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 Chapter Eight

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PostSubject: Chapter Eight   Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:31 pm

Chapter 8

Enroute to Chechnya, Russia:

“Where are we headed Gibbs”, Kate asked?

“We are going to Chechnya”, Gibbs told his team; even though he’d told them that before they’d left.

“Why”, DiNozzo asked?

“To help out an old friend”, Gibbs said.

“So basically we are going on one of Gibbs’ personal crusades”, Tony said.

That comment got Tony a slap on the back of the head from Gibbs.

“This is not one of my crusades”, Gibbs said with a lethal glare at Tony.

“An old friend called asking for my help”.  “And he quite possibly could use the help of NCIS”, Jethro stated.

“So what’s your friend’s name”, Ziva asked?

“His name is Dr. Jeff Webber”, Gibbs said.

“How’d you meet”, McGee asked?

“He was a medic while I was in the corps”, Gibbs said.  “We became friends”.

“So basically he called in a favor”, Kate said.

“No, and Yes”, Gibbs said.  “I am still unsure what is up, but my gut says that something is wrong”.

“Okay, here’s what you need to know”, Leroy said.

“Jeff Webber is a doctor with a group called “Doctors without Borders””.  “He is married to Doctor Diana Webber, also a doctor with Drs. Without Borders”.  “They have 3 children: Steven, Sarah and Elizabeth”.

“Gibbs, is it possible that Jeff calling; could have something to do with one of their children”, Kate asked?

“All 3 of the children would be out of high school by now”, Gibbs stated.

“Let’s see”, Gibbs said.  “Steven would be a doctor by now;  Sarah too, quite possibly, Elizabeth would be 18 or 19 now”, he said.

“Elizabeth and Kelly were inseparable”, Gibbs said remembering Kelly and Liz.

Port Charles:


While Jason and Liz were trying to sleep, the couple and the guards were unaware of the man lurking in the shadows waiting to make his move.  An hour later, the unknown man saw his chance.

Meanwhile,  Jason had woken up with a sense of dread, and with that he’d gone into the bathroom to make a call.

As Jason was silently returning from making his call, he saw a dark figure standing over Elizabeth, holding a gun to her head.

He then heard the figure say to Liz that “she had to die”.

The second he heard Liz whimper, Jason instantly sprung into action.

Before the man could finish what he’d come to do, Jason had subdued him, as hospital security and Francis arrived.

Mac and Taggart arrived within minutes, neither believing that they would try again while Liz was still in the hospital.

“How is she”, Mac asked as the assailant was arrested and Alan rushed into the room?

“He was alone with her for about a minute, he was bragging about the fact that she had to die”, Jason said.

“He probably won’t talk but we’ll see what we can get out of him”, Taggart told Jason and Liz.

Jason then returned to Liz.  “Are you okay Elizabeth”, Jason asked as he held her?

“I’m okay, I just can’t understand why this is happening”, Liz answered.

“Don’t be scared, we’ll find out everything and it’ll be over”, Jason said.


“Boss”, Taggart said as he walked into Mac’s office?

“The serial number was filed off the gun”.  “We didn’t get anything from that”.

“Terry in ballistics is working on it but he said not to get our hopes up”, Taggart said.

“What about fingerprints”?  “Anything on that end”, Mac asked anxious for answers?

Somewhere in Port Charles:

“We failed again boys”.  “The boss isn’t going to be happy”.  

“And the stupid lug-head got caught”.

“Why does the boss want the girl dead”?

“I wasn’t told”.  “We don’t get paid to ask questions”.

“We are being paid to do a job, and that job isn’t finished yet, so we need to take care of the girl and get out of here”.

“How do we take care of the girl when we can’t get to her”?

“We’ll wait for the best moment, and then we kill her”.

“What about the guards and the PCPD”?

“We take em out if we have to, they’re collateral damage”.

     (8 days after shooting)


Gibbs and Co had just arrived.  And now were headed to the Webber home.

“What about local law enforcement boss”, Tony asked?

“We’ll worry about it once I talk to Jeff”, Gibbs said.

They soon arrived at Jeff’s home and knocked.  A lot of questions were running through Leroy’s mind:

One- Why would Jeff and Diana always changed the subject when asked where Lizzie was?

