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 Chapter Two

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Chapter 2

When Max got to the property, he asked to be shown around. As he was being shown the two houses, he was told that there was a tunnel between the two properties. At that point Max instantly knew what to do. She immediately went about getting one fence installed around both properties. And then he had two driveways installed. Then he had two separate driveways installed to each home. The guards would be able to direct any visitors to the proper house.

He then called Sonny and Jason, explaining what he’d decided, and they loved his idea. They knew they’d be able to protect their loved ones.

Sonny and Kate had been unable to go and see the house, as they had been told that their blood types matched to Elizabeth, and that they were asked to donate.

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:

Elizabeth had finally been brought to the room that had been arranged for her. Since being brought into the ER, she’d had guards present at all times. Jason hadn’t wanted to take any chances with “his heart”.

About two hours later, Liz was awake and taking 10 minute visits with people. Everyone wanted to see her.

Kate had gone and gotten Michael, Morgan and Joss, so that they could see Liz. Sonny knew that they would need to see her before they would believe that she would be okay. They loved Liz. Once Michael and Morgan saw that she was okay, Kate took them back out to the waiting room.

Steven, Olivia, Dante and Audrey were next. Steven told her that he loved her, and to get better, that she had people pulling for her. Audrey hugged her granddaughter and told her she loved her. Dante made her laugh. Olivia helped her get a drink. The four then went to let the other visit.

Over the course of the next hour, everyone who loved Elizabeth went in to see her; each with their won messages. Those people included:

Mike Corbin, Diane Miller, the Mac Scorpio Family, Taggart, The Drake Family, The Scanlon Family, The Collins Family, The Jacks Family, Nik and Emily, The Quartermaines, Bobbie and Roy, And Robert and Anna.

The Baldwins; as well as Ned, sent flowers. Everyone hoped that Liz knew that she was loved.

One hour later:

Bobbie, Chloe and Olivia had taken the children back to the brownstone. The adults felt that it would be better if the kids were distracted for now. As they were leaving, they ran into Max, who asked where his boss was. He was informed that he was on the fourth floor. And that Elizabeth was awake.

Just as Max arrived on the 4th floor, Monica and Alan walked into the waiting area and told everyone that there was news.

Waiting Room:

The reason that we need to talk to all of you is that something has come t our attention. And it will affect everyone in this room, as well as Elizabeth, Alan said.

“What is it Alan”, Audrey asked?

“When Liz arrived down in the ER, we didn’t have any of her blood type on hand”. “So we had to ask all of you, as well as others in the community to donate”. “As you know Sonny, you and Kate matched”. “But what you don’t know is that it was a perfect match, and that is very rare”, Monica said.

“But that’s not all, the lab tech said that he saw familial links between Elizabeth and you and Kate”, Alan said.

“How is that possible, and what does it mean”, Audrey asked?

“Grams, familial links mean related to”, right Alan?

“Yes, it does”; Alan said.

“How that be, Sonny and Kate aren’t related to Liz”, Audrey said.

“Audrey, do you know if by chance Elizabeth was adopted”, Monica asked her friend?

“No, not that I know of”, Audrey answered.

“Oh my god”, Steven said. “It all suddenly makes sense”.

“What are you talking about Steven”, Audrey demanded?

“When Liz was attacked in the part, I had called dad”. “He’d called me back, acting strange”. “I asked him what was wrong, he started to tell me something but mom stopped him”. “Then she hung up on me”, Steven said.

“What did he say”, Audrey asked starting to wonder about the secrets her stepson was possibly hiding?

His exact words were: Elizabeth was a…………..

“Those indignant, insufferable ingrates”, Audrey said. So that’s why they abandoned her, because she wasn’t theirs, so why worry about her. Just dump her on someone else. They never told Steve or myself that they’d adopted.

“I am going to suggest Sonny, that you and Kate as well as Elizabeth get DNA tests done, just so that you know for sure”, Alan said.

