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 Chapter Twenty

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty   Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:52 pm

Chapter 20


Unknown location:


“Dammit Diana, can’t you do anything without screwing it up”, Ramirez asked the empty room?


He knew from experience that Diana would end up giving up everyone to save herself.


He would just have to make sure that they would take the fall, he’d be safe.


He still couldn’t understand what Darnell’s real connection to Michael Corbin was; or why he wanted him punished.


“Father, Darnell’s on the phone”, his son said.


“What”, Jose’ spoke into the phone?


“I just got word, Diana is being held by NCIS in Port Charles, NY; she’s at WSB headquarters there”, Darnell said.


“Damn”, Jose said.  “Why is NCIS involved”?


“I am unsure”, Darnell lied.  He knew, but Jose didn’t need to know that.


Darnell knew who Diana was married to, as well as Jeff’s connection to NCIS.


He’d made sure to always know everything about the people he associated with or had deals with.


And he also knew that Diana’s daughter Sarah had secrets that she wanted kept buried.


As for Michael; or Sonny as he called himself now; Darnell had gotten his revenge.






“Gibbs”, Abby said via video link?


“What do you have Abby”, Jethro asked?


“Nothing yet”, Abby said.  “I’m still working on it”.


“Okay”, Gibbs said.







“Agent Gibbs”, Mason said as he entered?


“I have some information that needs to be told to the Mac and his daughter, Maggie, the Falconeri family and Elizabeth Webber”, Mason informed the agent.


Gibbs trusted Mason’s judgment.  He now knew all things Mason.  Mason had served in the military; and had recommendations in his jacket.   So he called all involved and requested their presence.


When Mason showed Gibbs what he had, Gibbs said:


“Holy Hannah”!!


“WOW”!!  “I didn’t see that coming”, Gibbs exclaimed.





2 hours later:


      WSB Conference Room 1--à


As Liz and Jason were sitting, they were wondering why they were all there:


“Jason, why would Uncle Jethro want all of us here”?  “I mean Grams, my mom, Grandma Alex, Gr. Grandpa Harry, Mac, his daughter Jenn and Mrs. Gallagher; what is going on”, Liz asked?


“Looks like we are about to find out”, Jason said as Gibbs and another man entered the room.


“This is Mason Gallagher”, he’s Maggie’s son.


“Now, you’re all probably wondering why I’ve called you all here”, Gibbs stated.


“We found out some information that concerns everyone in this room”, Jethro said.



“During the course of my investigation into Georgia Hanson, I found out some things; and as a result dug deeper”, Mason explained.


“What I found out disgusted me and I almost went vigilante, but stopped and knew that those involved needed to know”.  “I didn’t come to Port Charles just to bring you to your father Jenn”, Mason said.


“Mom, I know that you have been through so much in your life, but I have to bring this up”, Mason said softly to Maggie.


“Mom was raped while attending college, she was never able to identify her attacker”, Mason said.


“But I have since found out who was responsible from info I found in Georgia Hansen’s home”.  “His name was Anthony Falconeri”, Mason explained.


“Oh God”, Alexandra said.  “When was this”, Alexandra asked softly?


Mason answered for his mother, and gave Alex the dates.


“That was the infamous 2 weeks that he claimed he was in LA on business”, Alex said.   “THAT MONSTER, HE LIED TO US”, Alex yelled.


“Mrs. Gallagher, I apologize for what my son did”, Harrison said.


“It was not your fault Mr. Falconeri”, Maggie said.  “Your son was the only one responsible”.


“Was mom his daughter nana”, Jennings asked?


“Yes”, Maggie said in tears.


As everyone sat processing that information, Kate realized:


“That means that your daughter was my younger sister”?


“Yes, you are correct Ms. Howard”, Maggie said.


“And that means that Jenn and I are cousins”, Liz stated?


“WOW”, Jenn exclaimed.  “Not only do I get my father and my younger siblings; an aunt, uncle and cousin; but now another aunt and another cousin that my mom had”.


