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 Chapter Nineteen

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PostSubject: Chapter Nineteen    Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:32 pm

Chapter 19

Madison Estate:


Steven was at Elizabeth and Jason’s.  He and Audrey had come after Steven had received word that Sofia and the kids were an hour away.


“So how did things go with Jeff dear”, Audrey asked Liz?


“It’s going to take some time for me to forgive him but, I am willing, for Steven’s sake”, Elizabeth said.


“Thank you Lizzie”, Steven said.


“I don’t believe that he knew all of it when Diana brought me home”, Liz said.


“I don’t either dear”.  “I think she kept the truth from him figuring that if caught, he’d take the fall”, Audrey said.


“But Diana didn’t count on Agent Gibbs, Jason or Sonny”, Steven stated.


“Uncle Jethro will nail her”, Liz said.


“And then I have a feeling that your father will have her taken care of once she’s behind bars”, Audrey stated calmly.


“GRAMS”!!, Steven said shocked.


“WHAT”, Audrey asked?  “I’m embracing what Liz has embraced”.  “Sonny and Jason will protect Liz and that is okay with me”.


“No matter what the cost”, Audrey said.


Just then Liz’s housekeeper, Rachel; announced Sofia and the children.


“Thank you Rachel”, Liz said.


“Welcome to Madison Estate”.  “I’m Elizabeth”.


“Thank you”, Sofia said.


“I’m Steven, and this is Audrey Hardy, my father’s step-mother”.


“Hello Mrs. Hardy”, Sofia said.


“Are we really safe here”, Sofia asked?


“Yes, NCIS has men posted outside”.  “And my fiancée has men posted as well”, Liz said.


“Let’s get my younger siblings settled and then we have a lot to talk about”, Steven said.


“Okay”, Sofia said tiredly.


And so after Steven and Rachel got the kids settled in the family room; Steven, Liz and Audrey filled Sofia in on everything.  And needless to say, she was shocked.


“Steven, I never meant to ruin your father and Diana’s marriage”, Sofia said.


“You didn’t, Diana did”.  “My dad loves you”, Steven said.


“Elizabeth, even though you’re not really related to Steven of Jeff; I still want you to be an older sibling to my children”, Sofia said.


“And even though Jeff hasn’t shown it in the best way, he did /does love you”, Sofia added.


“I would like that”, Liz said.  “And I know that once he found out the truth, he tried to protect me”.


“Steven, I would like to go and see Jeff, if possible”, Sofia said.


“I’ll take you now”, Steven answered.




While Steven took Sofia to see Jeff, Elizabeth and Audrey got to her younger siblings; and Audrey got to know her grandchildren.







Gibbs was beginning to see that this Ramirez, Darnell as well as Diana were using Jeff as a scapegoat.


“Gibbs, what is it”, Cait asked?


“I’m being played, and whoever it is, is going down”, Jethro stated coldly.


“What do you mean”, Ziva asked puzzled?


“It means that Jeff is no longer a suspect in Elizabeth’s kidnapping, and I’ll vouch for him on the rest”, Gibbs said.


“But………..”, McGee said started to say.


“Yes, I know that he obtained a fake birth certificate, but he was conned by Diana”.   “I think she set the whole thing up”, Gibbs said.


“Uncle Jethro”, Steven said as he came to stand in the doorway?


“Steven”, Leroy said.


“This is Sofia Curtis, and she would like to see my dad”, Steven said.


“Ziva, take Steven and Sofia to Interrogation Room 1, while I go and get Jeff”, Gibbs ordered.


“If you’ll follow me”, Ziva said.




Holding Cells:


Gibbs stopped inside the doors and listened as Diana yell and ranted that this was all entirely that brat Elizabeth’s fault.


As Gibbs walked by Diana’s cell, Diana tried to goad him, but it didn’t work.


“Jeff, you have a visitor, I need you to come with me”, Gibbs said.


And so Gibbs took Jeff up to I Room 1.  He knew that even though Jeff was a scapegoat; Jeff would need protect as well once Diana realized that her plan had failed.


Once back upstairs, the four of them talked.





Madison Estate:


Elizabeth and the kids were enjoying a movie when the phone rang:


“Hello”, Liz answered.


“Lizzie”, Brennan said.


“Hi Bren”, Elizabeth said in reply.


“How are you”, Bren asked?


“I’m better, I’m at home”, Liz said.


“Have they found out who did it”, Bren asked?


“No, but we have another mystery on our hands; involving the woman I thought was my mother”, Liz stated.


“What”, Bren asked?


And so Liz explained to Brennan what she could about what was going on with Jeff and Diana.


“So, Diana isn’t your real mother”, Brennan quizzed?


“Correct”, Liz said.


“And Jeff isn’t your dad”, Bren questioned again?


“Correct again”, Liz said with a little giggle. 


“WOW”, Brennan said.  “I thought my life was a soap opera”.





Over the course of the next week a lot happened for the citizens of Port Charles:


Maggie and Mason had bonded as mother and son.  They were making up for lost time.  And through Maggie, he got to know his late sister Frankie.


Jenn and Mason also bonded as Uncle and niece.  Mason was proud of Jenn.  He got to know her more every day.


Maggie had been able to find a nice size house for her and Jenn.  She, Mac and Jenn had discussed it, and it was decided that Jenn would live with Maggie; but she would see Mac whenever she wanted.   Neither was going to cut anyone out of Jenn’s life.




Steven and Elizabeth had bonded with Sofia and the children.   Steven loved all of his younger siblings, Liz included.


He, Liz and Audrey spent time with Sofia and the children.  Audrey liked Sofia and loved her new grandchildren.




All the kids had their first bake sale, which was a huge success.  They made $ 1,000.  They were very proud of themselves.


They started planning on what to do next, and more people volunteered to help.





The police were still no closer to finding out who had hired the men to go after Elizabeth then they were at the beginning of the investigation.




Mac and his family were bonding with Maggie, Mason and Jenn.  Kristina, Molly, Georgie and Maxie were thrilled to have an older sister. 


Maggie and Alexis had become fast friends.  And Jenn and Alexis were getting to know each other as well.  





Mason had the same idea, but for different reasons.  He knew that Georgia was still a threat; and until he could get proof to have her arrested, his mother and niece would not be safe in NC.


He wanted time to get to know his mom and Jenn.





Robert and Anna also got a chance to get to know Jenn.  And Robert could see that Jenn had inherited her father’s determination.


Jenn and Robin had hit it off instantly.  And they were finding ways to pull pranks on everyone.






Jeff had been sitting in the Interrogation room for about 10 minutes; he was wondering what was up.


He wasn’t expecting any visitors.  And he knew that Sofia and the kids were safe at Jason and Elizabeth’s.


“Jeff”, Gibbs said as he entered.


“Heather was still alive when you left her”, Gibbs informed him.


“So what now”, Jeff asked?


“Well, we’ll need you to testify against Diana; and possibly others”, Gibbs said.


“But for now you’re free to go; but don’t go far”, Gibbs stated.


“I’m not planning on leaving Port Charles”.   “I need to get to know my son again; and I’d really like to meet Liz’s real family”, Jeff said.


“That’ll be up to them”, Gibbs said in reply.
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Chapter Nineteen
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