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 Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter 17

Next evening----------

Enroute:  Port Charles from Philly & WSB HQ:

What did he say Gunny, Mac asked?

He knew who Frankie was & knew Jennings’s name.  Just be patient Mac, Gibbs said.

When she and her grandmother had arrived in Philly, the man was waiting for them.

He’d told them it would take a few hours to get to Port Charles, but he wanted to be sure no one tried to stop them.

He’d also said that he would explain everything once they were at the WSB in Port Charles.

That had been several hours ago, now as they were 20 minutes from Port Charles, Jenn wondered:

Will dad want me in his life?

What if he’s married and his family won’t accept me?

What does this Mick St. John have to do with my mom and my dad?

And why are we going to Port Charles, NY?

Mac, will you stop fidgeting?  You’re wearing a hole in the floor.

Next thing you know, you’ll fall in; and find yourself in Timbuktu!, Gibbs said.

Ha Ha; you always were a riot Gibbs, Mac said.

A Few Minutes Later:

Gibbs and Mac heard them before they saw them.

Let me take the lead, Leroy told Mac.

Agent Gibbs, you have visitors, the security guard said as the group walked in.

Thanks Bill, Gibbs said.

Mr. St. John, I presume, Gibbs queried?

That’s the name I’ve been using for the last 25 years.  My real name is Mason Hansen.

Everyone please let me finish, Mason asked?  Yes, Jenn; I am Georgia Hansen’s son.

My mother is not a nice woman.  She controlled her children like she controlled her husband.

We had to live our lives the way she wanted us to.  She controlled who we dated, everything.

And if anyone got in here way, she got rid of them, Mason said.

The final straw for me was when I turned 18. I was dating a nice girl named Grace.  My mother didn’t like her.  She snapped when she found out that Grace was pregnant.  Two weeks later, Grace was dead.  The official reports said that she was killed by an accidental house fire.  I didn’t buy it.  So I faked my death and started over, Mason said.

I had been friends with Frankie, and I was happy when I found out about her daughter.  Then I heard that she’d been killed.  At that point I had returned to Charlotte when my brother called me.  Cole and I met, and what he told me had rocked me to my core.  Cole had found out that my mother was hiding some dark secrets, but she was also blackmailing people, Mason stated.

So, I left to start dismantling her info.  While I was gone, Cole had been killed by a drunk driver.  He’d left me a letter stating that he’d found out that mother knew about Jennings; who her father was, where he lived and so on.  Cole also stated that she’d known since before Frankie had died.  Frankie had tried to find Mr. Scorpio, using her connections but failed.  Cole found out that Georgia had had a part in that, Mason admitted.  

Needless to say that what Gibbs, Maggie, Mac and Jennings had heard so far was shocking.

Cole also realized before he died that mother was punishing Jennings for the fact that Frankie had fallen out of love with Cole.  Yes, Frankie had loved Cole, but it wasn’t as deeply as she loved Mr. Scorpio, Mason said.

After I came back I started to finish what Cole and I had started, Mason said.

Mac knew that the young woman in front of him, was his daughter Jennings, but he would let things play out as they would.

Maggie was appalled to hear what Georgia had done.  To punish Jennings for the fact that her mother had fallen out of love with Cole, that SHE-DEVIL.  I hope she gets hers, Maggie thought to herself.

Jennings, Mason said.

Cole loved your mother very much.  He wasn’t mad about what happened.  He was going to bring you everything, Mason told her.

Knowing it was time to introduce Jenn to her father said:

Mr. Scorpio, I would like you to meet your daughter Jennings, Mason said.

Both Jenn and Mac hesitated for a minute before Jenn moved forward.

Dad, Jennings asked?

Yeah, Mac answered.  I looked for you, but it was like you’d vanished.

That was Georgia’s doing.  She had connections and used them to get custody of Jenn, claiming that Jenn was Cole’s, Mason said.

I remember that, Maggie said.  It took Charlie and me, 3 years to get our granddaughter back.

Mrs. Gallagher, I had hand in your getting her back.  I took DNA from both Cole and Jenn; and had a friend run the tests.  After I got the results, I sent them to the judge anonymously, Mason explained.

It was you that played with me?  Across from the courthouse the day that grandma and grandpa brought me home, Jenn said smiling.  You told me that I would be going home, where I belonged.

Yes, that was me, Mason said.

Thank you Mason, Maggie said.

I’d like to get to know both you better, Mason said to Jenn and Maggie.

We’d like that, Maggie answered.

Agent Gibbs, why don’t we let these people get to know each other; and I’ll tell you what I know, Mason asked?

We can go upstairs, Gibbs answered.

Mrs. Gallagher, one thing, Mason said.

Mason knew that what he was about to say would blow Maggie’s, Jenn’s and his own life sky high; but he had to tell her.