Jen looked at the Falconeri family and wondered if they would accept her?


And Maggie looked at Alexandra Falconeri and was afraid that she would scream, rage and ultimately refuse to accept Jenn and make life in Port Charles miserable for her and Jenn?



As everyone in the room was waiting for someone to explode, Kate ended the suspence:


“Maggie, you are not to blame for what my father did”.  “He attacked you; and that was his fault not yours”, Kate said.


“Your daughter was my sister, I wish I had known her; but I can get to know her through you and Jenn”, Kate said with a slight smile.


“Mrs. Gallagher, I would personally like to apologize for my late husband’s behavior”, Alex said.  “And I would like the chance to get to know you and Jenn”.


“Maggie”, Harrison said.


“I know that you might be afraid that the Falconeri family will make your life miserable; but we have no intentions of doing that”.  “My son was not perfect, and I am coming to realize that he had some very dark secrets”, Harrison said.  “I would like to get to know my granddaughter if that is alright with you”?


“I didn’t know that he was in NC”.  “He and I had an argument; I’m not sure about what now, but he walked out and I didn’t see him for 2 weeks”, Alex explained.


“No”, Maggie said.  “I will not let you blame yourself for what happened; or take the blame for what that man did”.  “He did it, and he is the only one responsible for his actions”.


“Harrison, I would like for you to meet your granddaughter Jennings”, Maggie said making the introductions.


“Jenn, I would like you to meet your grandfather Harrison”, Maggie said to Jenn.


Jenn gave Harrison a big hug; then Harrison introduced them to the rest of the family.



As everyone was getting to know each other, Gibbs and his team were watching from across the room.


“WOW”, Cait said.  “You’re god-daughter is related to your other friend’s daughter”.


Gibbs turned to his team:


“Let’s let them be, and get back to work”.


“McGee”, Jethro said quietly?


“Yeah boss”, Tim said?


Gibbs then handed McGee a piece of paper and waited…..


“Are you sure boss”, Tim asked?


“Yes, when you have it, bring all of it directly to me”, Gibbs said.





Some Time Later---à


WSB Conference Room 1:


Mason’s phone starts singing:  “(I love this crazy, tragic

                           Sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful        

                                     Life:  By Daryl Worley)”



“Hello”, Mason spoke.


“We have a problem”.


“What kind of problem”, Mason asked?


“A Georgia Hansen kind of problem”.


“What is she up to now”, Mason demanded?


“She’s put out a hit on Maggie and Jennings”.


“SHE WHAT”, Mason yelled; getting everyone’s attention including Gibbs and his team?


“Do whatever you have to do to intercept and stop it; I’ll handle things on this end”; Mason said then slammed his phone shut!!!


Mason then motioned Mac and Gibbs over to a far corner of the room and started to explain:


“That was my contact in Charlotte; he’s been watching Georgia for me”.


“He just informed me that she put out a hit on Maggie and Jenn”, Mason said.


“He’s going to try and stop it but, I’m going to make sure that my mom and Jenn are protected”, Mason declared.


“I can put agents on them, but I don’t want to tip her off to the fact that we are investigating her”, Gibbs said.


“I know”, Mason said in reply.


“I’m for asking Jason and Sonny”, Mac Said.


“That could work”, Gibbs said……………………………….




And so Gibbs, Mac and Mason told the group what was going on.


“Jason”, Mac asked?


“Would you and Sonny have some men that you could give as round the clock guards for Maggie and Jenn”, Mac asked?


“Yes, we do, and I can have them here in 10 minutes”, Jason answered.  He then called the men and told them to come.



As everyone was preparing to leave Mac said:


“Jason, I think it might be safer for Maggie and Jenn to stay with you and Liz until this is over, if that’s alright”?


“Its fine Mac”, both Liz and Jason said.



So Mac headed back to the station; Jason and Liz’s family headed back to the estate, and Gibbs and his team went back to work.
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Chapter Twenty
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