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 Chapter Four

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PostSubject: Chapter Four   Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:29 pm

Chapter 4

GH Cafeteria:

Should we be worried about Elizabeth’s mental state once she’s told everything, Jax asked Kevin?

No, Kevin said. I think that she’s better equipped now, then she would have been a few years ago.

It also will help her, as she already has good relationships with Sonny and Kate, Lucy said.

I know Steven and Audrey very well, this won’t change how they feel about Elizabeth, Jax said.

It certainly changes a lot of dynamics, Lucy said. I never understood her relationship with Sonny at first, but maybe her heart was leading her home.

And now to think that she has 4 more siblings to love, Jax said with a smile.

4th Floor Waiting Room:

We will all need to be extra supportive of our Elizabeth, Lila said. She’ll need us all to get through this.

Our girl is tough, grandmother, Emily said. And she does have all of us, and she knows that.

And it makes sense as to why the Webbers didn’t return when Audrey and Steve went for custody, or when we were attacked, Nik said.

I feel for Lizzie, AJ said. All these years she’s wondered why her parents would abandon her. And now to find out that they’re not even her parents.

I was adopted, and what the Webbers did; give adoption a very bad name, McKenzie said.

They have safeguards in place now, but back then it happened quite often, Anna said. And quite a few got away with it, because it wasn’t reported.

London to a brick, Sonny and Jason make Jeff and Diana pay, Robert said. Jason loves our girl, and Sony is her father. They’ll pay for hurting our girl.

GH Cafeteria:

Who would want Elizabeth dead, Alexis quietly asked Roy?

I’m unsure Alexis, but I can guarantee that Sonny and Jason will find out, Roy said. And she’ll need more guards now.

Well, I know Jason won’t let it go, Alexis said. He loves Elizabeth, and they’re planning on getting married.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

How is she, Mike asked his son?

She’ll be here for a while, but they say she’ll make a full recovery, Sonny said.

That isn’t the reason that I asked you to come over dad, Sonny said.

We got some news while waiting for Liz to come out of surgery. Dad, she’s my daughter, Sonny said.

What………… how, Mike asked stunned?

Well it will be confirmed with DNA test, but everything fits. She’s our daughter, Sonny said.

I’m happy for you and Kate; I know how not knowing where she was affected both of you, Mike said.

Has Elizabeth been told, Mike asked?

Yeah, we told her a little while ago, and then I called you. Would you like to see your granddaughter, Sonny asked?

Yes, I would; Mike answered.

Elizabeth, Sonny asked as he opened the door to her room, would you be up for a visit from your grandfather, he asked?

Yes, I would like to see him, Liz said. She had finally accepted that what her grams, Steven Kate and Sonny had told her was true. And it made sense.

It has started to sink in a little before her dad had come back into the room that: she had two parents who loved her, 3 new brothers who would protect her and love her and a new baby sister.

As Mike eased into the room, he heard; hi grandpa. And Mike was suddenly and happily at a loss as what to say.

After a few awkward moments Elizabeth said, it is okay if I call you that isn’t it?

It’s more than okay, Mike said with a grin.

Dad, I’ve made up my mind. Can you go and tell Michael, Morgan and Dante about me, Elizabeth asked? I want my family.

Yes, sweetheart, I will go and tell Michael and Morgan first. Then I will go to the station and tell Dante. He went back to the station while you were still in surgery. He is going to be floored by the news, Sonny said.

Dad, can you tell them that I love them, Liz asked?

Yes, I will honey. Now don’t visit to long. You just got out of surgery and you need your rest, Sonny said and then went to inform his children about they’re sister.

Sonny knew that Dante would become overly protective of his younger sister. Sonny knew that Dante had taken the news of his baby sister’s kidnapping very hard. Sonny also knew that once Dante had become a cop that he’d continued to look for his sister. All of his children were that way, loyal to each other to a fault.


All the kids had just finished eating lunch when Sonny walked in. When the kids saw him, they immediately started asking questions about Liz.

“She will be fine guys”, Sonny told the kids. “She’ll be in the hospital for a while, but she’s going to be fine”.

“Bobbie, I’m going to take Michael and Morgan out back”. “I need to talk to them for a couple of minutes”, Sonny told her.

Once out in the backyard, Sonny said:

“Michael, Morgan; I have something important to tell you”, Sonny said.

“What is it dad”, Michael asked?

“Remember when I told you about your older sister”, Sonny asked?

“You mean our sister that was taken as a baby”, Morgan asked; wise for his age?

“Yes”, Sonny said.

“We found her”, Sonny said; waiting for the questions that he knew would come.

“Who is she and where”, Michael asked?