“Oh, Sonny; is it really possible that Elizabeth is our daughter, and she’s been her the entire time”, Kate asked?

“We’ll see about getting the tests done as soon as Liz is awake again to give consent”, Sonny and Kate said together.

While Alan had been talking to Sonny and Kate, Steven had been thinking back to his childhood. Elizabeth was five years younger than Sarah. And none of the puzzle pieces fit.

“Oh my gosh”, Steven said; loud enough to get the entire room’s attention.

“What Steven”, Audrey asked?

“I think I have just solved the Elizabeth puzzle”, he said.

“Explain”, the room asked?

“Okay, you all know that I’m 10 years older than Elizabeth”. “Well I was 5 years old when went to live with mom and dad”. “3 months later, Sarah was born”, Steven explained.

“Well three and half years later, mom found out that she was expecting”. “But she lost the baby at five months”. “I overheard the doctor telling them that mom might not be able to have any more children”, he said.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time”. “Then mom starting have problems; bouts of depression and such”. “Then one night 5 months before they brought Liz home, I overheard them arguing”, Steven said.
“What were they arguing about”, Audrey asked?

“Well dad had told her that they could adopt, and that’s when mom blew a gasket”, he said.

“Mom told him that she would never raise someone else’s brat”, Steven said.

“Then dad asked her about me”, Steven stated.

“She said that I was different, because I was dad’s biological child”.

“I’m now beginning to think that it is entirely possible that mom walked into that hospital in Bensonhurst, flashed her medical credentials, and walked back out with Lizzie”, Steven said.

“How did your father explain Elizabeth to everyone”, Audrey asked?

“Well, mom had been gone for awhile, dad saying that she was covering for a fellow doctor out of state”. “Dad said that she’d been expecting when she left, and that Lizzie was a miracle child”. “I didn’t really believe it because Lizzie looks nothing like mom or dad, and mom had been having major mental problems before she left”, Steven explained.

“I know that she never treated me like she treats Sarah”. “If she and Sarah didn’t have everyone’s attention she would get mad”. “And I am beginning to think that she started to have a mental breakdown after the miscarriage and subsequent diagnosis”.

“She never treated Elizabeth right to begin with, but I think it got worse after everyone fell in love with Lizzie”. “And who wouldn’t fall in love with my beautiful baby sister”, he said.

“She and Sarah really started to hate Lizzie after that”, Steven said.

“Because she and Sarah no longer had everyone’s attention. And Sarah learned that from Diana as well”, Audrey said.

“Sonny, after hearing all of this, as well as seeing some of you and Kate in my Lizzie”; I feel that she is your daughter”. “But I do agree with you, we’ll ask her to take the test”, Audrey said.

An hour later, as they were waiting for Liz to wake, they saw Mac and Taggart step off the elevator and come towards them.

“We have news”, Mac said as the approached the group.

“Sonny, you and Jason weren’t the target”. “You either Miss Howard”, Taggart told them.

“Then who was”, Jason asked?

“It was Liz”, Mac said. “And it wasn’t connected to either of you, that we can find”; he told Sonny and Jason.

“That doesn’t make any sense Mac”, Jason said. “Who would want Liz dead”?

“We will find out Jason”, Mac said. “We’re still combing through evidence”. “We’ll keep you all informed”.

“Well we have some news as well”, Sonny said.

“What kind of news”, Taggart asked?

“Well, Sonny and Kate just found out that Elizabeth is possibly their daughter”, Jason said.

“How is that possible”, Mac asked?

So, Sonny and Kate told their story. Then Steven filled them in on what he knew.

“Well, unfortunately; the statute of limitations has already expired then”, Mac said.

“I wish for Liz’s sake as well as your and Kate’s that it wasn’t”. “You all deserve to see justice done”, Mac said.

“Monica, please let us know when she’s up for questions”, Mac said then he and Taggart left

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Chapter Two
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