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 Chapter Seven

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Chapter 7

Elizabeth’s Hospital Room

Jason and Liz had slept as well as could be expected considering Elizabeth’s injuries and the hospital noise.  As expected Liz had woken a few times during the night from nightmares.  He had held her throughout the night.  During those times in between the nightmares, Liz would tell Jason about Brennan and their friendship.

“Good morning”, Liz said as she slowly woke.

“Morning to you too”, Jason said kissing her forehead.

“Jason, Mike is here; is it okay to let him in”, Francis asked?

“It’s okay Francis, you can let him in”, Jason said as he helped Elizabeth get comfortable.

“I come bearing hot chocolate and coffee”, Mike said as he entered the hospital room.

“Morning grandpa”, Liz said with a smile.

“Good morning to you too sweetheart”, Mike said.

At that moment, Francis stepped into the room announcing:

“We have a problem; you’d better turn the TV on to the local news”:

“Tally Atwater here live outside the PCPD”.

“We have received info from an unknown source, stating that days ago there was a shooting at the Famous No Name restaurant owned by Sonny Corinthos”.

“My source stated that 2 people were injured and 4 are dead”.

“Who are the victims Tally”, asked the anchor in the studio?

“The names of the four killed are being withheld until the families can be notified”, Tally stated.

“And the other two”, the anchor asked?

“One of the victims is reportedly fashion magazine editor Kate Howard”, Tally informed the anchor.

“Who is the other victim”, the anchor asked?

“The second victim injured is the great granddaughter of Steve and Audrey Hardy; the name we were given is Elizabeth Hardy”, Tally said.

“As you may all know, Kate Howard is engaged to Sonny Corinthos”, the anchorman said.

“Have you been informed Tally as to Miss Hardy’s reasons for being present at the restaurant”?

“I was told by my source that she was at the restaurant with her fiancé’, Jason Morgan”.  “They were celebrating Miss Hardy’s 19th birthday”, Tally stated.

“Do the police know who the intended target was”, the anchorman asked?

“If they do they’re not saying”, Tally informed him.

“We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available”, Tally said and faded out.

All three in the hospital room were in shock as the rest of the news continued.  Jason wasn’t sure who Tally’s source was, but knew that it wasn’t Mac or Taggart.  They wouldn’t do that to Elizabeth.  Just as Jason turned off the TV, Mac and Taggart came in.

“It wasn’t us Morgan”, Taggart said walking in.

“I know that Taggart”, Jason said.  “You and Mac wouldn’t do that to Elizabeth”.

“How’d they find out Elizabeth’s name”, Mike asked?

“We’re not sure, but I will get to the bottom of the leak”, Mac said.

“How are you feeling Elizabeth”, Mac asked?

“I’ll be okay”, Liz said.  “Do you have any leads”?

Mac and Taggart informed the trio about what they knew, which wasn’t much.

“I’m sorry that we don’t have more to go on”, Taggart said pissed that he couldn’t give Elizabeth even that peace of mind.

It’s not your fault, Liz said.

Mac and Taggart left shortly after that, saying they would keep them informed.

Quantico, Virginia & Chechnya, Russia:


“I’ll be there as quick as my team and I can get there”, Gibbs said.

“Thanks Jethro, I’ll waiting”, Jeff said ending the call.

Chechnya, Russia:

Jeff knew that once Gunny found out everything, he’d lose one of his oldest friends.  He’d have no one else to blame but himself.

Jethro was Elizabeth’s godfather.  And his daughter and Lizzie used to play together.  That was another secret on his conscience.  He’d never informed Elizabeth about Kelly or Shannon’s deaths.

But despite all that, Jeff knew that Gunny would protect Elizabeth, from everyone including him.

He then went to make sure that his wife was still sedated, and then went and packed for both of them.  He knew very well that Gunny would take him and Diana into custody return them to the states.  Once done packing he sat down to wait for Gibbs and his team.


