let me call the Quartermaines first and ask”, Mac said then dialed the mansion’s number.

Quartermaine Mansion:

“Quartermaine residence”, Alice said.

“Alice, Mac Scorpio here, can I speak to Monica please”?

“Yes, just one moment Mac”, Alice said and got Monica.

“Mac, what’s wrong”? “Has Jason been arrested”, Monica asked worried?

“No, I’m calling to see if we might be able to meet at the mansion in about an hour, and we need for you, Alan and Edward to be there”. “I’ll explain we when get there”, Mac told her.
“Yes, we can meet here”, Monica said. “We’ll be here waiting”, Monica said and then hung up.

“Alice you need to get call Edward and Alan home NOW”, Monica stated.


“Cullen, I am going to accompany you to Elizabeth’s”. “Dante, you go to the Quartermaines and wait for us”; Mac said.

Elizabeth’s House:

Elizabeth had just gotten the boys to sleep; they had said it was sort of like camping, as they were sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in Liz’s room.

Liz heard a knock at the door, and went to answer it.

“Mac, can I help you”, Liz asked?

“Elizabeth, this is Agent Sam Cullen and Lt. Joey Grant”. “They need to talk to you”, Mac said.

“Okay, how can I help you gentlemen:”, Liz asked?

“We have a lot to tell you as well as to discuss, but we need your father, brother and grandmother there as well”; Cullen stated.

“We need for you to call them, and have them meet you at the Quartermaines”, he said. “Tell them to come alone”.

No you two are scaring me, Liz said. Please tell me what this is about or I am not doing anything for you; Liz stated.

“Elizabeth, Mac said calmly; this has to do with all of us protecting you from a very valid threat”. “Please call your family”. “You will be told what is going on”.

Liz could see the fear in Mac’s eyes, so she did as they had asked.

“I can’t leave, my children are asleep upstairs”; Liz told them.

“Liz, it’s okay”. “Georgie is on her way”. “I’ll have officers outside as well”, Mac said hoping to ease the tension in the room.

Just then Georgie arrived.

Mac told her that they needed to go to the Quartermaines, while Liz called her family from the kitchen phone.

Mac didn’t give Georgie any details, she would find out when the rest of Port Charles did.

And to think, Sarah had babysat Maxie and Georgie a couple of times.

Quartermaine Mansion—

20 minutes later:

Everyone was in the library, wondering what was going on.

“First off, Grant and I aren’t here to arrest any of you”. “We have other bigger fish to fry”. “We have some info that you need to hear, and then we’ll go from there”, Cullen stated to the group.

“Ms. Webber, I don’t want to tell this but I am obligated by law”, Joey said.

“I was contacted some time ago by your ex sister-in-law. She had gotten the phone number I was using in a case; from someone connected to Helena Cassadine”. “Now, we do not believe Helena is after you, as she is being watched”, Joey said; trying to assure her.

“What would Lulu want with you”, Liz asked shakily?

“She hired me to kill you, not knowing that I was an undercover cop”. “We plan to arrest her”, Joey told her with conviction in his voice.

“As they all stood there in shock”, Cullen said, there’s more.

“A few years ago, Lorenzo Alcazar came to us, saying that is we could guarantee his family’s safety; he would help us take down a major drug trafficker in Central America”. “We gave him a phone number so that when he needed to contact us, he had a secure number”. “He had disguised it so no one would know”.

“Somehow Carly Corinthos got a hold of that number”, Cullen started to explain.

“She contacted me some time ago, wanting me to get rid of a problem for her”. “I took the job, but not to get rid of her problem, but to arrest her for the crime”, Cullen said.

“What problem did she want you to take care of for her”, Edward asked; not really sure he wanted to know?

“She wanted Jacob Spencer killed”, Cullen said almost sick to stomach and awaiting the fallout.

“Oh god”, Liz said as she crumbled to the floor. Steven and Monica rushed to calm her.

“We have no intention of letting anything happen to you or your children, Ms. Webber”. “That’s why we are here”, Grant said.

