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 Chapter Sixteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Sixteen   Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:54 pm

Chapter 16

I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that either Lizzie or Grams will come, Steven said.

Hardy Residence:

Steven how are you dear, Audrey asked as Steven came into the kitchen?

I need to talk to you grams, Steven said.  It’s about dad.

I don’t want to talk about it, Audrey stated.

You have 5 more grandchildren, Steven stated.

What did you say, Audrey asked?

And so Steven sat his grandmother down and told her all of it, every last word that Jeff had told him.

After hearing what Steven had just told her, Audrey knew that she would need to go and see Alexis and have her amend what she was doing for Audrey.

My god that woman is a MONSTER, Audrey said.  Where are my grandchildren?

Gibbs has agents going to get them and their mother, Steven stated.

Where will they be staying, Audrey asked?

Jason and Lizzie have agreed to let them stay with them, Steven said.

Grams, I am not ready to forgive him yet, but what he wasn’t saying; makes me think that Diana picked him out like a stud horse, got him to marry her, got him to help her make Sarah; by blackmailing him, Steven said.

She killed mom so that she would have something to control dad with, Steven said to Audrey.

And she continued to keep control by threatening you, Lizzie and my other grandchildren, Audrey said.  Not all of this is your father’s fault.

No, it looks like dad was doing what he had to in order to protect his children, Steven said.

Grams, I need to go and talk to Lizzie, but dad wanted to see you, Steven said and then went to see Elizabeth.

Madison Estate:

Elizabeth was furious, Jason wouldn’t tell her what the call from Steven had been about.

Liz, you can stop glaring at me, I’m not going to tell you.  Steven said he would explain when he got her, Jason said.

I’m mad at you, Liz said as Steven walked into the room.

Lizzie, stop that, blame me not Jason, Steven told his sister.  And she was his sister, in all the ways that counted.

Liz you’re going to want to sit down for what I’m about to tell you, Steven said.

After Elizabeth had sat down, Steven told both her and Jason what he’d learned from Jeff, as well as what he and Audrey suspected.


So all this time he was really in love with this Sofia Curtis, Liz asked?

Yeah, and when Diana found out; she tried to kill Sofia and threatened my younger siblings, Steven said.

Our younger siblings Steven.  We’re still family, even if it’s not by blood.  And even though I hate him right now, I still love Jeff.  He may not be my real father, but for my first 5 years of life he was.  And in his own way, I think he was trying to protect me from Diana as well, Liz said.

So it’s okay if Sofia and the kids stay with you, Steven asked?

Yes, they can stay, Liz said.

And I’ll have guards on them, Jason told Steven.

Thanks Jason, Steven said.

He would like to see you, Steven told Elizabeth.

I’ll go tomorrow, Liz said.

Steven then said his goodbyes and went to start his shift at the hospital.

Enroute to Davis-Scorpio Law Firm:

Armed with the names of her 5 other grandchildren, Audrey was on her way to see Alexis.  She needed to amend the documents that Alexis was working on for her; to reflect her newest grandchildren.

She’d called Alexis and told her that she needed to see her, so there she was.

Hello Alexis, I am sorry about this, Audrey said as she sat down.

It’s no trouble Audrey, Alexis said.

Here is what I need added and revised, Audrey said handing Alexis a stack of papers.

I should have everything typed and ready for you to sign tomorrow, Alexis told Audrey and then walked her out.


McGee, find me everything you can on Heather Webber and her murder.  Also have any remaining evidence on that case sent to Abby, Gibbs barked.

After what Jethro heard Jeff tell Steven as well as what Jeff had told him, Gibbs didn’t think that Jeff was completely at fault.

If Diana was really the one who killed Heather Webber; then by doing so, she was able to control Jeff.  And she controlled him again by threatening his children.

Lobby of WSB:

Audrey, Robert said as he was leaving?

I need to see my son Robert, Audrey said.

I’ll take you to Agent Gibbs; Robert said leading het to the elevator.

Gibbs, Robert said seeing Robert as he and Audrey got off the elevator.

Audrey would like to see her son, Robert told Gibbs.  And Robert took his leave.

McGee, Todd; go get Mr. Webber for Mrs. Hardy, Gibbs said.

Mrs. Hardy, I want you to know that we are making head-way in finding out how Elizabeth was taken, Gibbs said.

Thank you Agent Gibbs, Audrey said as she sat.  Your son will be in shortly, Gibbs said leaving.

Interrogation Room 1:

Audrey knew that Gibbs was watching and listening, and she didn’t care.  He loved her granddaughter like his own.  If it helped solve the mystery of how all this happened, then he could listen all he wanted.

Audrey was still angry with Jeff, but knowing that he’d been forced into it; made things a little easier.

Mom, Jeff said as he was brought in.

McGee and Todd then left the two alone.

