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 Chapter Eighteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Eighteen   Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:22 pm

Chapter 18


Gibbs and company had worked through the night to put the Georgia/Anthony F/Diana Webber puzzle together.   The puzzle was far from complete but Gibbs was determined to figure it out.




Madison Estate:


It was 5 am and Jason was holding his beautiful fiancée in his arms.


He looked at her with affection and worry.  Yes, the dark circles were starting to fade but the nightmares hadn’t.


He was pissed that they still didn’t know who was responsible for the shooting, but he wasn’t angry at Mac or Taggart, they were doing the best they could.


He and Sonny had been looking into the shooting as well, but had run into a brick wall.  Whoever was responsible had hidden their tracks well.


Mac still had the man who’d tried to kill Liz at the hospital in custody, but he wasn’t talking.


Then there was all the info about Jeff Webber.   Jason was starting to believe more and more that Jeff hadn’t known about Elizabeth before Diana brought her home.


And that by allowing Diana to convince him to leave Liz with Audrey and Steve, that he was in a way able to protect Elizabeth from Diana.


Morning, Liz said awhile later.


Good morning baby, Jason said.


So what’s on your agenda for today, he asked her?


I need to go and see Jeff, will you go with me, Liz asked?


Yes, I’ll go with you, Jason told her.


So Jason and Elizabeth readied for their day ahead.  They had breakfast, and then headed to see Jeff.






Uncle Leroy, Liz said as they walked in?


Hey kiddo, how are you doing, Gibbs asked?


I’m okay.  I need to talk to Jeff, Liz told him.


Okay, Gibbs told her.


Tony, go get Jeff, Gibbs ordered.


So while Tony went to fetch Jeff, Gibbs led Liz and Jason into Interrogation Room 1.


As Jeff was brought into the room he saw Elizabeth.  He realized that he could have tried to prevent all this.


Elizabeth, Jeff said.


Jeff, Elizabeth answered.


I need answers, Liz said.


Okay, Jeff said in reply.


Did you know, Elizabeth asked?


No, I knew some of it, but not all.  I didn’t know that you weren’t Diana’s, Jeff said. 


What did she tell you, Liz asked?


When she brought you home, she told me that you had been the child of a friend; who had asked her to raise you for her, and because I was stupid; I didn’t question her, Jeff stated.


And in essence she lied to me about it twice.  Once when I asked her about you, and when I asked again when getting a birth certificate for you, Jeff stated.


I believe you, Liz said.


What happened to make you leave me on Grams porch that night, Liz asked?


Diana had given you something.  You were admitted to the ER, and things started to come out, Jeff answered.


What was she given, Jason asked?


It was anti-freeze, Jeff said quietly.  She was trying to kill you.


Why not notify the police, Liz questioned?


Because when I confronted her with it, she threatened Steven and Sarah.  So, I came up with a plan, Jeff said.


What plan, Gibbs asked?  He hadn’t left Liz to face Jeff alone.


The ER doc was a friend; so we came up with this:  I knew all 3 kids were at risk, so I agreed to Diana’s terms, but threw in some of my own, Jeff said.


What terms, Elizabeth asked?


Well, I knew that she wanted Steven sent away to boarding school.  He’d be safe there, so I agreed.


She wanted to take you with us Elizabeth.  But that was not what I planned.  I told her that I wouldn’t go unless we left you with my parents, Jeff said.


It was the only way I could think of to keep you safe, Jeff said.


It wasn’t until very much later that I found out she’d lied about hurting Sarah.   But she kept threatening you and Steven, Jeff explained defeated.


I had fallen out of love with Diana.  But she said if I left, she would make sure that I lost you, Steven and Sarah, so I stayed, Jeff explained.


But I continued to see Sofia.  Diana’s schedule was different from mine, so it made it possible for me to be with Sofia.


Steven said that she found out about Sofia and the kids, Liz said.


