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 All Things Are Relative: Cast

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PostSubject: All Things Are Relative: Cast   Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:10 pm

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All Things Are Relative Photo Album:  

All Things are Relative

This is an AH story. And is rated T.

This is going to be my version of an ensemble story.  You can forget everything you know about General Hospital.  I am taking my own creative licenses here.  Also for the purposes of this fic, DNA tests only take a couple of weeks.  And they can tell if there is a familial match in the lab.  Any and all criminal investigations will take place "real time", so it will take weeks to find out something.[/font]

All of the young children in this story were born around the time that Liz turned 15 or after.  In the present she has babysat all the children but Dante, Michael, Morgan and Joss.

I know nothing about the mob, so any hypothetical mob stuff will not be accurate.  Also, I am not a doctor, so if I am wrong about anything medical please forgive me. Also, some characters that were thought dead might not be dead for this piece of fiction.  

Also any characters that I have added that may have starred on other shows are only here to help my story along.   This is always and foremost a Liason story.

Australia slang used and definitions:
London to a Brick: absolute certainty (“ it’s London to a brick that taxes won’t go down”)

Up Oneself: have a high opinion of oneself- “he’s really up oneself”

Walkabout, it’s gone: it’s lost, can’t be found

Timeline: 1999

Cast and Character profiles:

The Hardy/ Morgan Family:

Elizabeth Hardy:  
Liz came to live with her grandparents when she was 5 years old.  Her parents had left her on the Hardy doorstep, in effect abandoning her.  She has known Jason both as Jason Q, and as Jason Morgan.  They are a couple and are engaged and planning on getting married. She is 19 years old.  

Jason Morgan:    
Accident that took his memory is the same as on the show.  He has known Liz since she was 5.  He has always felt a very strong connection to her.  He is engaged to Liz, and they are planning their wedding.

The Corinthos Family:

Sonny Corinthos: (Divorced from Carly, has sole custody of their children)  
     Michael Corinthos
Michael is very wise for his age.  He loves his brothers and sister very much.

These two are only 2 years apart
     Morgan Corinthos
Morgan is also very wise for his age.  He and Michael are both very protective of Josslyn.

     Josslyn Corinthos 

Sonny was married to Carly until she just up and decided that she didn’t want to be married to Sonny anymore.  She tried to take their children, but Sonny won sole custody.   He is a single parent raising his children with help from those around him.  He and Jason are business partners as well as friends.  He is friends with Liz as well.  He is seeing Kate Howard.

Kate Howard  
Kate and Sonny are involved.  They were involved when they were teenagers.  Kate had a child with Sonny, but the child was stolen from the hospital.  Sonny and Kate tried finding their child but were unable to locate their child.  Kate and Sonny are engaged.  Sonny does know that Dante is his son.  He and Dante have a good relationship.  Sonny also has a good relationship with his father.

The Hardy / Webber Family:

Steven Webber  
Olivia Falconeri- Webber  

Dante Falconeri ( Olivia’s son with Sonny.  Just imagine him four years older that Lucky.  He is Sonny’s son)
Hayden Webber ( daughter with Olivia)
Maggie Webber ( daughter with Olivia)
Matthew Webber ( son with Olivia)

Steven and Olivia have been married for 11 years.  They have three children together and Steven helped raise Dante, who knows that he is Sonny’s son.   Sonny is a part of their lives because of Sonny, but also because of Sonny’s friendship with Steven’s sister Liz.  Steven has been in Port Charles since Liz was 14.  He helped Audrey and Steve with his sister.   Steven is a doctor at GH.  Olivia helps Kate run Coutour.

Steve & Audrey Hardy    
Audrey and Steve raised Elizabeth from the time she was 5, when her parents abandoned her on their doorstep.  When Steve died, her grandson Steven and his wife stepped in help with Liz. They have all disowned Jeff and Diana.  Audrey is still a nurse at GH.  Steve died when Liz was 15 years old.  He loved her immensely.

