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Thirteen years go in Bensonhurst NY and Port Charles, NY:

Michael Corbin Jr was 19 years old. He was dating Connie Falconeri. He loves her more than life itself. He’d been going through a lot when he met Connie.

His mother had dies, quite possibly at the hands of her husband and Michael’s stepfather Deke. His real father was not around.

Connie Falconeri knew that Michael was it for her. Connie knew that she kept him grounded. Connie also knew that his step-father was a real SOB. And he was able to get away with what he did to Michael because he was a cop.

As she was sitting in the office waiting for the results, Connie knew that the results would change lives. She just hoped that Michael wouldn’t run.

“Ms Falconeri, I have your results”, Dr. Jacobson said. “You are pregnant”. “Here is a prescription for prenatal vitamins as well as all the info we hand out to expectant mothers”. “I want to see you back here in one month”.

“Okay”, Connie said. She then left to go and tell Michael.

She’d already decided that even if Michael ran, she wanted her baby.

Later that day:

“Michael, I have something important that I need to tell you”, Connie said.

“Connie, what is it”, Sonny asked?

“I’m pregnant”, Connie blurted out. “I know that you might not want this baby, but I do”.

“Connie, I love you”. “And this baby is a part of you”. “And I know that this baby wasn’t planned, but I want this too”, Michael said.

Over the next 9 months:

Michael had been somewhat accepted by most of the Falconeri clan. Connie and Michael also knew that her father was whole heartedly against it.

Michael had been having problems with Deke as well as a man by the name of Joe Scully. Scully wanted Michael to come and work for him, but Michael didn’t want to. Scully had a very bad rep. Besides that, Michael didn’t like the way that Scully looked at Connie.

Connie and Michael’s major supporters were Connie’s mother Alexandra and her grandfather Harrison.

November 3, 1982

Connie’s water broke, which sent them to the ER. 12 hours later they’re daughter Melanie Adele Corbin was born. She had all of her fingers and toes. Little Melanie captured the hearts of all who saw her. The all fell head over heels in love with the little bundle.

But unknown forces were at work, plotting to bring harm to the new little family. For 2 days later, Melanie Corbin was taken from the hospital nursery, and vanished without a trace.

Michael and Connie were devastated. Alexandra was at a loss at how to help her daughter, Michael as well as her granddaughter. Harrison vowed; that his great granddaughter would be found.

Two months later:

Antonio Falconeri chose to use his missing granddaughter as the reason to punish his daughter for what he felt had disgraced the family name.

He packed Connie up, and shipped her off to live with family in Italy. He didn’t give her a choice, and he made sure that there was no contact with Michael.

And then Scully took that opportunity, to reel Michael into his fold. It was a few weeks later that Deke was killed, and Scully held that over Michael’s head.

Alexandra, Harrison, Connie and Michael never gave up their respective searches for Melanie, but every trail went cold.

Over the next decade and a half, Michael changed his name to Michael “Sonny” Corinthos, ended up killing Joe Scully and later moved to Port Charles, NY.

Connie Falconeri, left Italy after her father died; and she changed her name to Kate Howard. She then worked her way up in the fashion world.

But for Sonny and Kate, they’re daughter was never far from their thoughts.

Port Charles New York; 1987

It was 4 in the morning when Steve Hardy was awoken by a strange noise downstairs at the front door. He went down to investigate the noise and found his 5 year old grand-daughter Elizabeth asleep on the front porch. Steve couldn’t see anyone else outside, so it seemed strange for his little Lizzie to be there without any adult supervise.

“Audrey”, Steve shouted to his wife; who was still asleep upstairs!

“Steve, where are you”?

“I’m downstairs and you need to come now”, he said.

“I’m coming”, Audrey said as she descended the stairs.

“Elizabeth, honey what are you doing here, and where are your parents”, Audrey asked worriedly?

“Steve, what is going on”, Audrey asked her husband?

“I heard a noise and came down to see what it was, and found her asleep on the front porch, there was no one else out there”, Steve said quietly as not to scare his granddaughter.

“Let’s get her upstairs and let her sleep”, Steve said. So they took Lizzie upstairs and put her in the spare bedroom. When they were back in their bedroom Steve said: “In the morning I am going to raise he** with my son”. “Leaving their daughter without telling us”, what has gotten into Jeff and Diana.

“Steve you know as well as I do, what they were thinking”. “Sarah is more important to them than Steven or Elizabeth”. “They have always treated Sarah like a princess, and Steven and Lizzie like trash”, Audrey said to her husband.

Later that morning:

Steve had been trying all morning to get a hold of his son and daughter-in-law. They were nowhere to be found. Their neighbor in Colorado had informed him that they had told everyone that they were taking the family to Africa so that they could work with Doctors without Borders. The neighbor hadn’t had any idea that they were going to abandon their youngest daughter.

While at the hospital making his rounds, he came to the decision that he and Audrey needed to find a lawyer and go for custody of their granddaughter. So, on his break he contacted their attorney and asked him to start the paperwork.

“Lee, I need your help”, Steve said to his friend.

“What do you need Steve”, Lee asked?

“Can you come and see Audrey and I this evening, we need your legal advice concerning our granddaughter Elizabeth”, Steve said.

“I’ll be over around 7pm”, Steve. “Thanks Lee”, Steve said and then hung up.

Steve knew that everyone that he and his wife knew would support them in this. They all had fallen in love with his little Lizzie when Jeff and Diana had brought her to visit when she was a baby. Despite what her parents had just done, Steve was going to make sure that she knew that she was loved.