Yes, she found out about 6 months ago.  And then she tried to hurt Sofia and the kids.  That’s when I sent them to Helene’s family, Jeff stated.  But I also knew they wouldn’t be safe there for long, so I call in a favor, and a friend took them into hiding.


I hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me Elizabeth, Jeff said. 


I just don’t know, Liz said honestly.






Scorpio Residence:


Thank you for allowing us into your home, Maggie said to Alexis.


Jennings is Mac’s daughter, Alexis said.


Good morning Maggie, Mac said as he walked in.


Good morning Mac, Maggie said.


Morning mom, Georgie and Maxie said as they walked into the kitchen.


Maxie, Georgie; I would like you to meet Maggie Gallagher, Mac said.


Nice to meet you, both girls said.


Remember when I explained to you about my having a daughter who is older than you, and that I was trying to find her, Mac asked the girls?


Yes, the girls answered.


Well I found her, and Maggie is her grandmother, Mac explained.


Where is she, Maxie asked?


She’s still asleep, Mac answered.




A short time later, Jennings entered the kitchen.


Morning, Jennings said.


Morning dear, Maggie said as she kissed her grand-daughter.


Morning dad, Jennings said.


Morning Jenn, Mac answered.


Maxie, Georgie, Kristina, Molly; I would like you to meet your eldest sister, Jennings, Mac said.


Hi, all four spoke.


After all the introductions were over, Jennings spent the day getting to know her family.





Charlotte, NC:


Georgia had no idea that her “son” was alive; nor did she know that he was helping Maggie and Jenn.


As it was, Georgia had been looking around for someone to help her eliminate Maggie and Jenn; and she’d found someone.



**Phone Conversation**




Yes, I was told you could help me get rid of a problem, Georgia said into the phone.


Yes, I can


What’s your fee, Georgia asked?


$ 20,000 each


Okay, my problems are Maggie Gallagher and Jennings Gallagher.  I want it to look like an accident, Georgia said.


Georgia was then given instructions as well as the location of the pay-off.




Unknown location ---à


**Phone convo # 1**


Is it done?


No, we failed.  And Curly is in police custody.


You idiots!  Can’t you do anything right?


At the next opportunity we’ll get it done.


You make sure that Curly is eliminated so he can’t talk!!



Dammit, I want Elizabeth dead already!!




**Phone convo # 2**


Is Elizabeth Webber dead yet?


No, security has been too tight.  They’re waiting for a break in security.


She’d better be dead soon, OR YOU’RE NEXT!!!





Scorpio Residence:


Hello, Mac said as he answered his cell phone.


Mac, gunny here.  Can you, Maggie and Jenn come to the WBS, Jethro asked?


Yes, why?  What’s up, Mac asked?


We’ll explain when you get here, Gunny said.


So Mac, Maggie and Jenn headed back to the WSB.   Each contemplating what was going on.







What is going on Gunny, Mac asked once they’d arrived?


Let’s go into the conference room, Jethro said.


Maggie, Mason has some things that he needs to tell you, Leroy said.


Maggie, I know that you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but I have proof, Mason said.


What, Maggie asked?


I’m your son, Mason said.


No, that’s not possible.   My son died at birth, Maggie said not quite sure of what was going on.


Georgia wanted you to believe that.  She wanted dad, so she made you believe that I’d died.  Then she forced dad to marry her and keep quiet about me, Mason said as he handed Maggie the file on Georgia and what she’d done.


As Maggie read the file she said, you are telling the truth.  You are my little boy, Maggie cried.


Yes I am, Mason said as he hugged Maggie.   I hope that we can get past this and be a family?


Yes, we can be a family, Maggie answered.


What do you think Jenn, Mason asked Jenn?


I’m with grandma, Jenn said.


And so Mason, Maggie and Jenn got to know each other as family.  And as Maggie got to know Mason, she thought:


Georgia, you’d better be grateful that I’m not a vindictive person; or you’d be given some revenge for taking my son.


Mason was also thinking to himself: I know mom is not the kind of person for revenge; but Georgia will get hers.

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Chapter Eighteen
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