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 Chapter Ten

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PostSubject: Chapter Ten   Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:00 pm

Chapter 10

Charlotte, NC:

“I have a right to know him”, Jennings said to her grandmother.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea”, Maggie Gallagher said.  “He may not be willing to have you in his life”.  “We don’t know more about him, other than his first name”.

“That doesn’t matter Nana”, Jennings said.  “I am going to find him and meet him”.  “He is my father”.  “I just don’t understand why mom wouldn’t have made sure that she had contact info for him”.

“There could be lots of reasons that she didn’t know”, Maggie said.  “It’s possible that he didn’t want her to know, or that he might have been in trouble, who knows”.  “Your mom was the only one with all those answers, and she took those answers to her grave”.  Then Maggie walked into the kitchen to finish cleaning up.  “But, I won’t stop you from looking for him”, Maggie told her granddaughter.

“Oh mom, did dad know about me”?  “If so, why did he not come looking for me”?  “Oh, how I wish you were here”, Jennings said as silent tears fell down her face.  

“Dad, I will find you, I promise you that”, she said and headed to work.

Port Charles, NY------

   Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:

“So what does this mean”, Kate asked not understanding NCIS’s involvement?

“What it means is that my father and Diana could be in a lot of trouble”.  “Trouble they never saw coming”, Steven said.

“What I remember of Uncle Leroy is that when it came to Lizzie; he was a fierce protector”.  “He always said that, if anyone hurt his “Lizzie Ladybug”, they would answer to him”.  “The only reason he’s not here now, and I’m just guessing, is that Diana made sure he never found out”, Steven stated.

“I’d forgotten that he used to call me that”, Elizabeth said with a huge grin.

By this time, Alexandra and Harrison were back and taking all the new info in.

“He used to call Kelly, Brennan  and myself, the “Brat Patrol””, Liz said laughing.  “I miss Kelly”.

NCIS Plane-Enroute to Quantico:

Gibbs was sitting in his seat contemplating why Jeff had lied and why Diana would do what she did, when McGee let him know that he had a live vid to answer.

“Who is it”, Gibbs asked?

“It’s a Robert Scorpio with the WSB”.  “He says that it has to do with the Webbers”, McGee said.

“Let’s go”, Gibbs said to Kate, leaving Jeff and Diana with McGee, Tony and Ziva.

Gibbs enters the other room, putting on the mic.  MTAC appears on the screen, and he gives them the okay to put Robert through.

“What can I do for you Agent Scorpio”, Gibbs asks?

“I think it’s more of what I can do for you Agent Gibbs”, Robert said.

“And what would that be”, Gibbs asked?

“I can get you in touch with the children of the Webbers”, Robert said.  

“Do you have a secure location to hold the Drs. Webber”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes, here at the WSB in Port Charles”, Robert said.

“We’re on our way”, Gibbs said.  “By the way, are you by chance related to a Malcolm Scorpio”?

“Yes, I am”, Robert said.  “I’m his older brother”.

“We’ll talk when we get there”, Gibbs said and then ended the call.  Gibbs then contacted MTAC and got his boss on the vid.

“Tom, there’s been a change of plans”, Gibbs said.

“I know, you’re headed to Port Charles, NY”.  “I heard what the agent from the WSB said, and Abby is working on getting your information”, Tom said.  “Be careful Jethro”, Morrow said and then ended the feed.

“Gibbs, who is Malcolm Scorpio”, Kate asked?

“He was someone that I served with”, Gibbs said.  “He and I were friends”.  “He and I were very close, then I lost touch with him”.

Kennebunkport, Maine:

“If I go down, they go with me”, Watson said.  “I haven’t worked and covered all my tracks, to go down alone”.

He’d gotten word that Ramirez had fled.  And he’d gotten word that someone was investigating the infant’s kidnapping that happened in Bensonhurst.  But it wasn’t Dante Falconeri or Sonny Corinthos.  