“You two have already met her”, their father told them.

“It’s Elizabeth”, he said.

“How is that possible dad”, Michael asked?

“Well, it’s kind of complicated, but later this week I’ll sit down with you and explain it okay”, Sonny asked?

“Okay dad”, both boys said.

“I have a message from Liz for the both of you”, Sonny said. “She said to tell you that she loves you very much”.

“Now, I need to go and tell Dante, you guys be good for Grandma Bobbie”, he said and went to tell his oldest son.


Dante had been sitting at his desk going over paperwork on a case when his father walked in.

“What’s going on dad”, Dante asked; knowing that his dad didn’t like to come into the PD?

“I have some news about your sister”, Sonny said.

“What’s wrong with Joss”, Dante asked not getting the reference?

“This is not about Joss”, Dante. “This is about your other sister”, Sonny told his son.

“What dad”, Dante asked stunned?

“We found her, and she here in Port Charles”. “You may want to sit down for this”, Sonny stated.

“Your sister is in fact Elizabeth Webber”, Sonny said.

Dante looked at his dad, ready to tell him that what he’d just said was not funny at all; but the look on Sonny’s face was a serious one. He hadn’t been joking.

“Y-Y-Y- You found her”, Dante asked as the news finally sunk in?

“Yes we have, and she wanted me to tell you that she loves you”, Sonny said.

“How”, Dante asked?

“We’ll all sit down once Liz is out of the hospital and explain it to all of you kids okay”, Sonny asked?

“Are you going to be okay”, Sonny asked his son?

“Yeah, I’ll be okay”, Dante said. “Tell Liz that I’ll be by to see her soon, and that I love her too”.

“I’m going to head back to the hospital”. “I’ll give Liz your message”, Sonny said and then headed out.

Mac’s Office:

“Boss, I need to talk to you about something”, Dante said.

“What is it Dante”, Mac asked as he motioned him into the office?

“I wanted to let you know that if you were to assign me to the Webber shooting; that I would have to decline”, Dante told Mac.

“Why”, Taggart asked as he was talking with Mac when Dante arrived?

“Because, it would be a conflict of interest seeing as I‘m Sonny’s son and I just found out that Elizabeth is my sister; so needless to say, it would hurt the case if I was a part of the investigation”, Dante stated matter-of-factly.

I understand Dante, Mac said. I would put you or this department in that position.

Undisclosed Location:

“What do you mean she survived”?

“I mean that she’s alive, and under guard at the hospital”.

“She was supposed to be dead; I won’t get what I want unless she’s dead”!

“Can’t you carry out a simple task of killing someone”?


“You go back and do what I hired you to do and do it NOW”, and the line went dead.

“The only sure way to get what I want; is to make sure that Elizabeth Webber is dead and buried”.

Port Charles, NY

Next day (2 days after the shooting):

“Why did Steve and I not see this Gail, and how could Jeff be capable of this”, Audrey asked her friend over the phone?

“I don’t know Audrey”, Gail said.

“Do you want Lee and I to fly out”, Gail asked?

“No, I think we’re okay, I am just trying to understand why Steve’s son would let her do this, and then cover for her and defend her actions”, Audrey said.

“Sonny and Kate had their child taken and kept from them for 19 years”. “And they’ll never get justice for that”. “Neither will Elizabeth”, Audrey stated angrily.

“You may want to suggest to them about talking to an attorney about possibly filing a civil suit”, Lee suggested as he had come into the room and had heard Gail’s end of the conversation.

“Would that even be possible Lee, given the years that have gone by since”, Audrey asked?

“Audrey, if you know where Jeff and Diana are, and it is what Sonny, Kate, and Liz wants to do; then yes, it is possible”. He and Gail had been on speaker.

“They might not win, but Liz would be able to face them in open court”. “And that might be intimidating enough”, Lee said.

“Thanks Lee, Gail”, Audrey said. “I’m going to let you go, I want to get back to Liz”.

“Tell her that we love her”, Gail said then Lee and Gail ended the call.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

As Audrey arrived on the 4th floor, she noticed Sonny and Kate standing outside of Liz’s room.

“Good morning you two”, Audrey said as she approached.

“Good morning to you too Audrey”, the couple said.

“How is our girl this morning”, Audrey asked?

“Jason said that she had a good night, he was with her all night”. “He had Milo bring her some breakfast from Kelly’s”. “As we all know that she doesn’t like hospital food”, Kate said.

“I was wondering if I might speak to the two of you for a few minutes, if I may”; Audrey asked?

“Of course”, Sonny said.