“I have been in and out of town since I was contacted, gathering evidence”; Cullen told the room.

“Now here’s what we would like to do”, Cullen said.

“We saw that you are moving, I assume that you were going to leave first thing in the morning; but we want to get you out of town tonight”. “Don’t worry, we have people watching Mrs. Corinthos, Miss Spencer, as well as your sister”; Grant told Liz.

“What does Sarah have to do with this, Liz asked almost afraid to find out”? She knew her sister hated her.

“We can’t prove it, but she knew Carly was planning something”. “She didn’t know about Lulu though”. “And unfortunately, Sarah never said anything that we can use as evidence against her”, Cullen told the room.

By this time the shock had worn off and quite a few people in the room had questions, and Mac hoped that Agent Cullen had a plan.

“What did Carly mean to gain by what she planned”, Steven asked?

“What she told me was, with Jacob gone Jason wouldn’t have any obligations; but to her and Sonny”, Cullen stated.

“What would my daughter hope to accomplish by helping Carly and Lulu”, Jeff asked?

“We had her apartment bugged; she likes to talk to herself”. “She told any empty room that, with either plan working; she would get Jason all to herself”, Joey said.

“She also stated that she wished Liz’s attacker had killed her that night in the park”, Joey said hoping that it wouldn’t knock Liz flat.

He knew her history, so he hadn’t wanted to tell her that, but he knew that she deserved to know.

“What was Lulu hoping to do”, Audrey asked?

We also had Lulu’s apartment bugged. Needless to say there was a lot of mindless chatter. But what caught our attention was when she told the kitchen, that she was going to give Lucky back his children. Which wouldn’t be possible with you alive Miss Webber, Grant said.

“Well, then I have a real eye opener for her”. “None of my 3 children are his”, Liz stated calmly; knowing the Pandora’s Box she was opening just then. But she’d decided not more lies.

“What, the entire room said loudly”. “Is this true Elizabeth”, her grams asked?

“Yes, everyone it’s true”, Liz said knowing what question was coming next.

“I just have one question”. “Who is Aiden’s father”, Alan asked; hoping that the answer would be that Aiden was Jason’s, which is what Alan was hoping for?

“Before I answer, you need to know that I tried to tell him but he wouldn’t let me”; Liz said.

“Go on Liz”, Edward said; feeling he already knew the answer. He couldn’t be happier. He didn’t need the details.

“Yes, Alan. Jason is Aiden’s father”; Liz said hoping that no one would be mad.

“When were you together”, Audrey asked?

“It was 21 months ago. Lucky was cheating with Sam, I found out from Maxie, who wanted to gloat”. “No offense Mac”. “Jason found me at Jake’s”. “We both got drunk, and woke up in bed together the next morning”.

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I went to see him, but he wouldn’t even talk about it”. “Then, I went home Lucky was there; then Lucky and everyone else found out, and automatically assumed that the baby was Lucky’s”, Elizabeth admitted.

“And I kept pushing you to take Lucky back”, Audrey admitted.

All concerned in the room said that they forgave her and let it go.

She then told them, that one of the legal matters that Diane was working on was to get Aiden’s last name changed, as well as his birth certificate.

So now the topic was back to the Carly, Lulu and Sarah problem.

“So what do you plan to do about Carly, Lulu and Sarah”, Edward demanded to know? He wasn’t about to lose Elizabeth or his great grandchildren.

“Our plan is to get the Webbers out town tonight, and then tomorrow we will make our first arrest”. “We are arresting Miss Spencer first”, Grant told the room.

“She’s going to try to deny it, but we recorded everything, as well as documented every email”, Grant explained.

“May we ask where you will be relocating to Miss Webber, so that we can have agents ready”, Cullen asked?

The kids and are moving to Seattle, Liz stated. She took note of the surprise on Mac’s face; as well as Dante’s. She had to make a guess that Georgie hadn’t told Mac, and Sonny hadn’t told Dante. Dante being Sonny’s son and all.

