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 Chapter Twelve

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PostSubject: Chapter Twelve   Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:04 pm

Chapter 12

Charlotte, NC:

Georgia Hansen had heard the rumors, the girl that she knew was not her granddaughter; was going looking for her real father.  And Georgia was not going to make it easy for Jennings.

Georgia knew the truth, she’d found out after her son had died.  Her son had raised Jennings as his own, out of the goodness of his heart.  Cole had loved Frankie, despite the fact that Frankie hadn’t loved him.

And when Georgia found letters for Jennings from Frankie, explaining who her father really was; Georgia took them and hid them.  In doing so and continuing to keep that information from Jennings, Georgia was punishing Frankie and by extension Jennings for hurting her son.

But unbeknownst to Georgia, someone close to her was about to take that knowledge away from her and give it back to Jennings and her father.

This person had recently found out that Georgia had these secrets, and in essence had been punishing Frankie posthumously.  And that she’s also been punishing Jennings as well by keeping the info from her.

That would stop now, this person had only one interest, doing what he felt was right.  And tonight while Georgia was attending a meeting, he was going to go in and get what he needed to get.

It would knock Georgia Hansen off her pedestal.  He’d been warned him that she would possibly do what she was currently doing.

Port Charles, NY:

Office of Sean Cavanaugh:

Sean was in his office working on the things that Mr. Stone wanted.  The current balance of the account set up for Elizabeth Hardy was now at over 2 million dollars.  

He still needed to speak to the board of the hospital about the stock that Mr. Stone left to Elizabeth Hardy as well as the stock for ELQ.

This young woman named Elizabeth Hardy would indeed be a very wealthy woman in about 6 months.

She would hold a spot on the board of GH.  She would also own stock in ELQ.  That would set this town on its ear, and Sean would enjoy the show.

Scorpio/Davis Residence:

“Abby, I’m not ready for the other info yet, do you have anything on Frankie Gallagher for me”, Gibbs asked.  He was standing outside Mac’s door and he hoped to have some good news for the man.

“All I have found so far Gibbs is her military records, that state that she died 16 years ago, and it also states that she has a daughter”, Jennings, Abby told Leroy.

“Well that’s a start, I can at least tell Mac what Frankie named their daughter, but keep at it”, Gibbs said and hung up.

As he was about to knock on the door a little brown eyed girl answered the door and asked: “are you looking for my daddy”?

“Yes, I am”, Gibbs said.  “And you must be Molly, aren’t you a gorgeous little girl”.

“Daddy, there’s a man here to see you”, Molly said and then she took off at high speed.

“Do you have any news gunny”, Mac asked as he walked into the room, Alexis not far behind him?

“Your daughter’s name is Jennings”, Gibbs told his old friend.  “As soon as I get more I’ll let you know”.

As that news set in, Mac just had to hope that when they found his daughter that she would be accepting of him.

Later that day-----

Law Offices of Alexis Davis Scorpio:

“Thank you Alexis for seeing me”, Audrey said as she sat down in Alexis’s inner office.

“Not a problem Audrey”, Alexis said sitting down.

“So what can I do for you”, the attorney asked?

As Audrey handed Alexis her instructions as well as some fat folders Audrey said:  “This is what I need done, and I need it done quietly”.

As Alexis opened the folder on top she commented: “WOW, are you sure about this Audrey”?

“Yes, I am very sure; and I talked to Lee and was told that once this is done it will be completely legal, and cannot be contested”, Audrey told Alexis.

“I will get started on all of this ASAP and let you know when I need your signature”, Alexis said to Audrey.

“Thank you, now I need to head to the hospital”, Audrey said then she let herself out.

Charlotte, NC:

Georgia Hansen had just left for another meeting, which gave the man watching her from across the street another chance to get in and try to locate the information he was looking for.  The last time he had been in the house, she had returned early and he had to get out without what he’d gone in for.

He had been watching her and following her over the course of the last few days and she had inadvertently let slip about where her hiding place was.  She had not recognized him, and she had seen him years before, in fact they had known each other well.

Finally, she was gone and now he could go in.  He now knew where to look.

He let himself into Georgia’s home and head straight for her bedroom.  And as he looked inside the huge armoire, there sat a very large box.  And inside that box was all the info he needed to set things right.

Enjoy your view while you can Georgia, because very soon you will be down amongst the little people you like to scrape off your shoes, he said to the empty room; and then he was gone.

Once back at his apartment, he started compiling the file to send to Jennings Gallagher.  But there was some info that he still needed and for that he called his pi:

“I need you to get me everything you can on the following people: Anthony Falconeri, Connie Falconeri, Jose Ramirez, Watson Darnell, and a Malcolm Scorpio”; he told the person on the other end of the line and then hung up.

Port Charles:

Over the past few days Gibbs and his team had been gathering info to use when Gibbs went into question Jeff and Diana, but Gibbs was also waiting for Abby to get him all that she could on this Ramirez and Darnell.  His gut was telling him that this was big.

After Robert had gotten them a room to set up it, the team had gotten to work.  Abby had gotten them every piece of info on Jeff Webber, but she was still working on the rest.


“Good Day Mates”, Robert said as Gibbs and his team walked in.  

Gibbs had included Robert and Anna in his briefings and they were helping with some of the Intel.

“Boss, Abby is on”; McGee yelled to Gibbs from the doorway of the conference room.

Port Charles Hotel
    Room 412:

Harrison was on the phone with his attorney, he was making arrangements so that the trust fund that he’d set up for Elizabeth 19 years ago could be transferred to her.  And that trust was something that only he knew of, because even back then Tony had felt entitled to everything Harrison had.

He wanted Elizabeth to have the ability to do whatever she wanted in life, when she wanted.  He’d seen some of her paintings, and she was really good; if she wanted he would get her in contact with a good gallery to show them.

Elizabeth’s Room:

Jason was sitting in bed with Liz, Sonny and Kate were in chairs quietly chatting when Elizabeth said:  

“I want to start a foundation, for the families of child abduction”.  “I want to make sure that the families have help to deal with a child being taken, but also to help the families understand the legal aspects and dealing with law enforcement; would you guys be willing to help me”, she asked?

“Yes, we’ll help”, Kate told her daughter; “and I know that your grandmother and Great Grandpa will help as well”.

“I’m going to ask Lucy to help come up with some way to raise money”, Liz said.

“And I’ll bet the kids will help by holding bake sales too”, Kate mentioned to the group.
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Chapter Twelve
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