Gibbs knew that he needed to get the go ahead from Tom to take his team into Russia.  It would be treading on very shaky ground.  After hanging up with Jeff, he had a feeling that he’d need his team for this trip.

Director Tom Morrow’s Office:

“Boss, can I speak to you”, Gibb requested?

“Of course Jethro”, Director Morrow said.

“I need to go to Chechnya, Russia for personal reasons; and I am requesting permission to take my team; even thought this a personal trip”, Gibb said knowing that Tom would ask why.

“I have an old friend who’s in some trouble and needs my help.  And I may need my team”, Gibbs said.

Go, Morrow said.  And be careful.  Tom knew that Gibbs wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.

I’ll call if I need more than my team, Gibbs said leaving the office.

NCIS Bullpen:

“Kate, Tony, David, McGee with me”, Gibbs said as he grabbed his gear and headed for the elevator.

“Where to Gibbs”, Kate Todd asked?

“Chechnya, Russia”; Gibbs stated.

Port Charles, NY:

Elizabeth was trying to sleep, but thoughts of the day kept replaying in her head.

All of her favorite charges had come to see her, bearing gifts.  She truly adored those kids.

She simply had been overwhelmed by all of it.  Not only had she had visits from the kids; but she had other visitors as well.

Of course Jason was a constant presence, as well as that of her parents, Grams, Grandma Alex, Steven, Gr. Grandpa Harrison and Grandpa Mike.

Diane and Max had dropped by bringing flowers and chocolate.  Max and Diane stayed for a while and chatted with everyone.

Steven, Patrick, Frank and Jax had stopped by bringing their laughter and good company.

Steven told her just to stay stress free so that she could heal.

The 4 men told her they loved her and that they would see her later.

Ned had sent flowers as well as calling to talk to both her and Jason.

Nik and Emily had come by, bearing chocolate and flowers.  They stayed for a while and then headed home.

Right after Nik and Em left, Edward and Lila had arrived.  Lila brought roses from her garden.  While she and Lila talked; Edward had pulled Jason aside.

“Jason, I wanted to let you know that no information about this will be leaked to the press from us”, he told his grandson.

I know grandfather, Jason had told him.

After Edward and Lila left, Alan and Monica popped in.  They didn’t stay very long, but told Jason that if he or Liz needed anything; to page them.

Next to visit had been Robert and Anna.  Liz would never forget that conversation:

“How ya doin Ace”, Robert asked Liz?

“I’ll be okay”, Liz said.

“We have some news”, Anna said.

“First of all”, Robert said;  “Jeff Webber is very up oneself”!

“I did some checking, I know where the Webbers were up until six years ago”, Robert said.  “After that it’s like Walkabout, its gone”.

“And I found out that the birth certificate the Webbers were issued for you was a fake”, Anna said.

“We’re looking into finding some loophole in the kidnapping statute, so it’s possible that Diane; as well as Jeff could face kidnapping charges”, Robert told Liz and Jason.

“Thank you”, Elizabeth told Robert and Anna.

After Robert and Anna left, Jason had told Liz that Spinelli was really close to finding an exact location for the Webbers, so that Diane could file the suit.

Roy had called and talked to Liz, letting her know that he was thinking of her.


“Mac”, Taggart said as he walked into the room?

“We found out part of where the leak came from”, Taggart told Mac.

“Where”, Mac asked?

“It wasn’t from us”.  “The station told us, after they saw the warrant; that it was an anonymous call”.  “All the caller told them was: where it happened, when it happened and the vics names”, Taggart said.

“Whoever that caller was, I have a feeling that he or she was either there; or quite possibly a part of those hired to do it”, Mac said.

“And if the latter is the case, they would know by now that they’d failed”.  “Which leads me to think, that they might try again”, Taggart stated.

“I’ll let Jason know so that they can be on the alert”, Mac said.

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Chapter Seven
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