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 Chapter Thirteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Thirteen   Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:06 pm

Chapter 13
     (14 days after the shooting)

MTAC & WSB Conference Room:

“Abby, what have you got”, Gibbs asked?

“Not much”.   “I am still working on Diana Webber”.  “I am at a standstill with Ramirez and Darnell”, Abby stated.

“Give me what you’ve got”, Leroy said as Robert walked in with Anna.

“Jose’ Ramirez; 56 years old”.  “He owns a company called High Tail It enterprises”, Abby said.  “But he doesn’t exist before 20 years ago”.

“What about Darnell”, Jethro asked getting pissed?

“Watson Darnell, age 60, stockbroker”.  “He owns property on both west and east coasts”.  “He’s into shipping”.  “Has his own company called Darnell Shipping”.   “But I run into the same problem as with Ramirez, he only exists after 20 years ago”, Abby stated.

“Do you have photos of these two “ghosts””, Gibbs asked?

“Yeah, what do you want me to do Gibbs”, Abby asked?

“I want you to get an email with their photos ready to email to Fornell, I’ll call him; and I also want you to run those photos”.  “Do you understand what I am asking Abby”?

“Yes, Gibbs I understand”.  “I will do that”.  “Let me know when to send the email to Fornell”, Abby said.

Abby was the only one who knew about a program that another hacker had gotten for Gibbs.  Gibbs and Abby were the only ones who knew of its existence.  

“Oh boy, Gibbs is pissed”, Abby said to herself.

FBI HQ and WSB: ( phone conversation)

Dragnet theme plays as a phone rings…………  

“Fornell!”   He answered.

“Fornell, I need to call in a favor”, Gibbs said when his friend answered.

“What do you need Jethro”, Tobias asked?

“If Abby sends you a couple of photos can you run them for me”?  “I have a hunch but I need proof”, Gibbs said.

“Have Abby send them and I’ll run them”, Tobias said.

“What’s going on Jethro”, Tobias asked his long time friend?

“I landed myself into a major cluster*******”!, Gibbs said.

Charlotte, NC—Next Day:

“Jennings, I need to tell you some things”, Maggie said as she and her granddaughter sat down.

“What is it grandma”, Jennings asked?

And so Maggie proceeded to tell her grandbaby some truths, which included how she’d been raped while at college.  And how her mother was the result of that rape.

“I loved your mother Jennings, I never had any intention of giving her up, it didn’t matter to me how she had been conceived”.  “I loved her all the same”, Maggie told her granddaughter.

“Who was her father”, Jenn asked Maggie?

“I never knew”, Maggie said.

“So grandpa Charlie….” Jennings started to ask?

“Wasn’t your mother’s real father, but he loved her like his own, and he adopted her”, Maggie said.

“Did mom know”, Jenn asked?

“Yes, I told her when she was old enough”, Maggie stated.

Elizabeth’s Room:

Elizabeth had gathered Jason, Sonny, Kate, Steven, Audrey, Diane, Alexandra, Harrison and Lucy together in her room.

“The reason I asked that all of you be here is that I need your help with something that I would like to do”.  “I would like to start a foundation that would work with the families of abducted children: helping them deal with what has happened as well as helping them when and if their child is found and returned to them”, Liz explained even though a few had already heard about her idea.

“We could hold fundraisers; such as an eligible bachelor auction”, Lucy said.  “We could ask for donations for an auction as well”.

And so the group got started on making Elizabeth’s suggestion into a reality.  They came up with a name and then went to work on making a list of possible board of directors and trustees.  And Diane handled the legal aspects of it all.

By the time they all had left Liz’s hospital room they’d accomplished the following:

Foundation Name: For the Sake of a Child

Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Hardy, Harrison Falconeri,  Alexandra Falconeri,                  Steven Webber, Audrey Hardy


Edward Q, Epiphany Johnson, Lila Q ,Ned Ashton, Kevin Collins, Emily Q and Jasper Jacks

It wasn’t long after everyone left that Liz said:

“Maybe by running and creating For the Sake of a Child, my experience can help others, I think it can”.

“I’m proud of you”, Jason told her.  “And I’ll help you as much as I can”.  “I love you”.

Kelly’s Diner----
     1 hour later:

When Kate had shown up talking about their favorite sitter trying to raise money to help others, all the kids wanted to help.

And Maxie had been chosen as spokesman.  She was the only one old enough to use the kitchen.  But she knew that she couldn’t do the baking all by herself.  So here they all were,  at Kelly’s  to recruit her Aunt Bobbie and Alice.

Alice was intimidating to most people, but Maxie wasn’t one of those people.  She and Alice had gotten along well since Maxie had been 1 years old.

“What do you need Maxie”, Bobbie asked as she and Alice looked at all the kids and sat down?

“Have you heard about Liz”, Maxie asked?

“No”, both women answered.

“She is starting a foundation to help the families of abducted children”, Maxie said.

All of the older children had been sat down and told about Liz, her being kidnapped as an infant.  This was their way of helping.

“Good for her”, Bobbie said.

“We want to have some bake sales to help Liz with the foundation”, Maxie explained.

“But I’m the only one old enough to bake”, Maxie said.  “And I can’t do it all by myself”.

“I’ll help”, Alice said.  She had always liked Elizabeth.  “When do you want to have the first bake sale and where”?

“You could have your sale here, sell them here and I will chip in sales from Ruby’s cookies”, Bobbie said.

With that settled the group started to think about what to have made to sell as well as prices.
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Chapter Thirteen
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