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 Chapter 21

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PostSubject: Chapter 21   Sun May 11, 2014 3:29 pm

Chapter 21




Later that evening:


“Gibbs”, Abby’s on screen, McGee said.


“What have you got Abby”, Leroy asked?


“Well let me say this, Heather Webber was insane”!


“I still have to wait on the files from the lab, but the fingerprints found that match Jeff were smudged”.


“And adhesive was found around the prints; and that tells me they were lifted from somewhere else and placed in Heather’s room”, Abby said.


“But I found more; I found prints that match Diana Webber”, Abby stated.


“And everything points to Diana killing Heather”, Abby said to Gibbs.


“Tell me everything”, Gibbs ordered.




“Well, Diana Webber was not her legal name before entering medical school”.  “It was Amanda Holden; and she has a record for prostitution; but we knew that from you guy Mason”, Abby said.


“After she changed her name to Diana Baxter, she started Medical School”.  “She apparently wasn’t making enough waiting tables; so she became a high priced call girl; that’s how she paid for school”.


“I’m sending McGee all of what I’ve found on her clients”, Abby said.


“I’m still working on Ramirez and Darnell”, Abby told Gibbs.


“Boss, it’s coming through”, McGee said as all the info was opening via email.




2 days later:


“Gibbs”, he barked into his phone.


“I know who killed Heather Webber”, Abby said.


“Tell me”, Gibbs ordered!


“Diana ordered it done”, Abby told him.


“Do you know who she hired and why she wanted her dead”, Gibbs asked?


“I haven’t been able to find the who; Gibbs it was almost 20 years ago”, Abby said.


“And as to the why, you’d have to ask Diana to get the answer to that one”, Abby told Gibbs.





Madison Estate:


“Morning”, Jeff said as he entered Elizabeth’s kitchen.


“Good morning”, Jason said.


“Jason, I want to thank you for letting Sofia, I and the kids stay”, Jeff said.  “I know I have a lot to make up for”.


“Good morning honey”, Jason said a Liz entered the kitchen.


“Morning”, Liz said.


“Elizabeth, I know that I have a lot to make amends for; and I will do that”, Jeff said.


“I’m willing to try”, Liz said.





Unknown Phone conversation # 1:


“Is she dead”?




“Why not”?


“Law enforcement is heavy”.


“What about Curly”?  “Has he been eliminated”?


“We can’t get to him”.




“We will, as soon as we can get in”.




“We Will”.






Unknown phone conversation # 2:



“Why isn’t she dead”?


“She’s too heavily guarded; my men need to wait for an opening”.


“All you’re giving me is excuse after excuse; you’re trying my patience”!!!


“You’re also running out of time, GET IT DONE NOW”!!!!







“Gibbs”, Cait said?


“What”, Gibbs questioned?


“I’ve found an email account for Georgia; and there are emails here to and from both Ramirez and Darnell”, Cait said.


“And from the content of these emails, I’d say that they know each other”, Cait stated.









Liz and her family were sitting at a table waiting for their food when the bell over the door rang.


Force of habit had Jason and Sonny looking towards the door.



Luke walked into Kelly’s.


Sonny and Jason didn’t know how to react to seeing Luke.  He and Laura had blamed Elizabeth for Lucky’s death.


“I come in peace”, Luke said.  “I know now that Liz wasn’t to blame”.  “I was grieving and I put my foot in my mouth”.


“It's okay Luke”, Liz said.


“Why are you here”?  “Are you and Laura moving back”, Sonny asked?


“No, I’m here because my dear wife is missing”, Luke informed them.  “I’m looking for her”.  “We aren’t moving back”.


“Elizabeth, I wish you and Jason all the best”, Luke said then left.






“There you are”, Lucy said as she rushed in.  “I need you, we have planning to do”.


And with that, Lucy drug Liz out of Kelly’s with Francis following.