He knew that if cornered, Diana would talk, and he’d planned for that contingency; she was weak.  He’d made sure that even if Diana confessed all; only she, her husband and Ramirez would go down.

No one knew what his connection to Michael ‘Sonny” Corinthos really was, or why he’d used their child to punish him.

And he’d made damn sure Sonny would never find out, even if by some chance he and Connie got their brat back.

The Cayman Islands:

Ramirez had heard about the investigation, which was he and his son had fled.  And he knew that Mr. Darnell thought and still thinks he’s safe, but if one goes down we all go down, Jose decided.

Jose had found all the tracks Darnell had made to lead to everyone but him; but what Darnell didn’t know was that he’d removed said trail, and made sure that Mr. Darnell would be implicated as well.

Jose knew who Watson Darnell really was.  Darnell had thought he’d covered up and buried his past really deep, but Jose had still found out.

After hearing about the fact that people were digging into what had happened in Bensonhurst, he and his son had fled to the Cayman Islands.  Not even Darnell knew about his holdings there.

Port Charles Hotel—
    Port Charles, NY:

“Daniel, I want you to gather all the files pertaining to Melanie’s kidnapping, and get them to me ASAP”, Harrison Falconeri said to his investigator.

Harrison had just left the hotel and he was now on his way to see Robert Scorpio @ the WSB.

Harrison had every intention of giving all of what he had to NCIS.  Once he’d heard that they were involved, he knew they would be the best ones to finally find out all of it and give his granddaughter and Melly closure.  It was still hard for him not to call her Melly.

But there was also another matter that he wanted to talk to Robert about, and it involved finding out what secrets his son had been hiding.

He hadn’t told Alexandra or his granddaughter; but he’d a very ill feeling, and that feeling had been nagging at him for 26 years.  And now that feeling led to a fear that his son had been involved in what had happened to Elizabeth.

But Harrison also needed to know about a crime that he’d heard about happening 26 years ago in Charlotte, NC.  A young woman had been raped, but could not identify her attacker, but there was DNA left behind.  The case hadn’t been brought to his attention until he was in NC four years ago, and had been reading through old newspapers.   He had then read about the case, and asked his private investigator to look into the case, and what had been found had scared Harrison to his core.

There was a very likely possibility that his son, Antonio was the young woman’s attacker.  As Harrison arrived at the Port Charles offices of the WSB, he hoped that he was doing the right thing.

“I would like a moment of Robert Scorpio’s time please”, Harrison asked the security guard at the front desk.  

The guard told him to wait while he got a hold of Agent Scorpio’s assistant.  “Terri, I have a Harrison Falconeri here asking for a moment of Agent Scorpio’s time, is he willing to see Mr. Falconeri”, the guard asked her?

After hearing the name Falconeri, Terri went into her boss’s office and immediately asked him:  “Robert, there is a Harrison Falconeri at the front desk, and he is asked to speak to you”.  “Should I go get him and bring him back”, Terri asked Robert?

“Yes, go and bring him back”, Robert said.  He wondered what was bringing Mr. Falconeri to him.  

“What can I do for you Mr. Falconeri”, Robert asked as Harrison sat down?

“First of all, can you update me on what’s being done”, Harrison asked?

Robert told him all that he knew; from the serial number being filed off to NCIS bringing the Webbers to PC.

“I have some files from when we were trying to find Elizabeth on our own”.  “I’m willing to turn them over”, Harrison stated.  “I just want justice for my family”.

“Hold onto the files”, Robert told the other man.  “When Agent Gibbs arrives, I’ll send him to you; he’s the best one to give the files to”.

“Thank you”, Harrison said.  

“How are you and your family holding up”, Robert asked Harrison?

“We’re still processing the fact the Melly or should I say Elizabeth’s been found and has both of her parents here to help her deal with it all”.  “Alexandra is still dealing, all these years later with how her granddaughter was taken”, Harrison stated.

“Well, it’s going to take time, as you really didn’t get any answers”.  “From what I’ve read, you all were ignored or placated while the case sat gathering dust”, Robert said.