Can I come and talk with you tomorrow sometime?  I have a few things to tell you, and they’re better said in private, Mason asked?

Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow Mason, Maggie said and then Mason and Gibbs headed upstairs.

Maggie looked at Mac and said: you really loved my daughter, didn’t you?

Yes, I did.  I was planning on coming home after my tour and asking Frankie to marry me.  I wanted us to be a family, Mac said.

I was devastated when I heard that she’d been killed  in the bombing in Saudi Arabia.  I tried to find out more but wasn’t able to, Mac said.

I was wounded at the tail end of Desert Storm; I spent several months in the hospital.  When I got out, I wasn’t any good to anyone, so I went home to Sidney for a while, Mac said.  And after that, I followed my brother here to Port Charles.

Do you have a family of your own, Maggie asked?

Yes, I do.  And they know about Jennings, and want her in their lives, Mac stated.

When you say they, who do you mean daddy, Jenn asked?

You have an Aunt Anna, Uncle Robert, a cousin named Robin; for starters.  You also have four younger sisters: Maxie, Kristina, Georgie and Molly, Mac said with a grin.

I would like to meet them, Jenn said.

It’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning.   Robin is on rounds at the hospital, your aunt and uncle are in bed asleep; and your sisters are fast asleep by now, Mac said.

Okay, Jennings said.

I’ll always love you Jennings, Mac told his daughter.

Let’s get you settled for the night.  You can either stay with us or I can take you to the Port Charles Hotel, Mac stated.

We’ll stay with you Mac, Maggie said.

And so the trio left for Mac’s home.  On the way, Mac called and let Alexis know that he was bringing home Jenn and her grandmother.

WSB Conference Room;

McGee, pull up Mason Hansen’s information.

After McGee had pulled it all up, Gibbs saw that all the info that Mick/Mason had told him was the same as on the screen.  Gibbs still had McGee run the fingerprints.

And the fingerprints matched as well.  Gibbs wasn’t surprised by that, and knew that whatever information Mason had would be good.

So what do you have, Gibbs asked Mason?

I know that Georgia knew the woman that you call Diana Webber.  That’s not her real name, Mason said.

What is her real name, Gibbs asked?

Her real name is Amanda Holden, Mason stated.

How did /does your mother know/knew her, Gibbs asked?

Georgia was a Madam, she ran/runs a high priced call girl service.  She’s managed to keep it hidden from everyone including my father, Mason told them.

Does she still run it, Kate Todd asked, knowing that if she was that the feds could get her, and she would face jail time?

Yes, over the last 11 months I’ve gathered everything I found.  She has very meticulous records.  Here is all of what I have found, Mason said handing Gibbs the files he’d brought with him.

Gibbs then dialed Abby.


What do you need Gibbs, Abby asked?

I need you to run two names for me, Gibbs said.

Give, Abby stated.

Georgia Hansen and Amanda Holden.  Also reference Ramirez and Darnell against those names, Gibbs said then hung up.

Do you have anymore, Gibbs asked Mason?

After some digging, I found out that Maggie and my father had been dating.  Georgia was jealous, Mason sated.

Georgia wanted my dad, and apparently saw Maggie as an obstacle.  The push and pull between my dad and them went on for about a year and a half, Mason said.

Before I say more, I need to explain my existence, Mason said.

Gibbs, as well as his team wondered what Mason meant by that statement.

I didn’t find this part out until Georgia took Jennings from Maggie and Charlie Gallagher.  Maggie and my father had child; a son, me; Mason explained.

Georgia made Maggie believe that her child had died at birth, she had help, Mason spat.

Georgia asked a nurse who worked for her to help her.  And she controlled my father by threatening Maggie’s life and mine.

She made my dad let her raise me as her own, Mason said.

What else did she do, Gibbs asked?

Well to her, Maggie was still a problem.  So she asked a client of hers; an Anthony Falconeri, to take care of the problem, Mason stated.

How, Ziva asked?

By ending her life, Mason said flatly.  But Mr. Falconeri didn’t do what Georgia wanted him to.

What did her do instead, agent Todd asked?

He raped her, and beat up pretty badly; Frankie was a result of that.  Mom and Charlie protected her from both Georgia and Mr. Falconeri.

So, Maggie is your real mother, Gibbs asked?

Yes, I had a DNA test done.  I didn’t tell anyone.  I was trying to protect mom.  Frankie was my sister, Mason said sadly.

I still need to tell Maggie and Jennings about this, Mason said.

Boss, DiNozzo stated.

What, Gibbs asked?

This little black book only has first names, Tony said.

I may know some of those names, Mason said.

And so Gibbs, his team and Mason went to work on Georgia’s little black book.

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Chapter Seventeen
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