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 Chapter Eleven

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PostSubject: Chapter Eleven   Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:52 pm

Chapter 11

When Sean Cavanaugh saw the news about the shooting and heard the name Elizabeth Hardy, he knew that he had work to do.

When hired by his client 5 years ago, he’d been asked to arrange for certain items; and was told never to show his client’s file to anyone.  Or to tell anyone the particulars of what his client had wanted done.

When asked what he should do in the event that something should happen to his client, Mr. Cavanaugh was told that the file he was being given had all the instructions he would need: all of the principles involved, when to do what he’d asked for, as well as a sizable payment for all future work.

So now Sean needed to implement what Mr. Jesse Stone had hired him for.  He needed to make sure that the policies were taken care of as well as deposited into the accounts.

Oh yes, he knew who his client really was.  He’d known from the beginning.  So when Mr. Stone explained on his second visit to Sean’s office, the real name on the checks; he’d known that his client had been protecting himself as well as this Elizabeth Hardy.

Mr. Stone had said that Miss Hardy was to be contacted by Sean 6 months before her 20th birthday, and given the very large package that Mr. Stone had left with Sean for her.  And Sean was determined to carry out Mr. Stone’s wishes to the letter.

Hardy Home:

“Hello, Alexis Davis-Scorpio’s office; Deb speaking, how may I help you”?

“This is Audrey Hardy; I need to speak to Mrs. Scorpio, its important”.

“Please hold while I see if she’s available”, Deb said and walked to her boss’s door.

“Alexis, there is an Audrey Hardy on line 2; she would like to speak to you, she says it’s important”, Deb said to her boss.

“I’ll take the call”, Alexis told her secretary.

“Audrey, what can I do for you”, Alexis asked?

“I need your help with a few things”, Audrey said.

“I can see you tomorrow @10 am, will that be a good time”, Alexis asked Audrey?

“Yes, that will be fine, I will see you tomorrow at 10”, Audrey stated and ended the call.

Some people would be in for a rude awakening after tomorrow, and it couldn’t happen to nicer people, Audrey thought with a chuckle as she got ready to head to the hospital.


“I am looking for Robert Scorpio”, Gibbs said as he and his team arrived with the Drs. Webber.

“You’ve found him, Robert said as he arrived”.  “Glad to see that you all made it here in one piece Agent Gibbs”.

“Let’s get these two down to holding”, Robert said motioning to the doctors.

“McGee, David stay here”, Gibbs said.  Then Robert led everyone else to the elevator.  “We have to go down two floors”, Robert said as they stepped on the elevator.

Once the elevator doors opened, Robert led the group down the hall, arriving at the holding rooms.  The doctors were each placed in separate cells, at different ends of the room.

Once back on the elevator and headed back upstairs, Robert finally spoke: “What do you want to do first”?

“I want to go and see Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.

“There’s something you need to know first”, Robert said.

“What”, Jethro asked?

“11 days ago, there was a shooting at a local eatery here; Elizabeth was one of the victims”, Robert told the agents.

“Where is she”, Jethro asked?

“She’s in the hospital, recovering from her injures”, Robert said.  “I can take you to see her”.

“Let’s go”, Gibbs said to Robert as well as his team.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

“You’re healing very well”, Alan said to Liz.

“When will I be able to go home”, Elizabeth asked Alan as the door opened?

“Elizabeth, I need a moment”, Robert said.  “Alan go ahead and finish, I’ll wait”, Robert Said.

“We might be able to let you go home in a couple of days”, Alan said.

“Okay, I can handle that; thanks Alan”, Liz said.  “You can send Robert back in”, Elizabeth told Alan before he walked out.

“Elizabeth, I apologize for my interruption”, Robert said.  “NCIS needs to speak to you”.

“Okay”, Liz said.

“I’ll go get them, they’re in the waiting room”; Robert said and then went to retrieve Gibbs and his team.

Five minutes later room’s door opened and there stood Agent Gibbs.

“Lizzie Ladybug”, Leroy said letting out the breath that he’d been holding in since finding out about the shooting.

“Uncle Jethro”, Liz said smiling.  “It’s been too long”.  “Where are Aunt Shannon and Kelly”?

“Ah hell, this wasn’t going to be easy, neither for him nor for Elizabeth”; Gibbs thought to himself.

“I have some bad news Liz”, Jethro said.  “Shannon and Kelly were killed 8 years ago”.

“And with those words spoken”, Elizabeth fell apart.  While Jason held Liz and let her cry it out, Gibbs and his team just sat quietly watching.

The trio all knew about Jason Morgan, The Corinthos/Morgan enforcer.  But to compare that man with the one before them, well all the stories and rumors were wrong.

And Jethro could see that the man before him truly loved his god-daughter.