Steve went to finish his rounds, and then he went home to prepare for Lee’s visit.

At 7pm right on the dot, Lee arrived and Steve let him in.

“What is going on Steve, and why do you need my advice”; Lee asked him?

“Sit down Lee, and I explain”; Steve said as Audrey came into the room. “She’s down for the night”, Audrey said as she sat down next to her husband.

“At 4 am this morning I had heard a strange noise down here, so I came down to check it out”. “When I opened the front door, I found Lizzie asleep on the bench out there”. “She was alone”. “There was a large suitcase but nothing else”. “We asked her where her parents were, but she couldn’t tell us very much”, Steve said.

“What did she tell you”, Lee asked?

“She said that when she went to bed, she was at home in her bed”. “That she woke when they got her, but her parents didn’t say anything”. “She went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until I woke her when I found her”. “There was no note or explanation”.

“Have you tried to contact Jeff and Diana”, Lee asked?

“The number for their house in Colorado has been disconnected”. “Their neighbor told me that they packed up everything and left for Africa”. “He said that Jeff had not stated that they were going to leave Lizzie anywhere”. “He had assumed that she was going with them, as they took Sarah”.

“Lee, I am at a point of being done”. “They have always shown more love and attention to Sarah then they have to Steven or Lizzie”. “We want to go for custody”. “Obviously they don’t care”, Steve said.

“Have you talked to Steven”, Lee asked?

“I talked to him earlier, he told me that his parents called and told him that they were going to Africa, but they never mentioned Lizzie”. “Him being away at boarding school, there’s not much he can do”. “He told me he asked his dad about her; but they wouldn’t tell him anything”. “I reassured him that Lizzie was safe with us”, Audrey said.

“I will file the papers in the morning”, Steve; we’ll get this settled as soon as possible”.

Lee left them to figure out how to tell Lizzie what was going on. How did you explain to a little girl that her parents had left her, never to return for her?

In the months that followed, the entire town came out to support Steve, Audrey and little Lizzie. They all showed her how loved she was.

Jeff and Diana never bothered to show up, no one could find them. They had private investigators who couldn’t even find them. Steve had told Audrey that if they ever showed, he would ruin them for what they’d done to their daughter.

The judge made his decision; he awarded full and sole custody of Elizabeth Imogene Webber to Steve and Audrey Hardy.

When Elizabeth was 10 years old, Steven moved back to Port Charles with his wife Olivia and his step-son Dante. Steven had wanted to be there to help his grandparents with Liz, but he also felt that he needed to be there for his sister, she was important to him.

6 Years Later:

Elizabeth had asked her grandparents if she could change her last name to Hardy; they said yes, and 3 months later she became Elizabeth Hardy. She said she wanted nothing to do with her parents or their name.

The four musketeers had just left the theater, where they had seen the latest flick. They were headed home and decided to cut through the park.

Four young men appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Liz and Emily, and headed to the other end of the park. Lucky and Nik tried to help but things quickly turned deadly.

As Lucky and Nik were trying to get to Liz and Emily, Lucky was shot several times. Nik was badly beaten. At the other end of the park, the two men who had taken Liz and Emily were having their own fun.

Elizabeth was thrown to the ground, and before she could get away, the man was on top of her. He raped her and the beat her up pretty badly, all while Emily was forced to watch. The one holding Emily told her that she would be next just as some of Sonny’s men found them.

Sonny’s men had heard the gunfire, as well as the girls’ screams for help; and had come to investigate. The 3 guards who found Nik and Lucky called 911 and an ambulance had arrived. Lucky and Nik were rushed to GH.

The other 3 guards, who rushed to where they’d heard the screams come from, arrived to find the bosses sister and his “more than friend”.

They too, called 911 and got an ambulance on its way. They also called Sonny and Jason. The 2 girls were taken to the ER. By the time the four victims reached GH, all of their families were there. They all wanted to know what happened and who was responsible.

While Liz was being treated, Lucky was in surgery, but it wasn’t looking good.

Mac and Taggert arrived to question them.

Nik was able to give some details but not all. He told Mac that he’d smelled beer on the one holding him. He also told them that they’d been acting like they were high.

Emily told them that they were a little older than they were, possibly college students. Liz was unable to give a statement. Alan and Monica told them that Elizabeth was in shock. Her injures included: broken fingers, bruised ribs, cuts as well as the fact that she’d been raped.

Jason was in with her. Steve and Audrey thanked the guards who had found Liz. Yes, they would never approve of what Sonny and Jason did for a living, but they’d always protected their granddaughter.

While Jason and Elizabeth’s family were in with Liz, a doctor had come out and informed the Spencers that Lucky had died on the table. The damage had just been too great.

After they laid Lucky to rest, the Spencer family left town, and they have not returned.

Everyone had agreed to wait to tell Elizabeth that one of her friends was dead. 3 Months after Liz was attack, Steve Hardy died after having a massive heart attack. Everyone mourned the loss of Steve, especially his wife and grandchildren.

Over the course of the next four years, and with the help of their family and friends, the remaining musketeers healed. Nik and Emily were now dating and really close.

Mac and Taggert had found the college student who had killed Lucky, but not the other 3. During the last three years Jason had found the other 3 students involved in the attack. He made sure they were punished and never found.

And Jason and Liz were finally dating. Jason really loved her. Liz loved him too. He’d even proposed, with her family’s blessing; and she’d said yes.
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