Jeff how did this happen, Audrey asked?

Diana is how this happened, Jeff said.

I’ve had a lot of time to think while sitting here.  I think I was a sort of mark for Diana.  And I fell for it hook, line and sinker, Jeff stated.

Can you tell me, Audrey asked?

And so Jeff told her everything, including about Sofia and the kids.

I really messed up mom, Jeff said.

Make amends Jeff, Audrey said.  Help Agent Gibbs nail Diana, and whoever she was helping.

I’m trying, Jeff said.

Mom, remember what you told me about the March family, Jeff asked hoping she’d understand what he wanted to say without really saying it?

Yes, I do, Audrey answered understanding.

Diana was planning something mom, Jeff said hoping she would get the hidden message.

I am trying to forgive you Jeff, but it’s going to take time, Audrey said.

I know mom, Jeff said.

I would like to get to know my other grandchildren, if you will allow me to, Audrey said.

Of course you can get to know them and Sofia, Jeff said to his mom.

Steven said that they’ll be staying with Elizabeth, Audrey said.

That’s good.  I know she’s not mine but she’s still family to me, Jeff said.

Who’s the man lucky enough to marry her, Jeff asked?

If I tell you, you’re not allowed to get mad; it’s her life Audrey said.

Okay, I know I don’t have a right to get mad, Jeff conceded.

It’s Jason Morgan, Audrey said.

Jeff knew about Jason’s accident, he just didn’t like the profession he’d chosen after.

Mom, I would like to talk to Liz, Jeff said.

I don’t know if she’ll come, Audrey said.  Steven was going to talk to her.

Charlotte, NC:

Jennings, you have a package here, Maggie said as her grandmother entered the kitchen.

As she took the package, Jennings wondered who it was from and what it could be.  She then sat at the table and opened it.

Oh my GOD, Jennings said.

What dear, Maggie asked?

Grandma you need to see this, Jenn said motioning Maggie to the table.

As Maggie and Jenn looked through the contents of the package, they realized that they needed help.

Grandma, there’s a note:

Dear Jennings and Maggie,

My name is Mick St. John.  I am a friend.  Jenn, I know that you have been looking for your father.  Your father has also been looking for you as well.

All the info about him is in this package.

I know that you want to know who I am and what I want in return.  My only motive is to right some wrongs.

Please be careful, there is someone who does not want you to find your father.

You will get to meet me, enclosed are two plane tickets.  They are to Philly, I will pick you up at the airport; I’ll be holding a sign with your name Jennings.  I will see you soon.

Mick St. John

Can we trust him grandma, Jenn asked?

I think we can, Maggie said.

Let’s get packed and go, and be extra vigilant.  We don’t tell anyone we’re leaving town or where we’re headed, Maggie told her granddaughter.

So, the two went to pack.

Hello, PC Branch of the WSB, Amy speaking; how may I direct your call?

I need to speak to Special Agent Gibbs, it’s very important.

What is it pertaining to, asked Amy?

Tell him I have info about the kidnapping of Melanie/Elizabeth Webber; as well as info about where to find Malcolm Scorpio’s daughter.

I’ll put you on hold, Amy said.

Amy then called up to the conference room:

DiNozzo answer that buzzing, Gibbs ordered.

What do you need Miss Roarke, Tony asked?

I need Agent Gibbs, Amy replied.

It’s for you boss, Tony said handing Gibbs the phone.

Gibbs here, he said.

I’m sorry to bother you Agent Gibbs, Amy said.

It’s okay, what do you need, Gibbs asked?

I need you to come down here, Amy said.

I’ll be right there, Leroy said.

I’ll be back, keep working, Gibbs said as he walked out.

A Few minutes later……………..

Thank you for coming down Agent Gibbs.

I have a man on the phone who would only talk to you.  He says he has information about the Webber case as well as info about Commissioner Scorpio, Amy told Gibbs.

Agent Gibbs here, he said into the phone.

Agent Gibbs, I have info to give you.  I’ll be in Port Charles tomorrow evening.

Can I get a name, Gibbs asked?

Just call me Mick.

Did the receptionist tell you what I have info about?

Yes, but how do I know you’re telling the truth, Gibbs asked?

Malcolm Scorpio’s daughter’s name is Jennings.  Her mother’s name was Frankie Gallagher.

Where do you want to meet, Gibbs asked?

How bout we meet at the WSB?  And you’ll want Mr. Scorpio there.

We’ll be waiting, Gibbs said.

I’ll see you there, and the line went dead.

Commissioner Scorpio, Mac answered.

Mac, Gibbs said.

You’re going to want to meet me at the WSB tomorrow night at 9pm, Gibbs told Mac.

Why, Mac asked?

Because someone with info about your daughter will be coming, Leroy said.

Okay, I’ll be there, Mac said before ending the call.

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Chapter Sixteen
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