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 Chapter Fifteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Fifteen   Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:58 pm

Chapter 15

PC Hotel:

Gibbs was contemplating the last few weeks:

Liz was finally able to go home, and she was trying to move on.  But Jethro knew that she needed answers.

That’s why even though Abby was still gathering info, he was going to question Jeff.  He didn’t think that Jeff knew more that what he’d told Jethro in Russia, but Gibbs was going to let the facts and evidence speak for itself.


As Gibbs watched from the observation room while David and McGee brought Jeff in and sat him down, he pondered what Jeff’s real reason for letting Diana do what she did was; and if there was no real reason for Jeff letting her do it, then maybe he hadn’t really known Jeff at all.

Just then Agent Todd led Liz and Jason into the room.  Jethro gave Liz a hug and asked: “how are you feeling”?

“I’m not at a 100 percent yet but I’m okay”, Liz said as she finally saw Jeff through the one way glass.  “Does he or Diana know that I’m here”?

“No, Jeff’s been asking to see you but, I told him that was up to you”.  “Diana hasn’t said a word”, Jethro told them.

“Okay”, Jethro said as he got Liz and Jason settled.  “Agent Todd will remain here in the room with you”.  

Just after leaving the room Jethro’s phone rang:

“Gibbs”, he answered.

“Jethro, did you get it”, Abby asked?

“Get what Abby”, Gibbs questioned?

“The file I sent on Jeff Webber”, Abby said.

“Hold on Abby”, Leroy said as Tony walked up and handed him a file.

“It just got here; thanks Abby”, Gibbs said then he closed his phone.

As he read the first page he couldn’t believe what he was reading; Jeff had killed someone.

The first couple of pages related how Jeff had accidentally killed Heather Webber after she tried to disappear with their son.  And Diana’s adoption of Steven wasn’t legal.

Could Diana have been holding that over Jeff to get him to do what she wanted?

The only thing that Gibbs knew without a shadow of a doubt about Jeff Webber was that he was incapable of killing anyone.   Was it possible that Jeff was framed for Heather’s murder?

As Jethro and Ziva walked into Interrogation Room 1, he was beginning to wonder if he ever really knew Jeff Webber.

“I have some questions Mr. Webber”, Gibbs said being completely professional.

“Why the formalities Gunny”, Jeff asked?

Ziva was just listening and watching as her boss questioned a neglectful parent.

Gibbs ignored the question and proceeded to read Jeff his rights.  “Do you understand these rights as I have read them”, Gibbs asked Jeff?

“Yes, and I waive the right to an attorney”, Jeff stated.

“Did you know who Elizabeth’s real parents were when Diana brought her into your home”?

“No, I didn’t know who they were, and I still don’t know”, Jeff answered.

“Did you know that Diana had gone to that hospital, and taken someone else’s child”?

“No, if I had I would have done everything to return the child to her parents”, Jeff answered.


“Because I have information that tells me you would have done anything to keep a certain secret from coming to light”, Gibbs said.

“If I had known about Lizzie at the beginning, I would have given her back”.  “You know that Gunny”, Jeff said.

“I don’t know that”, Gibbs said.

“Can you arrange for me to see Elizabeth”, Jeff asked?

No, not at this time.  And it is entirely up to her if she WANTS to see YOU, Gibbs stated.

And besides, she been reunited with her real family, Gibbs said.

Oh……… that’s great, Jeff answered.

Not very good for you or your wife, Gibbs said.

Did you know a young man by the name of Michael Corbin, Mr. Webber?

No, Jeff answered.

Did you know a Connie Falconeri, Mr. Webber?

No, but the name Falconeri sounds familiar, Jeff answered.

Do you recognize the names: Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard,  Mr. Webber?

Sonny Corinthos is friends with Elizabeth, Jeff said.

And how would you know that Mr. Webber?

I’ve had someone keeping an eye on her and Steven; Jeff answered knowing that despite that, he had still neglected them.

He’s also her father Mr. Webber, Gibbs said waiting to see if Jeff knew or not.

Seeing a shocked look on Jeff’s face told Gibbs that Jeff hadn’t know about Sonny being Elizabeth’s real father.

Observation Room:

I don’t think that Jeff knew who I really was when Diana brought me home, Liz said to Jason.

It doesn’t sound like it, Jason said.


Interrogation Room 1:

How did she find out, Jeff asked?