“Well, I am going to head to the hospital, so thank you for your time Mr. Scorpio”, Harrison said and let himself out.

Commissioner Scorpio’s Office @ PCPD:

As Mac sat at his desk he couldn’t help but think:

Almost 16 years later and he still wasn’t any closer to finding his daughter than he was when he’d first been told about her.  He’d tried to find her, but it was as if she’d vanished.

All he could hope for was, that she would come looking for him.  But that was only possible if her mom had told people who he was and that he was her daughter’s father.

Elizabeth’s Room:

“Liz, I need to talk to you about something I did that you might be mad about”, Jason said.

“Jason, what did you do that I might be mad about”, Liz asked her fiancé’?

“I bought us a house, actually more of an estate”, Jason said.

“Where”, Elizabeth asked?

“It’s called Madison estate, and it’s located next to the estate that Sonny bought called Greystone”, Jason said.

“I’m not mad Jason; we’ll need a place to live once we’re married”.  “I don’t want to live in the penthouse”, Liz said.  “I love you”.

“I’ll let you be the decorator”, Jason told her.  “And I love you too”.

“I want to see this house, can you send someone over with a camera, and have them take pictures for me”, Elizabeth asked him?

“Yes, I can send Max back over to get pictures for you”, Jason said.  “I’ll have him do it right away”.

“Thank you honey”, Liz said.

Scorpio Home:

“Thank you for making time for me big brother”, Mac told Robert.  “You too Anna”.

“I’d best start at the beginning”, Mac said.

“When I was serving in the Marines, I met a nurse”.  “We got involved and started dating”.  “Then I was called to active duty, Operation Desert Shield and then Operation Desert Storm to be exact”.  “I got ready to leave, and then minutes before I got on the transport; she dropped a bombshell”.

“What was her name”, Anna asked?

“Her name was Frankie Gallagher”, Mac told them.

“What do you mean was”, Robert asked his brother?

“I’d already been gone for 10 months when I got word that she was overseas as well, she sent me a letter”.   “Then about a week after that letter arrived a list of casualties was listed on post, her name was on the list”.  “She was killed”.

“I’m sorry Mac”, Robert said to his younger brother.  “Can you tell me what the bombshell was”, Robert asked?

It was hard for Mac, but he loved his brother.  “The bombshell was that I have daughter”, Mac explained.

“Where is she, your daughter”, Anna asked?

“I’m not sure”, Mac said.  “Frankie was writing me, telling me how she and baby were doing”.  “But then after finding out that she’d been killed, I lost all communications with her”.

“I’ve never seen her or met her”, Mac said.  “I don’t even know where she is”.  “I’ve been looking for her for the last 15 years”.

“We’ll help you all we can to find her”, Anna said.

“You might want to talk to Agent Gibbs, he might be able to help”, Robert said.  “I’ll get you in touch with him”.

“Wait, Gibbs is coming here”, Mac asked?

“Yes, I contacted him when I found out that they were bringing the Webbers back”, Robert told Mac.

“Can you call me when they get here”, Mac asked?

“I‘ll do you one better than that, I send him to you”, Robert said to his brother.

“I’m going head home, the girls are waiting”, Mac said.

“Does Alexis know”, Anna asked hoping that her sister in law knew about Mac’s daughter?

“Yes, I told her all of it before we got married, She’s been supportive through it all”, Mac said then said goodbyes and left.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH The next day:

“Honey, I wanted to know if we could start planning our wedding”, Jason asked?

“I would like to wait until this whole mess with the Webbers is over and done with”, Liz said.  “I don’t want it hanging over our heads,” she said hoping that Jason wouldn’t be mad.

“I’m not mad baby”, Jason said.  “I completely understand, you were shot, and then you find out that Sonny and Kate are your real parents”.  “We’ll wait until this is all over okay”, Jason said hugging the love of his life.
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Chapter Ten
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