Mike Corbin  
Mike managers Kelly’s for Luke and Bobbie.  He is loved by all.  He is a recovering alcoholic, but has not fallen of the wagon.  He does not have any gambling debts.  He and Sonny are very close.  He had a hard time after finding out about his stolen granddaughter.  

Diane Miller(Attorney at Mason, Petrovich,
and Miller law firm, which represents the Corinthos organization)

Diane works for Sonny and Jason.  She represents Audrey and Steven in regards to Liz and her parents, after Lee and Gail left Port Charles (this was after Steve’s death).

The Scorpio Family: ( Mac’s, Robert’s, Robin’s):
Mac Scorpio ( is married married to Alexis)
Alexis Davis- Scorpio
Georgie Scorpio (adopted and living with Mac and Alexis)
Maxie Scorpio (adopted and living with Mac and Alexis)  

Kristina Scorpio ( she is Mac’s daughter)

Molly Scorpio ( she is Mac’s daughter)

Mac and Alexi have been married since Alexi came to Port Charles with Stephan and Nikolas. They met and fell in love.  Mac had been raising Felicia and Frisco girls since the year before.  When Felicia left Mac told her not to come back, that he wouldn’t let her have the girls.  Frisco is dead.  Mac and Alexis have two girls together.

Robin Scorpio-Drake  
Patrick Drake  
Emma Drake  

Patrick and Robin have been married since she left for Paris.  They have a daughter named Emma.  Patrick and Robin are friends with Jason and Liz.  

Robert Scorpio  
Anna Devane-Scorpio  

Robert and Anna never made their daughter believe that they were dead.  They did come home and have done the best to protect her from their enemies.  They are still happily married.  Robert and Anna head up the Port Charles Division of the WSB.

Marcus Taggert  
Taggert is still the same arrogant man that he was on the show, the only difference is that he has left Sonny and Jason alone.

Sarah Webber-McKay
Dylan McKay  

The Scanlon Family:

Frank Scanlon  
Karen Wexler-Scanlon  
Lindsay Scanlon
Sam Scanlon and David Scanlon  
Frank Scanlon is best friends with Jason and AJ.  They have known each other for years and they’ve all tried to protect Liz.  Frank married Karen after her divorce from Jagger Cates.  Her marriage to Jagger only lasted a year, he had been cheating on her with Brenda Barrett.  They have 3 beautiful children.  Karen is also friends with Liz.  Frank is a Paramedic and Karen is a Doctor at GH.

The Spencer Family:

Luke Spencer (reference only)
Laura Spencer( reference only)  
Lucky Spencer ( reference only)  
Lulu Spencer ( reference only)  

The Spencer family is somewhat the same as on the show.  The differences are: They are still married.  Laura didn’t go crazy, Luke is accepting of Nik.   Lucky and Liz were just friends, who were helping each other cope with some things. Luke owns runs Luke’s; and Laura owns and runs Deception Cosmetics.  They left town after Lucky’s death.  They have not returned to Port Charles.

The Collins Family:

Lucy Coe-Collins  
Kevin Collins  
Serena Baldwin-Collins ( being raised by Kevin and Lucy Coe)  
Kevin and Lucy never left town.  They adopted Serena as their own, as Scott abandoned her; and are raising her with help from Lee, Gail and Karen.  Karen is still in Serena’s life as she is related.  Lucy is still an odd duck.  Kevin is a psychiatrist at GH.

Jeff Webber  
Diana Webber  
The Webbers have not seen or attempted to see their daughter Elizabeth since she was left with her grandparents.  She also has some very deep dark secrets.

The Jacks Family:

Jasper “Jax” Jacks  
Chloe Morgan-Jacks  
Mackenzie Jacks  
Eli John Jacks

Jasper and Chloe have been married for 10 years and they have two children; Mackenzie and Eli.  They are happy.  Jasper runs Jacks shipping and Chloe owns Chloe Morgan Fashions.