Okay, Cullen said. While en-route well call ahead for security. It’s just until after the trials are over, Joey stated.

So Miss Webber, let’s get you and your family on the road; Cullen said.

As for everyone else, we are asking that nothing said here tonight goes any further; Grant demanded.

And so everyone said their goodbyes, the Quartermaines promising to come and visit. Then agents as well as Mac, accompanied Liz and the others back to her house.

Once back at her soon to be previous home, Mac and Georgie said their goodbyes. After they left, Jeff and Steven started upstairs to wake the boys.

“Dad, just leave them in their pjs”. “Don’t get them dressed”, Liz said finally starting to accept what she’d been told.

So Liz and Steven loaded her mini-van with the little that was left after the movers took the rest.

They had stopped on the way back to her souse to get Jeff’s luggage as well as Steven and Audrey’s, so after the van was loaded they could leave. Soon they were on their way, with agents behind then to follow as far as the city limits.

In Rochester the stopped so that the four adults could get some sleep.

A/N: In this fic PC is 20 minutes Northeast of Rochester, NY. While everything all the stuff in Pc is going on, Liz and boys are traveling. ( just so you know the timeline) I didn’t want to confuse ya all.

Chapter 18

The Next Morning-----

Jason’s Penthouse:

Jason woke, dressed and had coffee. He had finally realized that he didn’t want Sonny’s life.

He wanted Liz and his boys. He needed to do a few things and then he was going to make that happen. So he grabbed his jacket and got on the elevator with a purpose.

20 minutes Later----

Port Charles Cemetery:

Jason pulled to a stop and got off. He hadn’t been here for quite some time, and he felt guilty about that.

He walked for a while until he came to her grave, the girl that hadn’t been his; but he’d claimed her all the same.

The headstone read: McKenzie Grace Morgan. He remembered when Kenzie had been laid to rest, Elizabeth was so heartbroken. Despite all the obstacles; she had been planning on keeping her. But Kenzie didn’t make it.

“Kenzie, I know I haven’t been here for a while; but I didn’t forget you”. “I guess I just was running from everything, but I don’t plan on running anymore; I am going to fix this mess”. “And I am going to make it right with your brothers, as well as with your mother”, Jason said.

Meanwhile @ Elm Street Pier

Lulu was waiting on a bench for the man she’d hired. He’d called that morning to say that he wanted to meet, and suggested the Elm Street Pier.

Lt. Grant walked up to Lulu, thinking to himself; how the woman was totally clueless, especially about what would happen. She would be arrested in about 10 minutes and didn’t have a clue.

“Is the job done”, Lulu asked?

“Yes, you hired me to end Elizabeth Webber’s life”. “She’s gone”, Joey said.

“Good, now my life and world are as they should be”, Lulu said with an evil smile.

“Thank you for your services, you’ve been paid; so you may leave now”, Lulu told him.

“I think there’s something you should know Miss Spencer”, Grant said.

“What might that be”, Lulu asked?

“That you’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder as well as murder for hire”; Grant stated.

“Lulu was in shock as Grant placed her in handcuffs and read Lulu her rights”.

Lulu was brought into the PCPD, and was allowed to make one phone call. She called her father and asked for him and Nik to come and help her get out of the trouble she’s in.

Then she was placed in holding. When Luke and Nik arrived they asked to see Lulu. They were told to wait, while Lulu was brought up.

Just as Lulu was being brought up to the interrogation room with Agent Cullen, Luke asked: “what is she being charged with”?

“Mr. Spencer, the charges against your daughter are very serious”. “She hired an undercover officer to kill your ex daughter-in-law”, he said.

“She hired someone to kill Liz”, Luke asked?

“Why”, both Luke and Nik asked?

“From the evidence we’ve gathered, Lulu felt that Liz was standing in the way of your son getting his children back”, Grant said.

“But your daughter was operating without all the facts”:

“Your son is at this moment to busy trying to prove his new wife isn’t a terrorist to be worried with his so-called children”, Cullen said.

