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 Chapter Five

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PostSubject: Chapter Five   Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:08 am

Chapter 5

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

“Diane, Sonny here, I need to meet with you”.  “Can you come to the hospital”?

“I’ll be there in an hour”, Diane said then ended the call.

“Max, I have a job for you and Spinelli”, Sonny said.  “Both of you need to get down here now”, Sonny said into the phone.

“I’ll get Spinelli, and we’ll be there in 20”, Max said.

Corinthos/Morgan Coffee Warehouse and Spinelli’s Apartment:

So Max called their young hacker, and told him that he’d pick him up in 10.  Max had a feeling of what his boss wanted of them.  Max arrived at Spinelli’s in record time and went up to wait for him.  

“Max, what does Mr. Sir need with us”, Spinelli asked?

“I think that he wants us to find out where the Webbers are and if there was anyone else involved in Elizabeth’s Kidnapping and the conspiracy to keep her hidden from him and Kate”, Max stated.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

“What was that about Sonny”, Jason and Kate asked as they came out of Liz’s room?

“Audrey’s right”.  “The only way for you and I, as well as Elizabeth; to get answers from the Webbers, is to file a civil suit”, Sonny said.

“We’re here boss”, Max said as he and Spinelli approached.

“Max, find Jeff and Diana Webber”.  “I also want to know if anyone else was involved”.  “I don’t think that they could have kept her hidden all this time without help”.  “Here is all the info that Audrey had”, Sonny ordered.  “Once the Webbers are located, give the info to Diane”.

“What do you need Sonny”, Diane asked as she arrived?

“I want you to file a civil suit against the Webbers on our behalf”, Sonny said.

“I’ll get right on that, get their location as soon as you can Max, Diane said as she left to go back to her office to start on the paperwork”.  She was planning on having fun kicking the Webbers collective asses.

As she stepped on the elevation she stated to no one in particular:  “This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!”

Jacks Residence:

“Jax, who would want to hurt Liz”, Chloe asked?

“I’m not sure honey”, Jax said.

“Do you know how she’s doing with the news about Sonny and Kate”, Chloe asked?

“When I stopped by last night, Jason said that she took it really well”, Jax said.  “I think that Jason wants to kill the Webbers”.

“Well, I may not condone killing or the like, but after what the Webbers did; they kind of deserve it”, Chole said.

Spoon Island:

“Nik, why do you think that Jeff Webber really covered for his wife”, Emily asked?  “Could Jeff have known who Liz was when Diana brought her home”?

“Even if he had Em, what did he have to gain by it”?  “As far as I know, he has never met either Sonny or Kate”, Nik said.  “But Yet again I could be wrong”.

Em didn’t say more but she would bring it up to Jason when she went to see Liz while Nik was in his meetings.

Because, if the was a remote chance that Jeff knew about who Elizabeth was when Diana brought her into their home, then Jason needed to know and find out the truth.  Not just for Sonny and Kate, but Liz had a right to know why.


“Reginald, will you bring the car around; I want to go and check on Elizabeth”, Lila asked as her husband walked into the room?

“I’ll be accompanying her Reginald”, Edward said as he sat down to have his morning coffee.

“Edward dear, before we go see Liz, let’s stop by and peek in on Alan and Monica”, Lila said.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

“Jason”, Liz asked?

“Honey, what is it”, Jason asked lovingly?

“Is mom still here”, Liz asked not seeing Kate in the room?

“Yes, she’s outside with your dad”, he said.  He was still getting used to the fact that his girl was Sonny’s daughter.

“I need to speak to them Jason”, Elizabeth said.

“I’ll tell them”, Jason said; then he opened the door and asked Paulie to get Sonny and Kate.

“What do you need honey”, Kate said as she and Sonny came back into the room?

“I need to know why”, Liz said.  “I need answers as to why she picked me, and why Jeff covered for her”.

“Elizabeth honey”, Sonny said; “I am already having it looked into.  I knew that you deserved answers and so do your mother and I, and we will find out”.

“I want to tell you something that I have asked Diane to start; I am going to have Diane file a civil suit on our behalf”, Sony said, hoping that his daughter wouldn’t be upset.

“Good”, Liz said.  “It’s probably the only way they’ll admit it”.  

Chief of Staff’s Office:

“Monica, I don’t understand”.  “Why would Jeff Webber, a world renowned doctor, cover up what his wife did”?  “He’d have known that if he was caught, that he’d lose his right to practice”.  “Even if it only came out at a civil suit hearing, he’d still lose his license”, Alan said.

“I’ve been wondering about that as well”, Monica said.   “I hope that Elizabeth gets an answer to that”.  “I heard that Sonny is having Diane file a suit on their behalf, as soon as they can find Jeff, that is”.

Q Gatehouse:

“I feel for Liz”, McKenzie said.  “I was adopted, but mine was legal”.  “I hope they’re able to get through this”.

“We’ll all be there to help honey”, AJ told his wife.  “She has all of us for support”.

Robert Scorpio Residence:

“Luv, I’m going to look into how Diana got Elizabeth out of that hospital, as well as how they got a birth certificate for her”, Robert told Anna.

“That alone should have sent up a red flag Robert”, Anna said.

“I’m willing to say; that London to a brick, that they had help, which means; that would make Jeff complicit in the crime”, Robert stated.

“Robert, I just don’t know who would help them do this, and what would that person gain by doing it”, Anna asked?

“It could be someone who knew that Elizabeth was Sonny’s daughter, and wanted to hurt him”, Robert said.

“But Robert, back then Sonny wasn’t even in the business, whoever it was wouldn’t have had an in”, Anna stated.

“Well, we’ll still look into it”, Robert stated as he walked down the hall to his home office to call his contacts at the WSB.  

As Anna walked out the door to head off to the hospital Robert said, “Hooroo Luv” (goodbye in Australian slang).

DiLucca Residence:

“Bobbie, how is Elizabeth”, Roy asked his wife?

“She’s doing okay”.  “She’s dealing with all of the info that she’s been told”, Bobbie said.

“Mom, why would someone do that to a child”, Lucas asked?

“I’m not sure Lucas”, Bobbie said.  “Now off to school with you”, she said to her teen-aged son, as he headed out the door.

“Roy, I’ve been thinking”.  “Is it possible that this could be connected to Sonny’s past”, Bobbie asked?

“I’m not sure honey, but it might be something to ask Sonny about”, Roy said.

“How bout you and I track him down and ask”, Roy said as he and Bobbie headed out the door?

Chechnya, Russia:

“Diana had just returned from the clinic when she saw her husband deep in thought”.  He had been very quiet since the call from the states he’d told her about.

“Jeff, is something wrong”, she asked?

“Diana, I want you to tell me everything that you know and did before and up to when you brought Elizabeth home, NOW”!

“Why”, Diana asked?

Because I am in this up to my neck because I helped you, so I have right to know, Jeff stated flatly.

“JUST TELL ME!”, he demanded.
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Chapter Five
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