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 Chapter Twenty Three

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty Three   Mon May 26, 2014 4:00 pm

Chapter 23




“Not quite”, Sean answered.



“What do you mean”, Audrey asked?  Her late husband had secrets.



“Even though Steve knew that Elizabeth wasn’t his granddaughter, he still loved her and left her an inheritance”, Sean said.


“How did he find out”, Jeff asked?


“He told me that he’d been informed via a package he’d received”.  “He said that it didn’t say who your real parents were; but that you would be in danger if the truth came out”.  “The letter that was with the package, said that prep work was being done to ensure your safety”, Sean said.


“He loved me”, Liz asked?


“Yes Miss Webber, he did”; Sean said.






“When he changed his will; he made these changes:


Mrs. Hardy, you still retain the family home.


Steven, he of course left you your trust fund, but also some property in Nova Scotia, Sean explained.


And Elizabeth, Sean said.  He left you more.  We’ll set up an appointment to go over it all”.


“Just tell me how much right now please”, Liz asked?



“As of when Steve changed his will it was 60 million”.  “But as of yesterday it totals more than that”, he said.


“WOW”, Elizabeth said.






“I have another piece of the puzzle”, Mz. Connor said.


“I’m Mz. Connor; I represent Helene Webber’s estate”.  “She too had initially left Sarah money; but she changed mind after spending time with Diana and Sarah”.


“I’m sorry Mr. Webber, but your mother thought that Sarah was a spoiled brat”, Mz. Connor said.


“I totally agree Mz. Connor, so no offense taken”, Jeff said.



“Ms. Webber, Helene also left you a sizable inheritance”.  “And Sarah would have known about the change”, Mz. Connor said.


“What she left you is quite different from what Mr. Hardy left you”, Mz. Conner explained.







“What did she leave then”, Jeff asked?


“She left you stocks, some property as well as a sizable trust”.  “She wanted you to have it immediately”, Mz. Conner said.



“Elizabeth dear, I think I am the last piece of the puzzle”, Audrey said.


“How”, Jeff asked?


“Well, before I married your father, I had some assets of my own that I earned and took care of”.  “I came into the marriage with those assets”, Audrey explained. 


“You can continue mom”, Jeff said.


“The last time that I had updated my will, was right after you and the family came to visit that Christmas”, Audrey said.  “And the will that Diana knew about stated that Sarah was my heir, but that Elizabeth would inherit as well”.


“I have since changed my will; all of my holdings will be divided between Steven, Elizabeth and my 5 youngest grandchildren”.  “Sarah will not be getting a dime from me”, Audrey stated.








“Good morning”, Robert said as they entered the building.


“Morning Robert”, Audrey said.  “I’m here to see agent Gibbs”.






“What can I do for you Mrs. Hardy”, Jethro asked?


“For starters you can call me Audrey”.


“Okay”, Gibbs said.


“I’d like to see Diana”, Audrey said.  “I won’t say anything about the money or your investigation”.


“You can tell her about your will, but please do not tell her about the rest”, Gibbs said.


“Okay”, Audrey replied.


**********   **********   **********   **********



“Hello Diana”, Audrey said.


Diana didn’t answer.


“I thought you’d like to know that Elizabeth is healthy, happy and knows about her true parentage”, Audrey said.


Diana still said nothing.


“I thought you’d also want to know that I changed my will”.  “Sarah will not be inheriting any of my holdings”, Audrey told the evil woman.





Audrey didn’t respond.


After Diana finished yelling every expletive known to man, Audrey said:


“I’m not impressed by you; and I wasn’t when Jeff married you”!


“Goodbye”, Audrey said before leaving the room.







“Aunt Kate, Hi”, Jennings said.


“Hi”, Kate returned.


“I love your office”, Jenn said.


“How do you like Port Charles so far”, Kate asked?


“What I’ve seen so far I like”.  “Now if I can find a job”, Jenn said.


“How would you like to work for me”, Kate asked?


“What would I do”, Jenn asked her?


“Well, you would assist me and my personal assistant”, Sidney, Kate said.


“Okay, I’ll take it”, Jenn said.


“Good”, Kate exclaimed.





Falconeri Residence:


Since finding out about Maggie and Jenn; Alex and Maggie had gotten to know each other and had become good friends.


Maggie really liked Alex, and could believe what she and her daughter had been through.






Later   -->


Kate had arrived with Jenn just as Harrison arrived.


They all had dinner, and then Kate visited with Maggie.  Kate learned a lot about Frankie, and Kate wished that she was there.





Jenn was getting to know her grandpa.  She loved the “old coot” already.


She told him that she was going to be working for Kate.


“You’ll have fun”, Harrison said.







Next day  -->  -->


McGee was bringing Diana up from holding.


“Good morning Diana”, Gibbs said once she was seated.


“Go to hell Agent Gibbs”, she said.


“You didn’t sleep well”, Gibbs asked?




“I’ve gotten to know my god daughter”, Gibbs said.  “I spent time with her and her fiancé Jason”.  “She’s turned into a lovely young lady”, Gibbs stated with a smile.





“She’s nothing but that witch’s illegitimate bastard”, Diana said.  “She’s nothing”.


“That’s where you’re wrong Diana”, Gibbs said.  “She is something: she’s someone’s daughter, granddaughter, future wife and friend”.


Diana had no response to that statement.


“You’d be wise to co-operate Diana; you’re facing a lengthy prison term”.  “Do you want to go down alone”, Gibbs asked?




There was no answer from Diana.




“I’ll leave you to think on that”, Gibbs said before telling Ziva to return Diana to her cell.





“She’s going to be a tough nut to crack boss”, Tony said.


“Maybe”, Leroy answered.





Madison Estate:


“Mrs. Hardy”, Sofia said.


“Yes”, Audrey replied?


“I want to assure you that I didn’t set out to ruin Jeff’s marriage”, Sofia said.


“I know Sofia”, Audrey said.


“What happened afterwards with Diana was a nightmare”.  “She even tried to have me fired; thank god my boss knew what I was involved in at the time”, Sofia said.


“Diana has always been vengeful and spiteful”.  “She chose to rid herself of the reminder of her crime; but she couldn’t escape what she’d done”, Audrey stated.


“Jeff told me what he knew about that day; the day that Diana brought Elizabeth home, but it wasn’t much”, Sofia said.


“Well, I think she knew that if Jeff had known everything, he would have ruined her”.  “So, she withheld certain information to protect herself”, Audrey said.
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Chapter Twenty Three
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