“Gibbs”, McGee said.  “I think you need to see this”.


“See what”, Gibbs said as he walked over to McGee?



As Gibbs read what Tim was showing him, Jethro was floored.


Kate Howard knew Diana; but she knew her as Amanda, Gibbs said.


“We need to talk to Ms. Howard”, Gibbs said.




Sometime later:



“Thank you for seeing us Ms. Howard”, Jethro said.


“Anything to get justice for my daughter”, Kate said.


“Did you know a young woman by the name of Amanda Holden”, Gibbs asked?




“Yes, I did”, Kate said.


“What can you tell us about her”, Gibbs asked?


“She was…… impulsive, conniving, smart, and obsessed with being rich.  She was always telling people that she was going to be a doctor; marry a prominent man and have the perfect life”.


“After high school graduation she just vanished”.  “No one ever saw her again”, Kate answered.


“Did she have a grudge against you”, Gibbs asked?


“Yes, she disliked me because I was popular and didn’t have to work for my looks”, Kate replied.


“Thanks, we won’t keep you”, Gibbs said then he and Tony left.





The Recovery Room:

          Parking lot  à  à  à  à



Lucy and Elizabeth were chatting near Lucy’s car when shots rang out.


Francis grabbed Lucy and Liz and pulled them behind another car.


Francis had barely gotten them down behind the car when a bullet whizzed above Elizabeth’s head.





Soon sirens could be heard approaching.



“Francis, what happened”, Taggart asked?


“Lucy and Elizabeth were talking by her car; then bullets started flying”, Francis said.


“I grabbed them, pulling them behind this truck”.  “Just as I got them behind it and down, a bullet flew over Elizabeth’s head”, Francis explained.


“Taggart”, an officer yelled?


“I’m coming”, Taggart said as he walked across the lot.


“What do you have”, Taggart asked?


“Your shooter was here and here’s the target”, the officer said handing Taggart a photo.


“Shxx”!, Taggart spat.



“Boss”, Taggart said once Mac was on the phone?


“What”, Mac asked?


“They tried again”.  “Elizabeth was the target”, Taggart said.


“Is she okay”, Mac asked?


“Yes; she and Lucy are fine”, Taggart said.


“Crap”, Mac said.


“I agree”, Taggart said hanging up.


Taggart saw that Jason was here; he must have arrived while he was talking to Mac.





Later that day:



WSB   à


“Uncle Jethro”, Liz said as she and Jason walked in?


“What ladybug”, Gibbs asked?  “I heard; are you okay”?


“Yes, I’m okay”.  “I need to see Diana”, Elizabeth said.


“Okay, but I’ll be in the observation room”, Jethro told her.


“That’s fine”, Liz said.



“Ziva, go and get Diana”, Gibbs ordered.



Interrogation room 2:


Diana didn’t know what was going on as she was directed into the room; then handcuffed to the table.


“Why am I in here”, Diana demanded to know?


Ziva didn’t answer her; she just leaned against the wall.



“Hello Diana”, Liz said as she walked into the room.


“THAT’S NO WAY TO TALK TO YOUR MOTHER”, Diana said sternly.



Liz slaps her hands down on the table, scaring Diana.



“YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER”!  “My mom is Kate Howard and she loves ME”, Liz said.


“If you know, then WHY are you here”, Diana sneered?


“I have some questions”.  “And if you answer them, maybe just maybe I’ll talk to Agent Gibbs on your behalf”, Liz stated.


“Why did you take me from my mother”?


“Because I wanted you”, Diana lied.


“That’s not the truth, and you know it”, Liz yelled.  “You can rot, I won’t help you”, she yelled and walked out.




Hallway    à  à  à




“Let’s go home”, Jason said.


“Liz, get your family together”.  “I have some things to tell you”, Gibbs said.


“Is 7pm okay”, Liz asked?


“Yeah, that’s fine”, Gibbs said.
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Chapter 21
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