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 Chapter Three

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Chapter 3

(The day after the shooting)

PCPD Crime Lab 20:

“How’s it going Walker”, Mac asked as he walked in?

“We’re working on it; it’s a time consuming and slow process though”. “We have tons to sift through”, Walker stated.

“The fingerprints came back to a Franklin Tuggles, Celine Tanner and Tyler Deagan”. “All three have files as thick as a phone book”, Walker told Mac.

“Do any of them have any connection to Elizabeth Webber”, Mac asked?

“No, absolutely none”, Walker said.

“Well keep on it”, Mac said as he left.

Mac just couldn’t figure it out. Who would want to hurt Elizabeth Webber, practically the entire town loved her; his own children included.

He wasn’t about to let this become a cold case. Elizabeth deserved to know who had tried to hurt her.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

Jason and Audrey were both in her room when Liz woke later that night.


“We’re both here dear”, Audrey said as she took her granddaughter’s hand.

“What happened”, Liz asked?

“What do you remember”, Jason asked her?

“I remember being at the No Name with you, Sonny, and Kate. We were having lunch”. “Then someone started shooting”, Liz said.

“Do they know who it was”, Liz asked?

Jason knew that he couldn’t lie to her, as she would notice the up in security.

“What is it”, Liz asked as she looked at both Jason and her Grams questionably?

“Mac gave some us some info”, Jason said. “It wasn’t Sonny and I that they were after”.

“Was Kate the target”, Liz asked? “If so, why would anyone want to hurt Kate”? Liz didn’t want to lose her friend.

“Kate wasn’t the one sweetheart”, Jason told her.

“Oh god, I was the target wasn’t I”; Liz asked not understanding who would want to hurt her?

“Liz, it wasn’t the mob, as far as Sonny, Mac or I can tell”. “This was a person or persons unknown”, Jason said clearly rattled.

“Is there anyone who might hold a grudge against for some unknown reason”, Jason asked cringing even at the thought of that.

“No, why would anyone want me dead, I’m not someone special”; Liz said looking at her hands.

“Elizabeth dear, you are very special”. “And not just to Jason and myself”. “This entire town loves very much”, Audrey told her granddaughter.

“We have some things to tell you”, Audrey said.


“Mother, why are you calling us, you made yourself clear years ago when you took Elizabeth away from us”, Jeff demanded of his step mother?

“Jeffery Webber, don’t you dare use that tone with me”, Audrey said.

“I have some questions to ask, and you had better tell me the truth, or so help me, I will ruin you”; Audrey said to Jeff.

“Elizabeth is not your daughter is she”?

Jeff knew that his step mother really could ruin him, so he told her the truth; “No she isn’t”.

“She isn’t Diana’s either is she”?

“No, she’s not”.

“She wasn’t adopted either, was she”?


“So, Steven has a theory”. “Diana stole Elizabeth from a hospital in Bensonhurst, NY didn’t she”? “And you covered for her”?

“Yes and yes”.

“Goodbye mother, and don’t call us again”. “You have all the answers you will get from me”.

End Flashback

After having that very tense conversation with Jeff, Audrey was furious at he and Diana. And they had gotten away with it criminally anyway.

Preliminary tests were pointing to Elizabeth being Sonny and Kate’s daughter. The only unknown was how Liz would take the news.

“Just tell me grams, I can take it”, Liz said.

“Elizabeth, a little while ago I got off the phone with Jeff”; they hadn’t called him her father in years.

“What I asked him, confirmed some suspicions that your brother had”, Audrey said.

“What suspicions Grams”, Elizabeth demanded?

“You’re not their daughter”, Audrey said.

“How is that possible”, Liz asked?

“Diana stole you out of the hospital in Bensonhurst NY”. “And we think that we know who your real parents are”, Audrey said.

“Who are they, and have they been looking for me”, Liz asked through tears?

“Yes, they have been looking for you”, Jason said. “And they wanted you very much”.

“Who are they”, Liz asked again?

As Elizabeth asked that question, Jason opened the door and asked the 3 people outside if they’d come in. Jason just hoped that when she found out whom her parents were, that she wouldn’t be too shocked.

As it was, Sonny had been carrying around a lot of hurt, anger and guilt. Especially after remembering that Liz had been attacked in the park years earlier, he hadn’t been able to protect her then.

Elizabeth was still confused as Jason came back to stand next to her as Sonny, Kate and Steven entered the room. Liz could tell that Kate had been crying.

