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 Chapter Twenty Two

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty Two   Mon May 26, 2014 10:33 am

Chapter 22




Madison Estate:

           7 PM   à   à   à



“Did he say what he wanted to tell us”, Sonny asked?


“No, he didn’t”.  “But I trust him daddy”, Liz said with a smile.



Just then Gibbs and Cait were led in.


“Thanks for being here everyone”, Gibbs said.


“We found out some things that we felt you needed to be apprised of”, Gibbs said.


“Okay”, Jeff said.



“Diana is not her real name”.  “She was born Amanda Holden”, Gibbs informed them.


“THAT WITCH”, Kate spat!  “I’m why she took Melanie”?


“We’re not sure yet; but my gut says no”, Gibbs stated.



“I’ll let you all know when I know more”, Gibbs said.




Unknown location:


“Did you get the job done”?  “Is she dead”?




“And why the he** not”?


“We couldn’t get a clean shot”.  “She’s too heavily guarded now”.  “And law enforcement knows that someone wants her dead”.




“We’re not sure; someone told them”.


“Was Curly taken care of”?


“No, he’s been moved to the WSB”.  “We can’t get to him”.


“Son of a B****”!


“Use the other plan”.


“Will do boss”.


“And take care of the other target as well”.



Then the line went dead.



[size=37]XXX XXX XXX XXX[/size]

[size=37] [/size]




“Is she dead”?




“You’re getting very close to the end of my patience”.


“She’s too heavily guarded”.  “And law enforcement knows that someone wants her dead”.  “But we have one last option to play”.


“It had better work, or your life ends”!







“Gibbs”, Cait said.


“What”, Gibbs said as he walked to Cait’s station?


“Get a load of this”, Cait said as she showed Gibbs what she’d found.



“Jeff and Diana aren’t married”, Cait told him.


Gibbs was at a loss.  “How was that missed”, Gibbs asked?


“And get this, they are not even Common Law; her name change wasn’t legal”, Cait told him.



“Boss”, McGee says.  “You need to see this”.


When Gibbs arrived at the Table McGee using, he read what Tim handed him:


Sarah Webber was set to inherit Hardy money, in the amount of 5.5 million dollars.  But because Sarah’s mother wasn’t married to Jeff at Sarah’s birth or at the time of Steve Hardy’s updating his will, Sarah would not inherit.


It would revert to Audrey, who in turn could immediately give it to whomever she wanted.


But that wasn’t all; Steve had left Elizabeth a trust fund; that at the current date totaled 60 million dollars.  Elizabeth was due to get that money 4 months from now.



“That’s a clear motive for Sarah Webber to kill her sister”, Ziva said.


“Yes it is; FIND HER”, Gibbs ordered!





GH Parking lot:


The kids were doing a great job on the garage sale; Jennings was helping as well.


Everyone had donated items; it was for charity so everyone knew it was for a good cause.


By 4 pm, there wasn’t a single item left to sell.  Jenn helped Maxie count the money; they’d made almost $1,000.





Madison Estate:


“Hello”, Liz said answering the phone.


“Hello Lizzie”, Sarah said.  “How are you”?


“Sarah, if you can’t call me by my name than don’t bother”, Liz said.


“I’ve called you that name for years Lizzie”, Sarah sneered.


“I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now”!  “So stop it”, Elizabeth told Sarah.


“You know Lizzie; you haven’t changed, you’re still a brat and a b****”, Sarah spat.


“And you’re still a witch Sarah, goodbye”, Liz said then hung up.



[size=48]X O X[/size]



“Hello”, Jeff said while sitting in Liz’s living room with her.


“Daddy”, Sarah said.


“Sarah, how are you”, Jeff asked while giving Liz a look that said: I know she’s up to something?


“I’m fine daddy”.  “But I need a favor”, Sarah told him.


“What”, Jeff asked?


“Can you lend me 5,000 dollars”, Sarah asked?


“Unfortunately I can’t Sarah; I’m a little strapped for cash myself”, Jeff stated.


“But daddy”, Sarah whined?


“No buts Sarah; I don’t have that much to give”, Jeff told her.


“Fine”, Sarah spat.



“Do you know where mom is”, Sarah asked?


“No, I’m not at home; I’m at a conference”, Jeff said.


“Okay, thanks dad”.  “I’ll keep trying mom”, Sarah said ending the call.





Harrison’s hotel room:



“We’re glad we found out about you and Jenn”, Harrison said.


“I just don’t know what to think”, Maggie said.


“My son was good at hiding things”, Harrison said.  I still haven’t found out all his secrets”.



“Then Frankie died and my life became about Jenn”, Maggie said.


“Maggie, I wouldn’t have tried to take Jenn”, Harrison said.






Madison Estate:


“Uncle Jethro what’s wrong”, Elizabeth asked when he arrived?


“We found something”, Gibbs said seeing that everyone was there.


“What did you find”, Jeff asked?


“All of you may want to sit down”, Gibbs replied.


**** **** **** **** **** **** ****


After waiting for everyone to sit down Gibbs said:


“1st: Jeff, your marriage to Diane wasn’t legal; because Diana’s name change wasn’t legal”, Jethro said.


“Well I sure as heckle didn’t see that coming”, Jeff said.


“And as we were looking into that we found something else”.


“Sarah has a motive to go after Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.


“WHAT”, Jeff said.  “WHY”?


“Your father left Sarah 5.5 million dollars”.  “He assumed that she was a Hardy Webber”.  “But he left Elizabeth a trust fund totaling over 60 million dollars”, Gibbs said.


“But there’s more; because you and Diana aren’t legally married, Sarah isn’t legal to inherit”.


“But then Elizabeth can’t inherit either”, Jeff said stunned.


“You’d have to ask Steve Hardy’s attorney”, Gibbs said.


“That would be Lee Baldwin”, Jeff said.



“No he isn’t”, Audrey said.  “Your father hired someone new a year before he died”.  “His name is Sean”.  “I’ll call him”.


And Audrey did call Sean C.  After that Gibbs continued:


“What would Sarah do this”, Jeff asked?



“Because that’s how you and Diana raised her dad; to do anything and everything to be “top dog” and get what she wanted”.  “She was and is a SPOILED BRAT”! Steven said.


“But this is where it gets good; Sarah has no idea about any of this”.  “And her 5.5 million reverts back to Steve; but with Steve’s passing, it goes to Audrey”, Gibbs stated.



“So what you’re saying is that Sarah wanted me dead because she wants the 60 million dollars that grandpa left me”, Elizabeth asked?


“Yes”, Gibbs said.


“Not entirely”, Audrey stated.


“No”, a strange woman said.


“Yes”, Sean said as he was shown in.



“So which is it”, Jason asked confused and just a little pissed?


“All of the above”, Sean said.





“My name is Sean Cavanaugh, I represent Steve Hardy”.  “I’ll start”, he said looking at the others.


“I was hired by Mr. Hardy about a year before his death”.  “He informed me that he wanted to change his will; as well as add a codicil that could not be mentioned until Elizabeth’s 19th birthday”.


“He also told me that he was being deceived by his son and daughter in law”, Sean explained.


“Miss Webber, Steve knew that you weren’t his granddaughter”, Sean said.



“So, Sarah wants me for absolutely no reason”, Liz said close to tears.  Steve Hardy had lied to her as well.
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Chapter Twenty Two
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