“Well not a single one of those three boys is Lucky’s”, Luke said. He had know for quite a while that Aiden wasn’t Lucky’s. Anyone with half a brain would see Aiden’s resemblance to Jason.

Nik wasn’t completely clueless either when it came to Aiden’s paternity. He hadn’t said anything because it wasn’t his secret to tell.

Luke and Nik were let into the interrogation room, then Mac told them they had 10 minutes.

After Mac left Luke asked: “Is it true Lulu, did you hire someone to kill Liz”?

Yes, it’s true daddy. And I’d do it again, to give Lucky his children back, Lulu said; proud of her actions.

Well Lulu, we have some news for you, Nik said.

“None of those boys are Lucky’s, so you just got arrested for nothing”, Nik told her.

What do you mean Nik, all 3 of those boys are Lucky’s, Lulu shouted?

“No darling”. “Cam was Ric’s son”. “Jake and Aiden are both Jason’s”. “Liz has the DNA results to prove it”, Luke said.

“Still not believing a word of what they’d said she asked: So are you going to help me get out of this”?

“No, you are on your own”, both Luke and Nik said; then walked out into the bullpen where Mac and the others were waiting.

“Mac, are you in charge of Lulu’s case”, Luke asked?

“No Luke, that would be Agent Cullen and Lt. Grant”, Mac said.

Agent Cullen, just so you know; Lulu’s brother and I will not be helping her. She’s going to have to face this, Luke said. Then he and Nik walked out of the PCPD.

Chapter 19

Elizabeth knew last night, that when the boys woke up and found out that they would not be able to say goodbye to family or friends, they would be very upset.

So she had decided that they would make this trip out to their new home in Seattle, into a vacation. They would stop in major places along the way and have fun. She had mapped it all out and when she’d taken to the other 3 adults, they’d agreed as well. Since she hadn’t had the chance to give the money back to Jason, she figured she’d put it to good use.

Homewood Suites: Rochester New York---

Breakfast Time:

“Good morning boys”, Jeff said.

“Where are we mom”, Cam asked?

“Sweetheart, something happened after you and your brothers went to sleep last night”. “We had to leave”, Liz told the boys.

“But we didn’t get to say goodbye”, said Cam through his tears.

“I know honey, and I am sorry”. “Since we couldn’t say goodbye, I have a lot of fun stuff planned”. “And when we get to our new house, we can invite everyone to come and visit okay”, Liz asked?

“Okay”, Cam said; knowing he would get the truth from his mom later.

So they had breakfast, then Cam asked his mom if he could help her load the van.

Once out at the van Cam asked: “What really happened mom”?

“Okay Cam, I think you’re old enough to understand”; she said then she explained.

“Cam, last night we had a visit from Mac”, Liz said.

“What did he want”, Cam asked?

“Well he had two agents from the FBI with him”. “So we had to go to the Qs to find out what was going on”, Liz explained.

“So once you were all at the Qs, did they tell you what they wanted”, Cam asked?

“Cam, what they needed to tell us,; was that 2 people we know wanted to hurt Jakie and me”, she told Cam.

“Cam, I want you to know that nothing is going to happen”, Liz told him.

“Who are the 2 people mom, I have a right to know”, Cam asked?

“Cam, one of them is your aunt Lulu”, Liz said knowing that she wasn’t really related to Cam or his brothers.

“Who is the other person”, Cam asked?

“It’s Carly”, Liz said.

“Are they going to be arrested for what they wanted to do”, Cam asked, wanting justice for what Carly and Lulu tried to do?

“Yes, Cam”. “The feds are going to arrest them”, she reassured him.

Liz hoped she’d never have to tell they boys the rest of it. They didn’t need to live with those images running through their heads.

After Cam had asked all of his questions, he and Liz finished loading the van. Then everyone else came out and they got into the van and started their trip.

Pittsburgh, PA:

While in Pittsburgh, they visited the Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural history as well as the Just Ducky Tour. The adults had just as much fun as the kids did.

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