“I’m okay”, Liz told Jason about ½ hour later.

“How’d it happen”, Elizabeth asked Leroy?

“They were killed by a Mexican drug Lord”.  “It was a random shooting”.  “They were trying to get the US government’s attention”.  “It happened at the tail end of Desert Storm”.  “I was overseas when it happened”, Jethro told his god daughter.

“Oh that’s horrible”, Elizabeth said to her uncle.  “I didn’t know, I was never told”.  “Diana and Jeff would have known”.

“Lizzie, the reason that I’m here is that I received a call from Jeff, he asked me if I would go and see him; he said it was important”, Gibbs explained.

“When I arrived, he told me everything that Diana had confessed to him”, Jethro said.  And then he told the group what Jeff had said.

By this time Sonny and Kate were present in the room, hearing all that Diana had done and why was enough to make everyone in the room ill.

“Thank you Uncle Jethro, for telling me”.  “I know you didn’t have to, but you did”, Elizabeth said.  

“This is your life that they messed with, you have a right to know”, Gibbs told his god daughter as he hugged her.

“I’m sorry, I should introduce you to the others in the room”, Liz said kicking herself for her bad manners.

“This is my fiancé’ Jason Morgan”, Liz said as Leroy and Jason shook hands.  

“This is Sonny Corinthos, he’s my real father”, Elizabeth aid as she introduced Sonny.

“And this is Kate Howard, she’s my dad’s fiancée’ and my biological mother”, Lizzie said.  “And I love them all”.

“I’m sorry this may sound rude, but are you sure about them being your parents”, Gibbs asked Lizzie out of concern for his goddaughter?

“We’re waiting on the DNA results, but prelim findings are saying that they are”, Liz said.

“Okay”, Gibbs said.

“I get out of here in a couple of days possibly”, Liz said to all in the room.  “I want to see Jeff and Diana”.

Just as Gibbs was about to answer, his cell rang.

“Gibbs”, he said as he answered.

“Gibbs”, Abby said.  “You’re gonna want MTAC to feed me to you via video, I have a lot to tell you and show you”.

“Okay, I’ll call you back when I’m set up Abby”, Gibbs said then closed his phone.

“Lizzie, you won’t be able to talk to them”.  “But I’ll see what I can do about you observing while we question them”, Gibbs said.

“Okay”, Liz said hoping they would finally get answers.


When Gibbs and his team walked back into the WSB after seeing Elizabeth and arranging for a place to crash, they were ready to get answers from Abby.

Robert’s Office:

“Just so you know, this isn’t about the Webbers”, Robert said.

“You know my brother Malcolm”, Robert stated.  “He needs your help”.

“Okay, I’ll go see him”, Gibbs said.  “Also, do you have a room where my team and I can set up and use, and it needs to have video conferencing”.

“Yes, I’ll get it set up”.  “I’ll let you know when it’s ready”, Robert said.

“Here are the two locations of where to find Mac”, Robert said before Gibbs walked out the door.

After Gibbs left, Robert went about getting what Gibbs needed set up, and quickly.

Scorpio/Davis Residence:

Gibbs walked up and knocked on Mac’s door.

While he waited for his knock to be answered, he reminisced about the last time he’d seen Mac.  It was right after Mac had been shot; Mac had taken a bullet meant for him.

“Hello, May I help you”; Alexis asked when she opened the door?

“I’m here to see Mac Scorpio”, Gibbs said.

“May I ask your name”, Alexis asked?

“Sorry”, Gibbs said as he showed her his ID.

“Come in, I’ll go get my husband”, Alexis told Agent Gibbs.

A few moments later, Mac walked into the room and had to smile.  Gibbs looked the same, other than that he was older; he was wearing a suit and a NCIS ID.

“Gunny”, Mac said greeting his friend.

“Malcolm”, Gibbs said.

“Everyone calls me Mac these days”, Mac told Gibbs.

“Your brother Robert told me that you needed my help”, Leroy said.

“Yes, but first of all; just so you know, this entire town loves and cares about Elizabeth”, Mac stated.

“Fair enough”, Gibbs said.

“Gunny, I have a daughter”, Mac started with.  “I have never met her, all I know is that she exists, and I have been trying to find her for the last 16 years”.

“I’m asking for your help Gunny”, Mac said.

“Tell me everything”, Gibbs stated.

And with that, Mac told him everything he knew.  All Mac wanted was to get to know his daughter and be in his life, and he was not going to play favorites.  Yes, he had a daughter with Frankie, but Maxie, Georgie, Kristina and Molly were his children too and he loved them all very much.

After Mac told him everything, Gibbs headed to the Port Charles Hotel to get some sleep before starting his investigation, as well as having Abby looking into finding Mac’s daughter.
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Chapter Eleven
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