Did you worry about Elizabeth’s safety when you left her on your parents’ front porch in the middle of the night Mr. Webber?

Diana didn’t give me time to worry.  After Diana made me leave Liz, we were on a plane out of the country, Jeff said.

Did she hold a gun to your head Mr. Webber, or did you just not care?

I’ve been doing some digging Mr. Webber, and what I have found so far, I don’t like; Gibbs stated.

Did you contact Elizabeth at any time after you left her Mr. Webber?

No, Jeff answered.

What about your son Steven, did you contact him after he was sent off to boarding school Mr. Webber?

No, I didn’t, Jeff answered.

Just as Jeff finished answering, Kate walked in and handed Gibbs a piece of paper, then walked back out.

Gibbs opened the paper, and saw that Elizabeth had some questions for Mr. Webber.

Why if you claimed to love Elizabeth, did you not come back to fight for her when your parents went for custody Mr. Webber?

Because, Diana threatened to take Sarah and disappear.  And she said she would make sure that I would never get Steven or Elizabeth, Jeff explained.

What about when your “daughter” was beaten and raped in the park at age 16; why did you not come back then Mr. Webber?

I didn’t come back because Diana told me that Elizabeth had brought what happened on herself, for the attention, Jeff stated.

What about when your son was injured while at boarding school Mr. Webber?

We called him, Jeff said.

Try again Mr. Webber.  I have Steven’s records and they kept meticulous records of who called and when.  And these records show that there was no contact from you at all starting from the time that he was picked up at the airport by school staff until he left at age 18.  It shows that they called, and made note of the fact that you claimed it was too far to come.

Too far to come Mr. Webber?

Was your son not as important as your wife, daughter Sarah or your job Mr. Webber?

What I was doing, was trying to protect him from Diana, Jeff said.

And my children ARE more important than my job or my wife, Jeff stated.

So you say Mr. Webber, so you say.   But you sure a have a very funny way of showing it.

What about when your son got married Mr. Webber?  Why weren’t you there?

I didn’t know that he was getting married, Jeff stated.

I know you’re lying Mr. Webber.  You say that you had someone keeping an eye on them for you, but you say you didn’t know.  

I also know that you didn’t bother to even return home for your father’s funeral, and what that says to me is that you put your daughter Sarah and your wife above anyone and everyone else; including your father.

Observation Room:

He had people keeping him informed about us but he never bothered to come, Elizabeth said questioningly.

I’m sorry that you and Steven went through that, Jason said.

Interrogation Room 1:

And you didn’t bother to even come when your grandchildren were born, one of which nearly died during delivery?  Mr. Webber, are you that thoughtless?

Well Mr. Webber, I have two bits of information that you don’t know:

Elizabeth is getting married, to a good man who will put her first.

Is it Jason Morgan, Jeff asked hoping that it wasn’t?

You don’t have a right to ask, Gibbs said.

And someone tried to kill Elizabeth just mere minutes before you called me Mr. Webber.

WHAT, Jeff yelled?

How is she, Jeff asked?

Concerned are we, well it is just too little too late isn’t it Mr. Webber?  Showing concern now, when you couldn’t show it years ago.

But did you know that your wife knew about Liz getting married, as well as someone trying to kill her Mr. Webber?

NO, I DIDN’T KNOW, Jeff shouted.

Kate, take him back to his cell, Gibbs said walking out the door and going in to talk to Liz and Jason.

Observation Room:

I know that was hard, Jethro said to Liz as he walked in.

It must have been hard for you too Uncle Jethro, he is your friend, Liz said.

I think that friendship has sailed, Gibbs said.  I never really knew Jeff, I see that now.

Why don’t you two head home, it’s been a long day. Gibbs said.

I’ll go at him again when I have more info, Gibbs said then walked the couple out.

Next Day:

Agent Gibbs, Steven said after Robert’s secretary brought him to where Gibbs and his team were?

Yes, Dr. Webber, Leroy asked?

I would like to see my father, Steven said.

Okay, but I’ll be observing, Jethro told him.

That’s fine, Steven stated.

DiNozzo, David; go and get Mr. Webber, Gibbs directed.

You can talk to him in here, Dr. Webber, Gibbs said leading him into Interrogation Room 1.

