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 Chapter Fourteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Fourteen   Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:53 pm

Chapter 14

Later that Evening----

Collins Home:

Lucy had been working since she’d returned from the hospital.  She had come up with several ideas for raising money for the foundation.  One of which was a 3 day event:

1st night would be a benefit dinner and show, 2nd night would be a benefit auction and the last night would be a concert.

Lucy knew that with the Nurse’s Ball 3 months away that Liz’s event would need to be before that.  She’d run it by Liz tomorrow.

WSB Holding:

Diana was starting to wonder what Gibbs was doing, and what pray tell were they doing in Port Charles?  She now realized that she should have just killed the little brat.

To this day Diana couldn’t figure out what Darnell’s story had been.  What had that brat’s father done to him?

But as far as Diana was concerned, her main priority was Sarah.  And Diana would make sure that her daughter got what was meant for her to have.  At any cost, even that brat or Jeff.

No, she hadn’t met Jeff Webber by chance.  She’d heard about him,  and after hearing about him, she’d done massive research on the entire Webber family.  And when she’d found out that Jeff’s father was the Steve Hardy, she knew she’d be set for life.

Jeff didn’t need to think about what Gunny was doing, or why they were in Port Charles.  Gibbs was here to make sure that Elizabeth was alright.  Jeff also knew that Gibbs was gathering evidence to charge him and Diana.

He had decided on the flight over that he would tell them whatever Gunny wanted to know.  He also knew that he was facing a prison sentence, and he would serve it without question.

He hoped to have a chance to talk to Elizabeth and Steven.  He hoped that one day they’d forgive him for his part in all of this.  He also knew that he owed Audrey an explanation, but he had a feeling that she would never let him explain.

And he knew that Diana didn’t think he knew what she’d been up to.  She was about to find out that her house of cards was falling.  

After he had called Gunny, Jeff had called one other person; his attorney, one of which Diana knew nothing about.  

Jeff had hired Jordan Castle 2 years ago when he’d learned that money was disappearing from Elizabeth trust account that had been set up by his mother’s family.

After finding the money missing, Jeff had asked Jordan for help in finding out where it had gone and doing what needed to be done to stop it and get back for Elizabeth.

His attorney had advised him, that he’d have his pi on the case, and once they had any information he’d let Jeff know.  It had taken Castle and associates a year, but they’d found out what was going on.

Castle had found evidence that Elizabeth’s trust wasn’t the only one tampered with; Steven’s had been messed with as well.  And Jordan had traced where the money had gone.  

Jordan had shown Jeff everything.  Diana was the one responsible for the missing money.  And she’d hidden it away in an account for Sarah.  But she’d slipped, and left a trail.

Diana didn’t know it, but when he’d called Jordan, he’d told him to make sure the account was closed and the money returned to Elizabeth and Steven.  And asked him to send out the divorce papers to Diana’s attorney.  

Diana was in for one last rude awakening, thanks to Jeff.  She assumed that she and Sarah would reap the Webber Family money; no Jeff had arranged for it all to go to Steven, Elizabeth and few other key people.  Liz may not be his daughter, but that didn’t matter, she would receive it.

Unknown Location-----
     Phone conversation:

“Is she dead”?

“She will be”.  “The men I hired messed up, but that will be rectified soon”.

“Good, Elizabeth Webber is the reason that my family is in shambles”!

“We’ll both get what we want out of this arrangement”.

“You get to see Elizabeth Webber dead, and I get what is mine”.

“Did you know that she is involved with Jason Morgan”?

“No, but she is nothing but a slut and a whore”.

“Just make sure that you do what you promised and make sure she’s dead”, and the line went dead.

It was quite clear why the other person wanted Elizabeth Webber dead, she ruined that family.  

“Of course I’ve done my research”.

“Elizabeth Webber, 19 years old and an artist, or so she claims”.  “Not the real daughter of Jeff and Diana Webber”.  “I know who she really is:

Kidnapped daughter of Michael Corbin and Connie Falconeri”.

“I just want her dead because she stands in the way of me getting what rightfully belongs to me”.

Madison Estate
      1 month after the shooting:

Elizabeth and Jason were waiting on the board of directors (For the Sake of a Child) as well as Lucy.

“Hello dears, don’t get up, I can seat myself”, Audrey stated.  “Hello Jason”.

“Hello Grams”, Jason said smiling.  He and Audrey had gotten into it about him calling her Mrs. Hardy or Audrey.  She had told him flat out to call her grams.

“I love the house”, Audrey said.  

“We love it too”, Elizabeth said.

Jason, Audrey and Liz were conversing when their housekeeper Mrs. Wyatt showed the others in.

“Thank you Rachel”, Jason told her as Alexandra and Steven walked in and sat down.

Jason had just sat down next to Liz when Lucy breezed into the room.

“Hello everyone”, Liz said.  “As you all know, Lucy and I have been working on ways to raise funds for the foundation”.  “We have come up with a few ideas”.   “Diane has gotten all of the legal paperwork done and it will be filed as soon as we have a location”.  “We still need to look at locations”, Liz said as she sat down.

“That’s where I come in”, Edward said as he walked in.

“I have a building that I am giving to the foundation”, Edward said.  “It’s a few blocks from ELQ”.  “It has four floors and should suit the foundation nicely”.

“Thank you Edward”, Elizabeth said.

“Anything for my future granddaughter in law”, Edward beamed.

When Diane arrived, Edward gave her all of the paperwork, she then left to file it at the courthouse.

After Diane left, Liz told the group about who she wanted as trustees.  The group agreed with her choices.

“Okay, now that all that is settled we have to talk about your fundraisers”, Lucy said.

“As I mentioned to Liz two weeks ago, we need to have the first fundraiser before the Nurse’s Ball”.  “So here are my thoughts………..”

When the group had finished listening to Lucy’s idea of a 3 day fundraising event, they all said: “do it”.

So Lucy was off and running to help Liz start planning and everyone volunteered to help.

Over the next few days, Liz and Jason finally got completely settled into their home.  And the next day Elizabeth would get to see Jeff Webber.

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Chapter Fourteen
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