Ned Ashton ( only in reference)  
Ned knew Liz when she was little and was very protective of the girl he considered a surrogate niece.  He runs ELQ’s entire holding on the west coast.

The Cassadine Family:

Nik Cassedine  
Nik came to Port Charles when Lulu needed a bone marrow transplant. He has been in Port Charles since.  He has always had a good relationship with his mom and Luke.  He and Lucky have had their ups and downs.  He is dating Emily Quartermaine. ( Stavros was never brought back from the dead.)  Nik was not happy with the fact that the Spencer’s blamed Elizabeth for Lucky’s problems.

The Quartermaine Family:

Emily Quartermaine (adopted by Alan & Monica)  
Edward Quartmaine  
Lila Quartermaine  
Alan Quartermaine  
Monica Quartermaine  

The Q family is as dysfunctional as usual.  The only difference being that they accepted Jason after the accident.  And they have never badgered AJ, and treated him like they did on the show.  They did adopt Emily as on the show, but she was there when Liz came to live with Steve and Audrey.  Emily and Liz are friends.

AJ Quartermaine  
McKenzie Bennett-Quartermaine ( married to AJ)  
Lacey Quartermaine
Hallie  & Charlie Quartermaine

AJ got treatment after the accident that took Jason’s memory.  He and Jason reconnected after that.  They are close.  He never left town and is a recovering alcoholic.  He has been sober since.  He and McKenzie have been married for 12 years and have 3 girls, Lacey and twins Hallie and Charlie.  AJ is also close to Liz.

The DiLucca Family:

Bobbie Jones-DiLucca  
Roy DiLucca  
Lucas Jones  
Roy and Bobbie have been married for 5 years.  They are raising Lucas along with Tony.  Roy works for Sonny and Jason. Bobbie is a nurse and co owns Kelly’s with Luke.  When Luke and Laura left, Bobbie asked Liz if she wanted to buy Luke’s shares in Kelly’s.  Liz bought them, but Jason helps her manage her shares.

Felicia Jones (only in reference)
Felicia abandoned her children after Frisco was killed while on a mission.  When she left,  Mac told her never to come back.  She has never tried to come back or to take the girls.

Tony Jones ( divorced from Bobbie)  
Tony is still a doctor at GH.  He and Bobbie are still friendly.  They divorced after Tony had the affair with Carly.

Lee and Gail Baldwin ( In reference only)  
Lee was the Hardy’s attorney until Steve’s death, and they left town to retire.  

Senator Alexandra Riley Falconeri    
She is Kate’s mother and biggest supporter.  When she found out about the Kate’s baby she was heartbroken.  She is a Senator for the state of New York.

Harrison Franklin Falconeri  
He is Kate’s grandfather and second biggest supporter.  He never gave up hope of finding his great grandchild.  He has made sure that Kate and Sonny had funds to look for their child.

Jose Ramirez  

David Addison
Watson Darnell

NCIS Sp. Agent in Charge: Leroy Jethro Gibbs  

Senior Field Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd  
Field Special Agent Tony DiNozzo  
Special Agent Tim McGee  

Special Agent Ziva David  
Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto  
Chief Medical Examiner Donald “Ducky” Mallard  
ME Assistant Jimmy Palmer  
NCIS Director Tom Morrow  
Senior FBI Agent Tobias Fornell  

Spinelli’s Nicknames for PC residents:

Sonny: Mr. Sir
Jason: Stone-cold
Elizabeth: Stone-cold’s Fair One
Diane: Brusque Lady of Justice
Francis: Blond Sentinel
Max: Mr. Muscles
Kate: Miss Fashion Icon
Mac: Defender of Justice
Taggart: Mr. Clean, Kojak
Audrey: Regal Nightingale
Steven: Doctor of what is Fair and Just
Drs. Jeff & Diana Webber: The Dasterdly Drs.

More may be added.

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All Things Are Relative: Cast
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