As Steven waited he tried to come to terms with the fact that his father was a man he no longer liked.  He knew now that Sarah and Diana had been the most important to Jeff Webber.  

Steven, Jeff said as he was brought into the room.  

Mr. Webber, Steven said.

That’s cold Steven, Jeff said.

I have some questions I would like answered, Steven said.

Why didn’t you take Elizabeth back to Law Enforcement when Diana brought her home?

I didn’t know the truth about Elizabeth, Jeff said.

Don’t lie to me, you knew!  You’re the one who got her birth certificate made.  I saw you get it from a man I later found out was a forger, Steven stated flatly.

So answer my question, Steven said again.

I didn’t take Lizzie back because I saw that Diana was finally happy and wasn’t about to ruin that, Jeff admitted knowing that his deeply buried secret would now have to come out.

Why didn’t you want to ruin Diana’s happiness? You sure as hell ruined mine and Lizzie’s, Steven demanded?

Because I came to realize that when Diana was unhappy she made people suffer, Jeff said.

And because I had found someone else.  Someone who was the total opposite of Diana, Jeff said.

You were having an affair?  How long, Steven demanded to know?

Yes, I was having an affair.  And since before Diana came home with Lizzie, Jeff said.

I will tell you everything, but I need you to go and get Agent Gibbs.  He needs to be here, Jeff said.

So Steven stepped out of the room just as Gibbs stepped out of Observation.

Then both he and Gibbs returned to the interrogation room.

Why were you having an affair, Steven asked?

I fell out of love with Diana, Jeff said.

Why didn’t you just leave, Steven asked angry?

Because, she threatened you and Sarah.  She told me if I left her, she would use what evidence she was holding to frame me for your mother’s murder; and make sure that Social Services came and took you.  She also threatened to make sure that if that happened, that I would never get you back, Jeff said.

What’s her name, Steven asked?

Before I tell you her name, I need Jethro to have some people go and get her and your sisters and brother, Jeff said knowing Steven would blow up at that news.

You had children with her, Steven yelled?

Yes, and Diana found out , Jeff said.

Tell me where and I’ll have some of my people bring them to Port Charles, Gibbs said.

Jeff then told them where his other family was, and Gibbs let him call them so they would be ready to come.

Take them to Elizabeth and Jason’s, Steven said.  I’ll call Jason and explain.

Thank you Steven, Jeff said.

I’m not doing this for you, I am doing this for my younger siblings, Steven stated.

After Gibbs called his people to arrange for pickup, Steven then stepped out to call and explain to Jason.

Thanks Jason, I’ll explain all of it when I come by later, just protect them for me, Steven said and then ended the call.  He then stepped back into the room.

Back to answering my questions DAD, Steven just as Gibbs stepped back into the room as well.

Why are they in hiding, both Steven and Gibbs asked?

Because 3 years ago Diana found out about Sofia and the kids.  She threatened their lives.  2 weeks later, Sofia’s brakes were cut on her car, Jeff explained.

So, I contacted my attorney and he got them into hiding.  And we started investigating Diana.  My attorney is on his way here to give you all of what he and his Private investigator have, Jeff told them.

We also found out that Diana has been taking money from the trust accounts that my grandmother on my mother’s side set up for Steven and Elizabeth.  

What was she doing with the money, Steven asked?

Jordan’s PI found out that Diana has been depositing it into an account that she set up, using Sarah’s first and last name; spelled backwards, Jeff said.

Right after I called you Gunny, I called Jordan, and told him to have the account closed and to return the money to Elizabeth’s and Steven’s accounts.  Which, is where it belongs!  Diana is in for a very large surprise, Jeff said.

Jeff, you need to be completely truthful with me.  How much did you really know about Elizabeth and her kidnapping, Gibbs asked?

I didn’t know who her real parents were.  The names that Diana gave me were: Andrew Clarke and Wendy Faulk, Jeff said.

Did you know that she was taken from Bensonhurst?

No, Diana told me that she’d been born on the streets, Jeff stated.

Steven, I hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me, Jeff said to his son.

Did you really kill mom, Steven asked needing to know?

No, I think that Diana did, and framed me for it, Jeff stated.  She needed something big enough that I would fold whenever she threatened me with it.

Steven, I need to talk to Elizabeth and your grandmother, Jeff said.

Steven believed his father, but that didn’t mean he’d forgiven him for what he’d done.

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Chapter Fifteen
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