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 Chapter One

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PostSubject: Chapter One   Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:36 pm

Chapter 1

Today was Elizabeth’s 19th birthday, and Jason had a lot planned for the day and evening. He, Sonny and Kate had planned a party that was being held tonight at Couture. And He, Sonny, Kate and Liz were having lunch at the No Name.

He was on his way to pickup Liz. He still couldn’t get over the fact that her family had been so accepting of him and Jason, as well as the guards. But he wasn’t about to do anything to rock the boat. He couldn’t lose her.

Elizabeth had spent the morning with her Grams, Steven, Olivia and her son Dante. She was too surprised at her family’s willingness not only to accept Jason and Sonny, but they had accepted when she had moved in with Jason a month before.

Hardy Residence:

“Grams, are you okay”, Liz asked concerned that her grandmother was ill?

“Yes dear, I’m fine”. “You’re all grown up”. “Your grandfather would be proud”, Audrey said.

Grams, I know that what you and grandpa and Steven did for my sake wasn’t easy. And I’ll always love you, Liz told her grandmother.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Grams can you get that, I need to run up to the bathroom real quick”, Liz asked then went upstairs?

“Come in Jason”, Audrey said.

“Thanks Mrs. Hardy”, Jason told her.

“Liz will be right down”, Audrey said.

“Does she have a clue about the party”, Jason asked hoping that Liz had found out about it yet?

“No, she is still out of the loop, and I will see you all at Couture at 7pm”. “I can’t wait to see her surprised”; Audrey said just before Liz came down.

When Liz came back down, she grabbed her coat and told Jason she was ready to leave. The she kissed her grams and told her she would she her later.

After leaving her grandmothers, Jason and Liz headed to the No Name. They were meeting Sonny and Kate. Sonny was treating her to a birthday lunch.

The No Name:

Jason and Liz arrived and went in and sat down with Sonny and Kate. They ordered and enjoyed light conversation. Making sure, not let any clues about that night’s party slip to Liz.

Unbeknownst to the party of four that was enjoying lunch inside, there were people outside awaiting a phone call on how to proceed.

The group who was watching outside, had just gotten a call from the person who’d hired them. They were told to wait until the right time and then do what they were supposed to do.

Inside the No Name:

The two couples were enjoying their lunch, when a group of people walked in. Each of them got a separate table. Kate had just asked Liz if she could come to Couture that evening, she wanted to run an idea by her, so Liz said she’d be there. They finished and ordered dessert.

Their dessert had just arrived, and that’s when it happened. Gunfire erupted in the restaurant. Jason and Sonny got Liz and Kate behind the bar, then went to help the other patrons.

When it was all over, the group who’d walked in was dead. Several other patrons had minor injuries. Sonny ordered the bartender to call 911. Just as Sonny finished, he heard Kate yelling for them from behind the bar.

When they got to them, they found that Kate had been grazed. Then they saw Liz. She had been hit 4 times, and was losing blood. At seeing that, Jason just froze.

Paramedics arrived along with Mac and Taggart. While Mac and Taggart went to ask Sonny and Jason what happened, the medics loaded Kate and sent her to GH. They also quickly loaded Liz, as she was losing blood really fast. They left and radioed ahead that they would need Liz’s blood type ready.

“What happened”, Mac asked?

“We were having a birthday lunch for Liz, when these people walked in”. “At first we didn’t think anything of it, as it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary”. “It’s a restaurant”, Sonny said.

“Then, just as we started our dessert, they started shooting”, Sonny told them.

“Are they enemies that came after you, hitting Liz and Kate by mistake”, Taggart asked?

“No, not as far as we know”. “After Sorel, we have been getting a heads up whenever someone new come to town”, Sonny said.

Mac knew that Sonny had been trying to keep the drugs, guns and violence out of Port Charles. He also knew from rumors that some within the five families, didn’t approve of Sonny stance on the issues.