“Grams, what are …………..” Liz started to say before it finally hit her like a mack truck. And she just didn’t know what to say.

“I know that this is quite a shock Lizzie”, Steven said, “but we’ll explain”.

“First off, know that we all love you very much, and that’s not going to change”, Steven said as he hugged her.

As Sonny and Kate recounted what had happened, Liz felt ill; but once Steven started on what he knew, Liz needed to hurl.

“I believe you, all three of you”, Liz told the group. “I want to take a DNA test, I want to know”.

“What about us”, Liz asked Steven? She was scared that now that it was all out that she would lose him.

“As far as I’m concerned Lizzie, you’ll always be my sister”. “That’s not going to change”, Steven stated.

“The same goes for me dear”, Audrey said. “You’ll always be my granddaughter”.


“Mac”, Walker said?

“We’re not getting anything from the emails”. “Whoever hired these guys had tech help”. “The email bounced all over the world and back again”.

“Okay, get me whatever evidence you can”. “The victim deserves to have justice served”, Mac said as Taggart walked into the office.

After Walker left Mac said: “I am still trying to comprehend the news about Elizabeth being Sonny and Kate’s daughter”.

“I know, but it would explain Jeff and Diana abandoning her at Steve and Audrey’s”. “The only thing I don’t get is how Jeff could let what happened, happen”?

“And Diana Webber can’t even be tried for what she did”. “Because the statutes have expired a long time ago”, Mac said.

“So now because of that; Sonny, Kate and Liz will never have closure about this”, Taggart said. “Even they didn’t deserve to have to have their child taken from them”.

GH Cafeteria:

Alexis, Roy, Robert and Anna were sitting at a table still pondering the news of Elizabeth quite possibly being Sonny’s daughter. None of the four could believe then news that everyone had been told.

“I still can’t believe that Liz is Sonny’s daughter”, Roy said.

“And that she’s been here the whole time”, Alexis stated.

“I can only imagine the pain Sonny and Kate went through, not knowing where their daughter was”, Anna said.

“And what about Elizabeth as well”, Robert said.

“All that she went through and to find out that Jeff and Diana aren’t even her real parents”. “I would love to get a hold of their arse and teach them a thing or two”, Robert declared.

“I just hope that she’ll be able to deal with it”, Alexis said.

Elizabeth’s Hospital Room:

“Elizabeth, I know it isn’t going to be easy for us to get past”, Sonny said; “but I hope that we can”.

“Sonny, I loved you before I knew that you were my father; you too Kate, this just makes it better”, Liz said smiling.

“Oh boy”, Liz said excitedly. “I have 3 new brothers and a baby sister”, she said. “WOW”!

“Do they know”, Liz asked?

“No, not yet”. “We thought that we would wait until we get the test results, unless you want me to tell them”, Sonny asked?

“Can I think about it”, Liz asked?

“Yes, we’ll wait to tell them until you’re okay with it”, Kate said.

“Mom, I am sorry for what the Webbers did to you and dad”. “I am so angry with them”. “And I never want to see any of them again, aside from Grams and Steven”, Liz vocalized.

Sonny and Kate started to tear up when they heard they’re daughter call them mom and dad.

“It’s not your fault baby, you were an innocent victim in this”, Kate said.
“I had better call your grandpa, he’s going to be thrilled”, Sonny said as he dialed Mike’s number.

I kind of tired, Liz said through droopy eyes; I think I sleep for a while, please nobody leave; Liz asked as she fell asleep.

We’ll all be here when you wake up sweetheart, Jason said not intending to leave Elizabeth’s side.

4th Floor Waiting Room:

As everyone waited for updates about Liz were sitting in the waiting area, they couldn’t help but talk amongst themselves about the bombshells that had been dropped on all of them.

Did any of you know that Sonny had a daughter, other than Joss that is, Patrick asked they’re little group?

I did, Robin said. But I had no idea that Elizabeth was that child. And to know now, I can’t begin to imagine what Sonny, Kate, Jason, Liz, Steve and Audrey are going through right at this moment.

It can’t be easy, finding out that the people you’ve known as your parents all these years, are really strangers; and that they stole you from your parents, Karen said. I feel for Elizabeth.

And then to know that Diana and Jeff will never face criminal charges for what they did, Frank stated.

Outside Liz’s Room:

Sonny was out in the hall waiting for his father. We was glad that they’d put all the anger and animosity behind them. They had a good relationship now, completely thanks to his newly found daughter.

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Chapter Three
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