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 Chapter Nine

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PostSubject: Chapter Nine   Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:20 pm

Chapter 9

Port Charles NY—
     Next Day:

Sonny and Kate were on their way to GH when they received a call from Max saying that he, Spinelli and Diane needed to meet with him, as well as Elizabeth, Jason, Audrey, Steven and Mac.

“They are all on their way to GH boss”, Max said; then hung up.

As Sonny and Kate arrived they were directed to Liz’s room, where the rest were waiting.

“What do you have”, Sonny asked?

“Well Mr. Sir, we have found the location of the Dastardly Drs.”, Spinelli said.

“Where”, Sonny demanded?

“Russia, Chechnya to be exact”, Spinelli stated.

“Now you can file the suit Diane”, Sonny said.

“That is where the dynamics have changed”, Max stated.

“What do you mean Max”, Elizabeth spoke up?

“We found out that NCIS is involved, and are awaiting approval to bring the Webbers back to NCIS headquarters”, Max said.

“Who’s the lead agent”, Mac asked wondering if some of his past would come back to bite him in the arse?

“A Special Agent Leroy Jeth…” ; Max started to say but Elizabeth interrupted him.

“Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Elizabeth said laughing.

“What”, they all asked her?

“He’s my godfather”, Elizabeth said.

“I think that I know how he got involved in this, or more importantly who got him involved in this; and he’s in for a very rude awakening”, Elizabeth said.

“Jeff claims that they are friends but when it comes to me, Uncle Gibbs will protect me from everyone including Jeff and Diana”, Liz said.

“I can now expect a visit from him”, Elizabeth told the group.  “And if he’s involved, it could mean that the Webbers just might be facing charges”.

“You are very right Fair one, NCIS is investigating the doctors Webber, as well as a Jose Ramirez and a Watson Darnell”.  “And also their connections to the Webbers if any”, Spinelli answered.

“How good is this Agent Gibbs”, Audrey asked?

“Very good at what he does”, Max said.

“No, he’s better than very good”, Mac said.  

“How do you know that”, Steven asked?

“Because I served with Agent Gibbs in the Marine Corps”, Mac said.

“How come no one knows about this”, Audrey asked?

“Because, I was injured while serving, but it’s more than that”.  “I kept what happened to me over private.”   “It’s really complicated, but I will tell you some of it”.  “I got involved with a military nurse, and she was killed while serving overseas”.  “We have a daughter, but I have no idea where she is, I am looking for her”.  “And I may never find her”.

“I can’t wait to see Uncle Leroy”, Liz said.  “I’ve missed him”.


“Gibbs”, Tom said when Jethro answered the phone.  “You have a go, bring them back”, Tom said and ended the call.

“Jeff, go pack”.  “You and Diana are coming back to the states with us”, Gibbs stated.

“I was prepared for that”, Jeff said.  “We’re already packed and ready”.

Kate and Ziva helped get a very groggy Diana to the car.  Both she and Jeff were placed in handcuffs once on the plane.

Diana in her Own Thoughts:

As Diana became more coherent, she realized that she was in more trouble than she knew.  Gibbs was like a pit-bull when it came to Lizzie, which was never good for her.  And now that he was involved, she was as good as dead.  But she wouldn’t go down alone.  

That had been the entire reason that she hadn’t let Jeff invite him to come and  visit.  She had known that he would figure out the truth.  And Diana could not have allowed that to happen.  It had been bad enough when Steven started getting suspicious and started asking questions.  That’s why she had demanded that Steven be sent to boarding school in Cheshire, CT.

As the plane headed for VA, Diana thought to herself that since she would be facing jail time, she would take Ramirez, Darnell, as well as her husband down with her.

One thing Diana knew for sure, this was a sure fire way to further the gap in Jeff’s relationship with Steven and his best buddy Gibbs.

She knew Gibbs would end his friendship with her husband.  And she knew that once Steven found out his father’s involvement in all of what happened, he would never forgive his father.

As for Elizabeth, she’d gotten exactly what she deserved.  Diana had known who her mother was and by extension; her grandmother and great grandfather.

They all thought they were better than everyone else, well Diana had shown them.

And Audrey, with her holier than thou attitude towards Diana, well Diana thought, Audrey had  been knocked off of her so-called pedestal.  She’d always turned her nose up at Diana, because of her relationship with Jeff.

The only person she was concerned with keeping safe was Sarah.  And Sarah would be safe, as Sarah knew nothing about what her mother had done.  As far as Diana was concerned, everything she’d done had been done to ensure Sarah’s future.

And Diana had ensured Sarah’s future, as when Steve had died, had left Sarah a sizable inheritance.  But none had been left to Steven or Elizabeth.  And that was how Diana had wanted it to be.

“Boss, what are these two facing once back home”, McGee asked?

“Well, Diana is facing kidnapping, conspiracy to commit, child endangerment and possibly more”.  “Jeff will face charges for being an accomplice, as well as obtaining forged documents”, Gibbs said.

“We’ll have to see what Abby comes up with”, Jethro stated.

Port Charles:  WSB Offices------

Robert Scorpio’s Office:

“Robert, your brother is on line one”, Robert’s secretary said.

“Thanks Terri”, Robert said.

“Mac, what do you need”, Robert asked his brother?

“Robert, I know that you’re looking into Elizabeth’s kidnapping”.  “You’re going to want to contact a Special Agent Gibbs with NCIS”.  “It appears that he and his team, are bringing the Webbers to Quantico for questioning”, Mac said.

“When you and Anna have time, I need to speak to both of you”.  “I have some things that I need to tell you”, Mac said.

“Does it have to do with the case”, Robert asked?

“No, it’s personal”, Mac said.
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Chapter Nine
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