“I’m not sure what your plans are but, I feel that for Elizabeth’s sake; that if you’re going to get all the answers, you might want to try and file a civil suit against Jeff and Diana”. “The only reason I would suggest it is that the 3 of you deserve some sort of closure”, Audrey said. “I will support you however I can”.

Webber Residence:

“Steven, how are you doing with all of this”, Olivia asked her husband?

“I’m livid about the fact that my father helped Diana by lying for her”. “And because it happened 19 years ago, Diana will never face charges”, Steven said.

“How about the fact that Elizabeth is Sonny’s daughter”, she asked?

“I have nothing against Sonny; the man”. “And about him and Lizzie, I know that he loves her and will protect her”, Steven stated.

“And we both know that they’ll both treat Elizabeth like a princess”, Olivia said. “Not to mention my Aunt Alex and grandfather will spoil her rotten”.

“How Dante dealing”, Steven asked?

“He’s doing okay”, Olivia said. “I think that once he can see her, and talk to her, then he’ll better be able to accept all of it”.

“What about you”, Steven asked?

“I am happy for Kate, she was very despondent after Melly, ( that’s the nickname that we gave Melanie) was taken”. “And no one had any answers, and my uncle did really help, by doing what he did”, Olivia said.

“I know that she and Sonny, nor my aunt or grandfather gave up looking for her”, Olivia said. “I also know that Dante didn’t either”.

Corbin Residence:

Mike had come home last night, and had taken out his old photo albums; looking through them, he thought to himself:

Elizabeth looks so much like her grandmother Adele, how could anyone not know, he thought. The Webbers had better hope they don’t have a run-in with me. How they treated my grandbaby is reprehensible and appalling.

Miller/Gambetti Residence:

“Max, how is our boss doing with the news”, Diane asked?

“He’s doing better than I thought he would”, Max stated. “We all knew about their little girl, but we all came to accept like they did, that they’d never know what had happened to her”.

“But now that they know that Elizabeth is their little girl, and what the Webbers did; aside from Steve, Steven and Audrey did to her, it isn’t going to be easy to get past”, Diane said.

Scorpio/Davis Residence:

“Dad, how is Elizabeth”, Maxie and Georgie asked?

They were all sitting at the table having breakfast. Mac and Alexis hadn’t told the girls that Liz was Sonny’s daughter yet. Mac thought that they would leave up to Elizabeth, if she wanted them to know all of it.

“She’s doing okay”, Mac said. “She’ll be in the hospital for a while, but she’s going to be okay”.

“I’ll take you to see her later today okay”, Alexis said. She wanted to Elizabeth as well.

Scorpio/Drake Residence:

“Patrick, is Liz really going to be alright”, Robin asked her husband?

“Yeah, we got all the bullets out, and there wasn’t any major damage”. “She should be able to go home in a week”, Patrick said.

“I’m happy for Sonny”. “I know how not knowing where his little girl was torn him up inside”, Robin said.

“And then when Carly tried to take the kids, he nearly lost it, now I understand better”, Robin stated.

Scanlon Residence:

“How was Liz last night Karen”, Frank asked. He knew that Karen had checked on her last night before coming home?

“When I stopped in she was okay, she’s upset about what the Webbers’ did”. “She told me that if they were to ever show up, they’d better not come to see her”, Karen said.

“It’s too bad that the Webbers can’t be prosecuted”, Frank said.

“I don’t think that’s going to stop Sonny or Jason”, Karen said.

“I’m going to take the kids and go see her later”, Karen said.

“Well, tell her that I send my love”, Frank said and then headed off to work.

Collins Residence:

“Dad, can we go see Elizabeth”, Serena asked?

“Yes, we’ll go and see her this afternoon”, Kevin told his stepdaughter.

“Mom, are you coming too”, she asked Lucy?

“Yes, I will”, Lucy said. “We’ll take her some flowers”. Lucy had always liked Elizabeth. Ever since she had started helping with the Nurse’s Ball. Elizabeth had a lot of talent.

Chechnya, Russia:

Jeff Webber was afraid. He knew who Elizabeth was seeing and who she was friends with. Despite his wife’s hatred of their daughter; he’d had someone who kept him up to date with her life.

After the conversation with his stepmother, he didn’t have any illusions about his or his wife’s safety. He knew that he was as guilty as Diana was. He’d lied for her as well as covering up what she’d done.

And now it may very well cost him his life. He wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of this one. Not only had he aided and abetted a kidnapper; they’d raised the kidnapped child.

But they had not loved her like they should have. Instead they had neglected her, they had abandoned her.

Jeff knew as he looked across the room at his wife, it was only a matter of time. And he would not run.

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Chapter Four
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