Two-  Why wasn’t Lizzie at Kelly and Shannon’s funeral?

Three- Why did any and all photos over the last 14 years not include Steven or Lizzie?

Four-  What wasn’t Jeff telling him?

Leroy had a sinking feeling that something had happened during the last 14 years and that Jeff and Diana had been lying to him.

“Gunny”, Jeff said as he opened the door.  Come in.

“What going on Jeff”, Leroy asked wanting answers?

“Sit down and I’ll tell you everything”, Jeff said.

So Jeff proceeded to tell Gibbs everything: from what had happened after Diana’s miscarriage to what Diana had told him hours ago.  Jeff could see that his friend was pissed.

“Let me see if I have this right; Diana took Elizabeth out of a hospital in Bensonhurst and brought her home”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes”, Jeff said.

“And you helped her cover it all up”, Gibbs asked as the rest of his team were awaiting the inevitable explosion that was coming?

“Yes, I did”.  “But Diana didn’t tell me all of it back then”.  “I didn’t find out about the Ramirez or Darnell until a few hours ago”, Jeff said.

“Where is Steven”? “And why hasn’t he been in any of the photos I’ve gotten in the last 14 years Jeff”, Jethro asked?

“Steven was away at boarding school, then medical school”, Jeff explained.

“Why”, Leroy asked?

“Diana told me a few hours ago, that the reason that she demanded back then that he go was; because he was getting suspicious, and she couldn’t have him finding out what she’d done”, Jeff explained.

“Where is he now”, Gibbs asked?

“How do you know that, since you claim that you haven’t seen him”, Gibbs asked getting more pissed off with every answer?

“He’s practicing medicine in Port Charles, New York”, Jeff told him.

By this point, Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs was pissed.  Jeff had a convenient explanation for every question so far and he was MAD.


“Elizabeth is in Port Charles with my step-mother and Steven”.  “She hasn’t been in any of the photos for the last 14 years because, Diana no longer wanted her; so she left her on my parents’ front porch”.  “She wasn’t at Kelly and Shannon’s funeral because in part we left her, but more because Diana wouldn’t let me contact her to tell her about Kelly’s funeral”, Jeff said.

“Where’s Diana”, Gibbs demanded?

“In our room, sedated”.  “I’m not going to let her run”.  “And I’m going to face up to my part in all of this”, Jeff said.

“Jeff, you’d have faced up to your part once you told me all of this, and you knew that didn’t you”?

“Stay with him McGee”.  “Kate and Ziva, go watch Diana”, Gibbs said.

Once he and Tony were out of earshot, Gibbs called his boss.

“Boss, I’m going to need your help”, Gibbs said.

“What do you need Jethro”, Tom asked?

“I need you to contact the Russian government; and clear us to bring back 2 US citizens”, Gibbs answered.

“Who are they and why are you bringing them in”, Tom asked?

“They are Doctors Jeff and Diana Webber, and I’m bringing them in because they’ve both admitted to kidnapping an infant 19 years ago”, Gibbs said flatly.  

“Get them ready and I’ll get you cleared”, Tom said.

“Boss, can you patch me through to Abby”, Gibbs requested of his boss?

“Hang on”, Bill said then he sent the call down to Abby’s lab.

“Abby”, Gibbs stated.

“What do you need me to do”, Abby asked?

“I need you to find me everything on a Jose’ Ramirez and a Watson Darnell”, Gibbs said.

“Also, find me everything you can on Doctor Diana Webber and any connection to Ramirez or Darnell”, Gibbs told his comp geek.

“I’ll get it to you as quick as I can, do you want me to also look into any connection between Ramirez and Darnell to Doctor Jeff Webber as well”, Abby said?

Gibbs then ended the call.  All they could do now; was await Tom’s call letting them know that they could bring the Webbers back without interference or backlash from the Russian government.

When Gibbs ended the call without answering, Abby took that as a yes to her question about looking into Jeff Webber’s connection if any to Ramirez and Darnell.

“What’s next boss”, Tony asked?

“Once we get these two back, I need to make a trip to Port Charles, NY”; Gibbs said.

“Do you think Elizabeth knows about what the Webbers did, Tony asked”?

“No, I don’t”, Gibbs answered.
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Chapter Eight
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