“We’ll let you know what we find out”, Mac told Sonny. “I know that you and Jason want to get to Liz and Kate, so I won’t keep you”.

Meanwhile at GH:

Bobbie had been working the ER when they got the call about Liz and Kate. When she heard that they’d would need Liz’s blood type, she went to look to see if they had any. She knew that Liz was AB-. If they didn’t have any she would have to put out a call for donors asap.

When she got to the lab, she asked if they had enough AB- blood on hand. She was told no, that they were all out. So she went and called Monica, and told her.

“What are we going to do”, Bobbie asked Monica?

“We will ask all of her family to donate, and then go from there”, Monica said.

Back at the No Name:

“Taggart, let’s get to work, I want to know how is responsible for this”, Mac said.

With that, Sonny and Jason rushed to the ER, to check on Kate and Elizabeth. Sonny wouldn’t admit it, but he really loved Kate, and he knew that Jason loved Elizabeth with everything he had.

One of Sonny’s guards flagged down Mac and Taggart.

“Commissioner, that white van over there, has been there for over 4 hours, and if it had been someone who was inside the restaurant, they would have come out by now”, the guard stated.

So Mac called the station and requested that it be hauled in as evidence. Hopefully with the vehicle, they would get a lead. But what had happened wasn’t sitting well with him.

If Sonny or Jason had been the targets, why would the shooters walk into a crowded restaurant and just start shooting. It just didn’t make sense.


When Kate arrived at the ER, she was taken into a cubicle and examined. They say that she only needed stitches. So a nurse did the stitches. And she was asking about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth arrived 5 minutes later, and she was in bad shape. She had lost a lot of blood, and would need a transfusion during surgery. She was rushed up to surgery immediately.

As Sony and Jason walked in Bobbie was waiting for them. She was looking forward to informing Jason about Liz.

“Sonny, Kate is in cubicle 3, getting stitches”. “She’ll be okay”, Bobbie said.

“What about Elizabeth”, Sonny and Jason asked just as Monica and Alan came in?

“It’s bad son”, Alan said. “First of all she was shot 4 times”. “She going to needs blood transfusions”. “We are going to test all of her friends and family, we can start with you and Sonny”, Alan said to his son.

“I am assuming that Kate will want to donate as well”, Monica said to Sonny.

“I know that she’ll want to, she and Liz are close”, Sonny said.

So Monica sent someone in to set Kate up to donate. Then she and Alan took Sonny and Jason to donate. As the rest of Liz’s family and friends heard, they rushed to GH to help where they could.

When they got back to the surgical waiting room, all of Liz’s family and friends were there. Each of the adults was taking their turn to donate.

Audrey and Steven walked up to Sonny and Jason as they arrived.

“Sonny, thank you for what you did”, Audrey said knowing her granddaughter could be dead right now if not for Sonny and Jason.

“She got hurt Audrey, how was that protecting her”, Sonny asked feeling like he’d failed Elizabeth.

“Sonny, she’s strong”. “She’ll survive this too”, Steven said. “Don’t blame yourself”. “Mac is trying to find out what happened”.

Sometime later, Jason pulled Sonny aside. “I want to buy a house for Liz and I”, Jason told him.

“Well, I am buying a place called Greystone Manor”. “And I know that there is a piece of property next to it with a house”, Sonny told his friend.

“I know that place”, Kate said as she approached the two. “When I first moved here, I’d looked into it, but I felt it was too big for just one person”.

“Jason, why don’t you call Diane, and have her see if it’s for sale”, Sonny told him.

So Jason called Diane. He asked her to look into it, and if it was for sale; to purchase it on his behalf.

An hour later, Jason received a call from Diane saying that he now owned Madison Estate. She also asked him to let Sonny know that he now officially owned Greystone Manor. And with that, Jason and Sonny sent Max, to make sure both properties were secure and to do what he felt needed to be done.
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Chapter One
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